Hi Trees. How’s That JTTS Rebirth Comin?




5 Responses to “Hi Trees. How’s That JTTS Rebirth Comin?”

  1. Trees Says:

    It was going good until came on here to fuck it up with all your shitty graphics and low res images.

  2. Trees Says:

    Also – I haven’t poasted in one fucking week.

    My poasts hold weight. Yours are 90% copy and pastes.

    Mine = at least 50% original content. – (Takes time to craft)

    Yours = recycled shit from other sites. – (Takes seconds to copy and paste incorrectly formatted low res images + non centered videos).

  3. tommee Says:

    I gotta side with On here… Trees boasts some kind of wack comeback – then goes on the LAM a week later.

    If you really want to pick this slop up off the ground – enable the like/dislike buttons.

  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Trees takes blog life so seriously, he rattles off blog statistics like Bubba rattles of different shrimp.

    Who knew a whopping 90% of my content is a simple cut and paste, while an extremely impressive 50% of yours are original, laboriously created creations of blog perfection?

    You make a great argument.

  5. tracy Says:

    I dont care if the pics are high or low resolution as long as there are pics with a good story line behind them.

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