Cormega x RAW – “The Realness” 10th Anniversary Collection

Props to RAW (Ready Amongst Willing) for this, the kind of underground nostalgia that jaded, grumpy hip-hop bloggers such as ourselves can truly appreciate. The Somerville-based skate company recently announced their collaboration with QB legend Cormega for the Realness 10th anniversary collection line, set for May release. There’s nothing exactly groundbreaking about the t-shirts, but the showpiece item–a beautiful looking skate deck featuring the album’s original artwork–is worthy of Mega’s debut classic (see the rest of the products here). Available now at the RAW Online Store and for pre-order.

6 Responses to “Cormega x RAW – “The Realness” 10th Anniversary Collection”

  1. astrosspace Says:

    kinda of heated. already blacked out this week and ended up getting 7 completes so theres no way I can justify another board. didn’t know raw was a skate company figured they did just t shirts like everyone else.

  2. wite Says:

    gonna do a pop shove-it on megas face nohomo

  3. wite Says:

    gonna grind on megas chin nohomo

  4. wite Says:

    gonna get on top of mega and just ride him for a while nohomo

  5. wite Says:

    gonna hop on megas RAW deck nohomo

  6. wite Says:

    im gonna get some pink griptape & fuck that sk8b0ard

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