YTs Take Over Black History Month

This year the Sprite Step Off was won by a white sorority. If you don’t know what stepping is, see “Stomp The Yard”. Basically stepping is to black fraternities and sororities what drunken promiscuity is to white fraternities and sororities…except stepping requires much more practice. I’m no stepping expert, and don’t even really enjoy watching it, but these bitches clearly bit their moves from the East Compton Clovers.

I see you, white devils!

Watch the winning routine below, and think of what their sorority sisters must’ve been thinking when they were practicing this shit in the sorority house garden…

4 Responses to “YTs Take Over Black History Month”

  1. The Lion Says:

    White girls with this much attitude scare me a little.

  2. MizzFWA Says:

    That was… surprising.

  3. wite Says:

    pretty good poast

    u should blog moar

    poast yer tits

  4. Bushes Says:

    so glad i aint white…

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