Shady Blaze – Stars Will Light A Way


Who the fuck.. ?

I had no idea who this dude is. .but I’m feeling this. Bay Area.

Kinda reminds me of some Bone Thugs shit..

Anyway.. his YouTube video led me to a bunch of Main Attrakionz vids by the same director..

And then to this track from Main Attrakionz member Squadda B .. which features Danny Brown & Shady Blaze .. from a mixtape that looks kinda incredible called “Back Sellin’ Crack”.

Which led me to download the mixtape… which unfortunately wasn’t that good… but judge for yourself.

2 Responses to “Shady Blaze – Stars Will Light A Way”

  1. Leon Says:

    That vocal sample is ill on the first song. Love how they flipped it

  2. jkfgt Says:

    …visit steady leanin once in awhile…

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