Getting All Hip Hop Nerd.. RIP FAT BEATS

I just want to say.. in all seriousness, the closing of Fat Beats is fucking me up a little.

This store represented more to me than it being just a place to buy records. This was like a focal point for the whole culture. This was the place you went to if you wanted to cop hip hop in the northeast.

This store inspired me in helping to craft the Retail Store when it opened. Fat Beats was a major inspiration on my life. I loved digging through records (still do). I loved the beautiful chaos that was trying to find a record on the wall. The stickers on the doors, stairwells, ceilings, everywhere. The glossy photos with signatures, the graffiti.. All of this led to the UGHH crew’s inspiration in our own store. Fat Beats was the O.G. Fat Beats helped birth the fucking CULTURE – something which is completely non-existent in 2010.

I used to drive from Hartford to NY for the sole purpose of copping shit at this store..

I know I joke and talk shit about hip hop being dead.. and it is.. but damn man. It really is dead now. I feel bad for anyone still “keeping it real” in this rap shit trying to make money..

I’m sorry my eulogy isn’t as poetic as I would like it to be.. but shit.. I have to go to work right now. Just had to get this off my chest real quick..

And now..

no more..

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  1. teddy serious Says:

    great post. thanks for the clips.

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