A Guy Gets Blown, And So Does My Mind

Meet the Hensel Twins…they are conjoined…


Now look at what I saw today…


Yes, that is a picture of one of them blowing some guy at a party; this is not fake. You’re welcome.

**Update: Yes, it’s fake. But if you knew that originally you wouldn’t have been so appalled.***

P.S. You can watch mini documentaries about them here and here.

11 Responses to “A Guy Gets Blown, And So Does My Mind”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    I need at least 24 hours to wrap my head around this.


  2. theBDN Says:

    confirmed fake multiple times.. try using google, douchebottle, and you’d find the original before the ‘shop.

  3. knife Says:





  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    “Lil Dez” Tha Puppet was in the room, and he was heard saying…

    Gettin HEAD?
    Is that technically a threesome?
    Did the dude have two dicks?
    Did he watch one head spit his kids into the other heads mouth?
    He can get brains AND teabagged by the same chick!
    If you hire a siamese hooker, do you have to pay twice?

  5. MaliciousDub Says:

    Now that’s team work!

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  7. TheDance Says:

    Lol @ douchebottle. Yes, I already knew that it was fake, but the story sucks balls if you know that the pic is fake. This is Jumptheturnstyle, not CNN.

  8. angry al Says:

    I’ve had real 3ways (and that means neither of the girls were stripers or paid. those 3 ways don’t count), and well I couldn’t imagine trying to convince one body with two heads to blow me. the laws of physics and swallowing/not swallowing involved in that picture could make the time space matter continuime impoled and expolde in on itself. please excuse spelling but my head/heads are still spinning

  9. Chris Faraone Says:

    Why not use a hot chick?

  10. Sleezy Trees Says:

    wait so it is fake?

  11. Elly Laukitis Says:

    At someone alphabetic ???????)))))

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