If I die in hurricane this weekend.. please use this photo as my obit..

seriously.. should I be worried?

is this the real deal or hype?

are you making preparations?

will this turn out to be the biggest hurricane cocktease since Bob landed in the 90s..? I mean, I rode out that storm in my backyard in CT on some fuck-you-storm shit. I weighed possibly 95lbs at the time and had both middle fingers up and a baggy t-shirt which i was hoping would have lifted me away like a wind surfer.

what’s in your survival kit? i am hitting target and stocking up survival shit. board games, food, water.. maybe some shit to grill on Sunday when it turns out to be a nice day..

if this is real.. i want to say some real shit.. if this is my last poast. please google search “best rappers of all time”.. JTTS comes up as the fifth choice. (http://jumptheturnstyle.com/2009/05/04/jtts-greatest-100-greatest-rappers-of-all-time-97-dmx/) the poast has 305 replies. it’s my best and worst achievement for this blog ever. i want to be cremated and i want the replies to this poast printed and burned and put into my urn.. i want the ashes to mix with mine, so in my final moments as dust – i am actually one with this poast.

8 Responses to “If I die in hurricane this weekend.. please use this photo as my obit..”

  1. wite Says:

    that last line was beautiful

    honestly not sure wat to make of it either

    theyre tryna evacuate my area of jersey city. im on the 5th floor and supposedly my windows are gonna break from the 100mph wind gusts theyre predicting. i said it earlier on ughh: if my windows blow out & my electricity cuts off ill probably just sit around on a pile of glass shards in a pitch black apartment listening to my ip0d smoking joints indifferently. i dnt even own a flashlite. that would suggest i give a fuck wen i couldnt give a fuck less. wat do i think of success? it sux. too much stress.

    its only rain tho. ppl need to grow a pair.

    shit will flood & stuff will break and then well all talk about it on monday amongst a barrage of pictures that everybody will have a ball poasting.

    im not grabbing shit from the supermarket because its filled with shook faggots buying water & canned vegetables

    idgaf how bad the storm gets; guarentee big chef will still be delivering

  2. wite Says:

    also hoping to do a some looting if the opportunity presents itself

    anybody with requests, i got you at 50% off sticker value

  3. Thor Says:

    I’m from Fl and have been through category 3&4s without shit happening other than the power going out for a few days. Stock up on booze, candy/chips, weed and toilet paper and all will be good. This is going to be nothing more than a big rain storm, yet all of the NE is acting like this will be the next Katrina. Wite has the right idea, loot and pillage.

  4. David Weekes Says:

    Are you Fuckin kiddin me, you had bigger balls when you were 9 . I wish I was at the coast, wanna know why? Cus every other douche bag is leaving. Common ya had balls when you weighed 50 pounds get em back out! We got enough cupcakes.

  5. wite Says:

    just got back from spending the nite in the BX and found out they evacuated my neighborhood. well, guess wat? wite egypt dnt run. parked my car in a deck so it dsnt get flooded but thats about it. ive had an E pill for the past few months so maybe ill finally get around to taking it if the power cuts out. ill be rolling my face off walking around in a hurricane with my ip0d, pondering the depths of mother nature & whether or not this storm is an extention of the apocalypse. or maybe ill just drink till i ass out. either way i got the laptop charged, so im here if you guys need me. hit me with a birdcall and ill cum running.

    lol at my landlord asking me to take out my AC. its fucking august bitch. u take ur AC out. if it falls outta my window onto ur car then its a good thing u have insurance. if i kills somebody theyre dumb for being outside & deserve to have an air conditioner fall on their head. were hard headed up here. fuck they thought, a hurricane was gonna change that? 2 planes in the WTC couldnt do that. cmon son.

  6. jkfgt Says:

    all i bought was scotch and cheerios. #riotsinallston

  7. wite Says:

    did you guys live?

    i lived

  8. wite Says:

    im alive

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