Our good friends at Baahstewl Sports hit marketing pay-dirt with this one. Judas Shuttlesworth tees. Put one on Sammy Adams and the cipher is complete.

As for you Ray…your emotional ass decision to go to our Eastern rival cuz you’re all butthurt over Rondo not being your pal is the most bitch made shit I ever saw. You’re pissed you gotta sit on the bench here, so you take less money to come off the bench in Miami…whose your manager, DJ ON&ON?

You abandoned the realest niggas in the league so your fgt ass can wear open toe sandals on Douche Beach. And another thing…that bitch Flo is dead to me. 



  1. astrosspace Says:


  2. mr.murph Says:

    im willing to bet j.terry has better stats next year.

  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Damn right…Terry is a younger healthier version of Judas…and when he gets warm it’s lights out. His personality will also mesh better with our ol’ heads. Good riddance to Ray.

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