SXSW Photo Recap of Dude Force Assemblage

Gay Hedonism 2012 SXSW kicked off on Monday in Austin. I was sent down there for my day job.. so I had little time for the black out rage fueled antics of 2011. But I did have a blast as always. One thing I noticed about 6th street this year was how hood it was. I mean, I was used to indie kids and hipsters, and the occasional unsure about themselves underground hip hop fan for the last few years.. This year I was greeted with dudes throwing gang signs and claiming sets. Cray.

Here is a brief photo recap of the trip:

as always, SXSW delivered on the musick. Rick Ross, Kanye, Jay-Z and about 1500 other bands were performing throughout the city at any given time.

But.. unlike years previous, I didn’t really care about seeing any big name stars. I was in town to soak up the atmosphere and the bar scene. I was paid to do that for what it’s worth. I found MY two bars I loved and I pretty much stuck to those. Shouts to the White Horse and their Johnny Cash ass country lineup they had the whole week.. and Spider House – the Model Cafe if it was made with found objects, had an outdoor patio / concert space and was more beautiful in every way.

Spider House was the shit. There were hipsters and scumbags everywhere. Hanging there made me feel like I was in on something special. Like this is where the locals kick it or something. Leave 6th St. to the tourists.

JTTS bloggar General Stoor was naturally in full gross mode.

the dude who makes shit happen. the brother Peter Rock aka Petahhh the Heatahhh.. killing shit as always. booking flights, rentals, plane tickets. He is the Krang of my life’s technodrome.

I gained like 15 el bees in the ATX. Mostly from eating pure shit for 7 days straight and drinking nothing but beer.

only in ATX will you see a tiled mosaic of Mars Blackmon on the wall of a pizza shop.

the fresh produce  / fort point / vanya records showcase was trill as fuck. we drank hella lone stars and watched Bearstronaut murder a Tears for Fears cover.

Walter “Refridgerator” Perry

Dudes at Dude mansion roasted the shit out of this pig. Marinated it for 3 days. Cray.

sad story about scene chick Esme barrera. Her image was plastered in all the right places this week in tribute to her ..

I was trying to get rid of beer, saw two dudes struggling hard in a parking lot. their car had mad empty beer cans.. i was like, fuck it, let’s hook these dudes up with a case. turns out they knew me / chris faraone / jumptheturnstyle somehow. I was like … PICTURE IS MANDATORY my wigz.

Spent St. Paddy’s day dressed as Taco while my co-workers went as a rainbow unicorn and a bunny rabbit. Still have the lucky irish socks. They didn’t bring me as much luck as last year, but they do work in mysterious ways.

Copped a rare 80+ year old albino squirrel. Gave it to my girl as a present for putting up with me being gone for a week.

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  1. General Stoor Says:

    Step 1: Put out JTTS Bloggar calendar.

    Step 2: Put General Stoör on the cover.

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit.

  2. TheDance Says:

    Did your girl judge the possibility of infidelity on the size of your back-from-the-road sex load that you busted? I know this has been an issue for you in the past.

  3. _el_caballero Says:

    Taking a picture of a fridge full of beer is so #fratrap #ilovecollege

  4. Sleezy Trees Says:

    No, that was the old girl. I blow loads inside the new one, so it’s hard to tell.

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