Farewell Old Friend

If there’s two things I hate it’s change and goodbyes.

The Pill, one of the longest-running parties in Boston, just announced they are calling it quits. So what better place to express my feelings about a Mod and Brit Pop night than JTTS AMIRITE?

The Pill was the OG. The hipster night before the phrase was coined. I never made it to its humble beginnings at The Penalty Box, but I followed the party sporadically over the years through it’s rants in Chinatown and to it’s final destination at Great Scott in Allston. I can’t even go to this last one which is next Friday, but I always liked the security of knowing The Pill would always be there….or so I thought.

Holding down a monthly or weekly party in this city is a labor of love. This isn’t NYC where 1/2 your crowd is there by default. You have to bust your ass harder in Boston to deliver a product that people will come back to continuously. And that’s what the Pill did week after week for sixteen fucking years.

The Pill leaving may be a small thing in some peoples’ minds, but it is a tell-tale sign that things are changing. What’s next, Makka Mondays? Elements? The Other Side Cafe? The older generation is moving on and I fear for the future of creative nightlife in this city.

So shout out to Michael Marotta and everything he’s done for ┬áBoston.

I see you cracka.







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  1. A$ap Trees Says:

    Marotta is the seventh element of hip hop.

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