Rest in Pieces Michael Jackson

While ordinary folks rushed to Facebook and Twitter this afternoon to share their sentiments regarding Michael Jackson‘s passing, I was spreading the word about this here Mr. Hyde and Necro track, which has always been a personal favorite.

If you’ve never heard this cut before, brace yourself – and before you comment that this is way out of line, just consider it an offset to the non-stop fawning that has already started and that will likely be taking place for the next six months.

5 Responses to “Rest in Pieces Michael Jackson”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    necro isn’t even .0001% of the artist MJ was.

  2. ENIG MUE Says:

    IMO he deserves all the fawning he receives. he left a catalog of joints that will likely still be enjoyed by my children’s children.

  3. Martín Caballero Says:

    there will be plenty fawning, but let’s put this in perspective. it’s fucking MJ. He has maybe 1 or 2 rivals for biggest cultural icon of the past 50 years. and his music is timeless. Necro talks about fags way too much to not be one himself.

  4. Young MJ vs Younger MJ | JumpTheTurnstyle Says:

    […] TV production schedules, it’s going to be a busy next few days and weeks of MJ madness, as Faraone/Necro pointed out earlier. In this underpaid music writer’s opinion, there’s no debating his […]

  5. Necro should be killed.. Says:

    Necro is such a coward. Sure he makes records about people shouldn’t diss him but look at how he disrespects MJ. The most kindest person there is. I have a big problem with him and many should as well. Necro should get his voicebox handed to him while that microphone is shoved down his fat throat. His people are no better. That would be nice to see they all die tragic deaths. Once they see him on the streets in Brooklyn beat his ass down and robb em. Why not? That’s what he does to people. How idiots like him is beyond me. They have no respect..Go to hell Necro!

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