Was MF DOOM’s Decision To Vote For John McCain Just Part Of His “Supervillain” Image

“No doubt,” says the father and admitted McCain voter. “If something ends, then something’s gonna start. So it’s like, what side are you on? Do you feel like your world is ending? Or do you feel like, ‘Wow, it seems like that’s ending and it’s the start of something new.’”

Yup. MF DOOM cast a ballot for McCain / Palin in the last election. How does that make you feel? Can you listen to his music still knowing he didn’t support supreme overlord Obama? Does this make him more of villain? And if DOOM rapes a child, will that make his “character” that much more real? If DOOM ran a $150B ponzi scheme, would you still knock Born Like This? Would you make excuses for his actions.. like you all did when he robbed hard earned money from his fans?

5 Responses to “Was MF DOOM’s Decision To Vote For John McCain Just Part Of His “Supervillain” Image”

  1. trees Says:

    trees we need to talk

  2. fuck you Says:

    eat shit

  3. Marko Says:

    no doom stan here, that ended at abt the age of 15 but yall are some wendy williams homothugs. sorry for the twitter ups i take those back.

  4. Rusty Says:

    I don’t give a fuck who rocks the show. We think we know somebody we pay money to watch someone perform their music on stage. It’s just like Milli Vanilli, everyone wanted their money back. Did people buy it for those two dudes or the music.

    As far as McCain. I guess he’s not black anymore. All Black people have to vote the same way or they aren’t hip. All Black people have to believe the exact same way about everything because they aren’t allowed to have original thought. I mean I don’t think he voted for McCain, but its absurd to think, like some do, that Black or White people have to do shit as a group. Be an individual.

  5. Not you Says:

    It’s bigger than race fools, that’s why he wears a mask.

    Why would a business owner like DOOM want to pay more taxes to the off-shore bank accounts of the government? Voting republican, at his income rate, just ensures he doesn’t pay more taxes (which are never used properly.) “but that’s selfish!” What, DOOM has only laid out more knowledge than any musician ever, then he’s supposed to pay extra taxes after dropping the most jewels because his fake fans can’t understand capitalism?

    As far as sending an imposter on stage: don’t expect someone who is a self-proclaimed Supervillian to NOT execute villainous schemes. You think he’s just talking

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