Andy Milonakis Is Gone and Never Looking Back / Three Loco “Bong Hits” [Video]

I remember a while back when we were talking about doing the JTTS Awards at Good Life…Jesus Christ, doesn’t anyone still have the shitty “notes” we took on that way back when? Knife or Treez?

That shit would be amazing to look at/revive now, but anyway…

It was going to be a fake award show where we shit on everyone in our beloved Boston rap/blog/DJ scene (or something), but anyway I remember we floated the idea of getting Andy Milonakis to host the event. The general consensus was he was such a washed up, desperate-for-anything, end-of-his-rope semi-comedian that we actually had a chance of booking him, and it probably would have been a lot cheaper than the $400 we just forked up to take JTTS off life support.

Well those days are over: thanks to Diplo and Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty, he now has more hipster credibility than ever as 1/3 of the world’s greatest internet meme rap group Three Loco. They just dropped an EP today on iTunes, it will presumably still ultimately generate enough money for Andy that he would never even squint at a JTTS Awards hosting request ever again.

Should have struck while the iron was hot.

4 Responses to “Andy Milonakis Is Gone and Never Looking Back / Three Loco “Bong Hits” [Video]”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    its amazing that Milonakis is like 40. he look like hes 17. some kinda weird genetic defect.

  2. Knife Says:

    Funny I took a picture of the JTTS awards yesterday. Found it in a pile of papers here. Yeah that deal was 90 percent good to go. Even then it would have been hilarious for video footage alone. Treez remember that other time you could have had QuestLove DJ a joint birthday party for you and Frank White? Mannn…what would have been bruh

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:

    Hahah.. Everyone only remembers my failings.

  4. el caballero Says:

    This blog is a chronicle of our collective failings.

    And then we get nominated for awards n shit.

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