DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits [Download]

DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits [Download]

In honor of delicious malt liquor beverages, naturally fruit flavored or not, check out this classic comp from DJ Drank, featuring 30 classic St. Ides spots from the likes of EPMD, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Ice Cube and many more. That’s over an hour of commercial jingles you can drink on your front porch to, all in one place.

The times that we live in:

We live in times where sadists outlive humans. There are people amidst us who will not mind cheating others in the name of trading. These are the people who have made the online trading so risky that people fear to tread in to it with the same confidence and élan that they used to even some years ago.

What has happened?

Have you ever invested in a trading account on a trading platform? These rogue software initially will lure the newbie traders with tall promises of giving them everything that is possible when the reality is that there is a practical limit to how much one can earn from online trading.

Online trading is supplementary in nature:

When people tell me that you can earn thousands of dollars over a period of a fortnight or a month by just depositing a sum of $250, I want to laugh on their faces. Does it even make sense to make investments in hundreds of dollars and be able to reap profits alone in tens of thousands? Does it even make commercial sense to be able to make such huge profits in a matter of few days or weeks?

If this was even remotely possible then a majority of the people would not be slogging themselves at work. They would rather prop themselves in front of their computer screens and online trade away their days in a bid to make themselves millionaires in a short span of time.

But that is not the case:

The fact that this is not seen happening is proof enough that this online trading software is all overrated. Have you heard of The Brit Method, this mother of all scam software is such a craft-fully packaged scam that even a seasoned trader with years of experience can fall into its trap. We recommend that you read the reviews on the internet before you even think of investing your hard earned money there.

This one has been stuck in my head for the past 2-3 years

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LISTEN: Snoop Dogg x Nate Dogg – St. Ides in the LBC

DOWNLOAD: DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits

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