Spooky Black – Leaving EP (Free Stream)

A few months ago Knife and Jeremy put me on to this dude.

He just dropped an EP yesterday.. and it’s good.

His producer is that dude Doc MicKinney who produced alot of The Weeknd’s early shit.

3 Responses to “Spooky Black – Leaving EP (Free Stream)”

  1. Knife Says:

    Is this this the comeback of JTTS? Should I post my review of Guardians Of The Galaxy?

  2. astrosspace Says:

    didn’t Callabero do a write up on the Under Achievers’ Cellar Door?

  3. Pike Says:

    How hard is this really? for some dumb reason i am interested in what you guys are up to and i don’t know any of you! Cant you guys post something once a week? what a weird fucking blog

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