Will C Takes On The Beach Boys.. With Absolutely Stunning Results..



I used to work with Will C. He quit abruptly and disappeared off the face of the planet. Rumors began to circulate about his whereabouts..

“He is a professional dog walker”…

“He has been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson”..

“He got naked, took acid in the desert with Shamans, and began chanting about the multi dimensional relationships between matrices and hyper matrices when viewed on multilinear maps”..

Really odd shit..

Anyway, we know where we was now. Crafting a fucking brilliant soundscape called “Adieu Or Die” in which he reworked a grip of Beach Boys classics. This is about as music nerd as it gets folks, so naturally – the results are amazing.


and see Will C’s description hurr:

The goal of this project is to rework selections from The Beach Boys catalogue and give
them a new, unexpected aesthetic. I want it to be a means for many to prick their ears up
about an often overlooked larger body of work from one of music’s most interesting groups,
as well as a means for the long time fans with open minds to hear re-imagined versions of
beloved songs.

Featuring takes on material from Surf’s Up, Smile, Wild Honey, 20/20, Sunflower,
15 Big Ones, Pet Sounds, Love You, Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) and more.

I have a lot of projects in the works I’m planning to release this year. It’s a great feeling to no
longer be so dormant in the music realm, and to kick off this new phase with a project that really
clicked on my end when I was assembling it. To anybody and everybody who hasn’t seen or heard
from me in awhile, I look forward to stepping outside my front door soon and catching up with all
of you. There’s going to be a lot of good things happening here, so I encourage you to update your
links and bookmarks Today!

– Will C.

Note: Although Adieu or Die is available to listen to on Soundcloud (below the search bar), it is
highly suggested that you download the free release by clicking the bulleted link at the
top of this post. This will allow you to get the full effect –

• All 20 tracks
• 3 bonus mixes not available on Soundcloud
• 38-page PDF booklet (featuring wonderful illustrations by Rae Murphy)
• Drop MP3s into Itunes for seamless transitions, the way it is meant to be heard

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  1. El mariachi Says:

    I was hoping there would be some male nudity in a post about will c (who?) Taking on beach boys, yes homo

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