New Joint from RADIx (Upcoming Disc Produced Entirely by Statik Selektah)

New Joint from RADIx (Upcoming Disc Produced Entirely by Statik Selektah)

Posted on July 22, 2010 by Chris Faraone


RADIx has always been one of my favorite groups out of New England. There aren’t nearly enough duos in this age of excessive narcissism, and Seek and Quite Nyce bring the sort of dynamic ping pong rhymes that cats are just too lazy to write anymore.

Dynamic attitude is the current trend. Changing old times and following a new pattern for good is the fad now. It applies to both our external and internal factors that affect our lives. Our behaviour changes are needed for evolvement;similarly, the external factors like entertainment also undergo a change to suit our changing tastes.

Music and art are the 2 forms that never gooutdated but are dynamic in its own way. The constant change is keeping it alive, all these years. Trading is another dynamic aspect in the finance industry which undergoes a sea of changes.

There are a lot of trading firms that have come up claiming to give you huge profits in return. But, not all are to be trusted. There are few firms, who have intentions of cheating on people and trying to loot money in the name of trading and getting huge returns. Don’t trust such claims, just think for yourself and come to conclusions wisely.

Here is one that we give all our votes to, a trading system which will surely give you guaranteed returns upto 99%, yes that 1% is a market error that ‘might’ happen. But, the rest is assured, with our unique trading solutions.

1G Profit System was started by a person who was already working in the Wall Street. So, with a lot of experience in the industry, the tool was developed with alot of combinations methodology and it surely works!

Not every firm is as genuine as this, and not everyone looks at trading as a potential option as this organisation. To work with like-minded people is a different experience altogether. Wondering how to get about it? Here are few simple steps that will help you start your life-changing journey:

  • Registration (free)
  • Initial deposit
  • Trading (helped by professionals)

That’s it! Weren’t they simple? Yes, they are!! As we said, they were completely designed with a lot of things in mind, especially making them easily approachable by the common man.

  • Just get yourself registered for free, by filling up your personal details and other basic stuff.
  • Pay a small deposit amount initially, that amount is again given to you in the form of awelcome bonus, to utilise for trading.
  • Finally, use the learning portals and learn the basics of trading, how to go about and all that; then dive into the sea of trading to change your life path forever.

Trading is one place, where anything can turn topsy and turvy! But, with the right talent and knack, we are sure luck will favour you. As they say, “Luck favours the Brave”! If you are a little brave enough to take up challenges, life is fair enough to give you great experiences!

This preview joint is over an old Defari beat, but their upcoming disc, Say Yes, is produced entirely by Statik Selektah. Props to PUZL on the cover design, too; from what I understand there will be a major multimedia component attached to this project.


LISTEN: RADIx – Focused Daily (WERS Freestyle)