Let’s start with Young Buck. Shortly after he was arrested this time last year for possession of a .40 Cal, the IRS raided his crib due to $300,000 in delinquent tax payments. Earlier today, Buck had his day in court over the gun charge, and was found guilty, sentenced to 18 months behind the wall. However the IRS, who specializes in kickin a nigga in the nuts at the worst possible time, turned his Chapter 11 bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 Liquidation Case. They claim he owes creditors $11.5 Million. Basically, some auction is gonna go down with Young Bucks’ worldly possessions. One of the items include a Tennessee Titans Soda Machine.

To add insult to injury, they’re making him surrender the trademark to his OWN FUCKING NAME!

Bucks’ whole universe is a world of shit.

Then we have Beanie Sigel. After stacking $3 Million from ’99-’02, Beans decided to pay a laughable $10,000 in taxes. The gumment claims he owes over $700K in delinquent taxes. Beanie also had his day in court today, and the verdict? 2 FUCKING YEARS! Beanie must turn himself in on September 12th to start his bid…

Coincidentally the same date JTTS Hip- Hop Trivia returns to the Good Life.

In 1995, I deejayed some on the books shit and apparently owed $500 in taxes at the end of the year.
Couple months ago, I’m at Stop & Shop on Cummins Highway, and my debit card keeps gettin declined. I finally contact my bank, and learn that my shit has been levied. They took $2600 out my shit. They explain the State Of NY is collecting on a debt.
No way! I haven’t lived there in over a decade! Once I got on the phone with someone in Albany, they explained that the interest on my $500 tab in 1995 has grew to $2600 in 2012. They tracked my account down, bent me over, and Frank Oceaned me. I pleaded to have my account reimbursed and worked out a payment plan. 26 months of $100 payments. Suuuuucks.

Wu-Tang IRS ain’t nothin to fuck with. Just axe Buck and Beanie.

Any of you have IRS stories to share?


  1. sleezytrees Says:

    if Ron Paul were president, you would not be owing anybody shit, young buck, wesley snipes, beanie sigel, all them muhfukkaz.. FREE.

    Vote Ron Paul
    Abolish The IRS

  2. DJ ON&@ON Says:

    Lawd Finesse for president.

  3. mr.murph Says:

    fuck paying an organization that was put in place to collect interest off money that the federal reserve loaned the us govt. when the us govt. lost its respect around the world especially domestically. they completely destroyed the middle class with corporate tax structures & wanna fuck over a couple rappers & actors when companies like GE, GM microsoft bain, etc. dont pay shit. I say fuck’em over in every way you can possibly dream up. foodstamps, welfare, health care, heating assistance, clothing vouchers, money laundering, tax returns, etc. they been fuckin us since we were born.

  4. mr.murph Says:

    that why their making deals with south americans to join the military in exchange for citizenship because they can barely find enough americans stupid enough to fight in their bullshit wars. when marshal law comes it will be a bunch of outsourced guatamalans taking you & your family to the camps.


  5. Candice Says:

    ..who try to avoid paying taxes. They won’t allow you to rob them but their fines are ridiculous and made me feel like I was being robbed. I just finished paying those %$#@ the rest of their money…I hope to NEVER end up in that predicament again!

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