Action Bronson Helms Food Truck, Cooks Up New Heat

Bronsolini is a renaissance man. Over the weekend, he took a break from slaying mics and whipped up lamb burgers (among other things) at a food truck in Bushwick. Since it was an Action Bronson food truck, rapping was also on the menu—after the tiramisu.

He’s a master of the culinary arts and a wellspring of wrestling knowledge. He’s also a connoisseur of the beach lifestyle. Early in his career, he sampled the theme song of Kenny Powers—a known water sports enthusiast—on “East Bound and Down.” Then, there was “Morey Boogie Boards back in March. Now, he’s back again with another Harry Fraud produced summer jam.


“Water Sports” builds on the wavy, nautical swag. From the jump, Bronson makes it clear he’s not playing. He may be in the water, but this is far from a beach read. “It’s like I’m always dunking on fucking Dikembe Mutombo man,” he says, right before going in.

Once you hear the jazz flutes, courtesy of Ron Burgundy, it’s over. Give Bronson a jazzy, lounge beat with a touch of cheesiness and he kills it, much like Ghost with a soulful, Delfonics type joint.

Big Body Bes, the henchman sidekick, stops by with quotable ad-libs for days. “Straight exquisite shit. $1,000 dollar dinners at Red Lobster,” he brags, sounding more like a taunt. Bronson hits you with lyrical non-sequiturs—Big Body is just straight comedy.

As always, Bronson has darts. The second verse is smooth out the gate: “The work flip like Ozzie Smith/ the whip was olivish/ the fact I’m gorgeous gained acknowledgement.”

Bronson never rests for long. True to form, he has some dope projects in the works. Blue Chips 2 is due out in September, and he’s teaming up again with Alchemist. Until then, this summer steeze is a perfect snack.

2 Responses to “Action Bronson Helms Food Truck, Cooks Up New Heat”

  1. A-$ Says:

    Love bronsolini man! Charismatic with raps, comedian, and 5 star chef, dude is a walking tv show!

  2. mr.murph Says:

    im glad dude is gettin paid but i selvishly wanted to keep all his shit to myself. i bet roc marz is next to blow.

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