New Heat From Singapore Kane. Mixtape Coming Soon…

New Heat From Singapore Kane. Mixtape Coming Soon…


Last time I checked up on Mattapan native Singapore Kane, the Big Shug affiliate and underground slugger told us that – unlike most of his exalted peers in Bay State hip-hop – he’s hardly content with subterranean acclaim. You can’t blame him; in addition to clocking tour props in Europe with the Snowgoons and a rep among the game’s top street cats, Singapore has an accessible cadence fit to tap mainstream demographics. A teaser for his upcoming Wrath of Kane mixtape (which will debut next month as a free download on, “Tom & Jerry” finds him “spitting like that lizard in Jurassic” over a crushing pianistic head-nodder.

This teaser or free downloads are not just for the audio and videos that are composed by the DJ`s and the popular music composers but we also do have something like this with the binary trading systems. Yes,you get to download some of them for free and they also offer a teaser, a trial tour that would take you through their trading system and the entire platform to keep you acquainted with what exactly would happen to your money when invested. Sounds great right? Now that being said, you should now know the details about the different systems that actually would allow this for you. One such very legitimate and authenticate platform is the Fintech Ltd.

Now let`s get into the details about how this software is, how it works and how as traders we can gain an easy entry into the trading field through this. As all of us know that for any trading platform to reach the traders, it needs to go through a strict investigation process by the investigating team at the market entry point. When it was Fintech’s turn, the resultswere found to be amazing and it proved to be one of the best and reliable trading platforms with decent profits and returns. All the traderis required to do is just sign up with this system by making the initial deposit which is a very affordable amount, $250. Once this is done, the traders get hitched with reliable and authentic brokers online to move ahead through the trading process. These brokers are licensed agents, who hold a legal permit to work as agents online helping the traders successfully through the trading process.

Legitimate brokers

In trading, it is very important for all the tradersto get hitched to the right brokers who have been in the trading market for a long time and are well experienced to handle all types of trades with all types of trading options given by the trading platform. They get their license by proving their trading efficiencies and they are labeled as licensed brokers when they prove their stand to be using the registered trading practices. They should also exhibit their skills as brokers by following all that has been laid down by the regulatory commissions and promise not to swerve from the authentic trading path. They should always go by what these commissions say and should follow and adhere to the rules and standards laid down by these committees.

So if you get to trade with someone like this, it is like swaying with the tunes of music being played. So try this unique experience of enjoying trading like listening to music.

LISTEN: Singapore Kane – Tom & Jerry

Rap Alongside Young Chris, Wale, & Bun B?

Rap Alongside Young Chris, Wale, & Bun B?

Posted on February 10, 2009 by Sleezy Trees

I’m a sucker for well executed marketing strategies. Peep this:

The “Searching for an Outlet Global Campaign ” in which Young Chris invites fans from around the world to download, record and submit their verse for the opportunity to appear along side the critically acclaimed new allido/interscope recording artist Wale, the Legendary Bun-B and Young Chris himself on the stand out single form the 30 days 30 verses web campaign and mix tape. The final version will appear on the Highly anticipated forth coming Young Chris album “Now or Never” set to be released this year.

The actors that dupe:


We know of acting as an art that entices and creates a ripple in the minds of the people who thirst for it. But have you ever thought of acting that is used to cheat people and to take from them things that rightfully only belongs to them?


The unfortunate case:


They say that today trust has left us for good and we have enough reasons to say that. For instance take the case of this software called the HBSwiss. This particular software is not the only one that uses this approach. But there areat least ten other tradingsoftware that uses actors to shoot videos where they purportedly are the owners of the software or people who have used the software and have benefitted immensely from it.


Two actors pose as Hans Berger and Bastian Herman, the owners who have purportedly created this software with sophisticated algorithms et al. they try to sweet talk people into opening a trading account with them because according to them the software gives out winning trade signals and a person who deposits a sum of $200 can make a few hundred thousand dollars within a short span of two months itself!


The idea is ridiculous. For if making thousands was as easy as depositing 200 bucks and sitting in front of a computer screen, people would stop working hard or even going to work. It is clear that both of them are actors and have no knowledge even about trading online except that they are only reciting lines that they have roted.


It only makes me think how much humanity has fallen! I mean look at it from the point of view of those who are cheated with this set up. They would not only lose their hard earned money but also lose trust in trading per se and from humanity as a whole!


Fans are encouraged to rap, sing or even talk about “what they are searching for” via, and supporting MySpace, Facebook, YouTube page and twitter feeds. members will vote upon all Select verses with the final winners selected by Young Chris himself. Winners will then be invited to perform their version of the song along with Young Chris, Wale and Bun-B on local performances in their area.

This is the opportunity for all aspiring artists to have an outlet for their voice, their passion and their opinions. “It’s my hope to give anybody who is passionate enough to join me the opportunity to shine on the world stage, we all know what its like to be searching for an outlet especially in the state of the world today.” Christopher Ries aka (Young Chris)


DOWNLOAD: Young Chris feat. Wale & Bun B – Searching For An Outlet

Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin) [Audio]

Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin) [Audio]

Jelani just dropped this Durkin-produced track last night. Dope song…

…he likes Duke though…

“Had this beat for a while (read: years), and I finally dug it out and used it as Canvas for something that I’d wanted to do for a very long time: put on a lyrical show that makes use of the English language in a way that’s never been done before in Hip Hop, yet somehow not have it be a really “Rappity Rap” and “Super Backpack” type of track. I think I nailed it, though. The concept was to take the prefix “ex”, and other words with a syllable that stressed the “ex” sound, and flip it into a cohesive song. Lyrical Show + “Ex” Words = The Extravaganza, fittingly. I flipped it 67 times in the song.” – Jelani

DOWNLOAD: Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Another (Stu) Banga: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – “Bushmaster Music”

Another (Stu) Banga: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – “Bushmaster Music”

LISTEN: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – Bushmaster Music


Blaq Poet and Vinnie Paz is a natural fit. Twas only a matter of time.

And word to Lateb and his whole Heddshotts crew.

Good to see dudes dropping in among legends and holding their own.

Check the new video (below). Heddshotts album dropping any day now.

And look for Vinnie’s slap at Kanye. Always appreciated.

We always make plans and then fail at it! Hasn’t it happened to anyone? Yeah, it has happened tomany of us! We are humans and it’s ok to err and then learn from it and not repeat them.

Sometimes we also make mistakes unknowingly, that can be called as negligence in financial termsbecause the loss is huge. Would you like to lose a 5k $ off your wallet or your account, just because you were less careful? Nope! Hence we thought of putting you on ‘be alert’ list, from the frauds like 1G profit system, 1K daily profit and many more, which are rampant in the industry, in finance and markets, that aim to cheat people.

Other mistakes includemaking a wrong financial assumption and following it blindly. Like the investment percents, that we have seen people are following. Investments are extremely good, they are essential to keep your future safe, but why don’t you plan it well so that you are able to live in today’s life without maximum crunches and also your future, relaxingly!

We often follow the notion, of keeping aside a 10% for our retirement age, because many good professionals have bet on it, that its good! but we say, why don’t you keep them flexible? If you are a successful businessman, then there’s nothing we can say to you. but, incase you are a working middle class, with family and children, then rely on theflexible planning of investment.

We explain: if you invest a 10% off your salary every month, towards investment, given your standard sal, you will amass awealth of exactly same amount. And there won’t be any reason for you to increase the slab when you have more. Along with it, you will face cash crunches when your children need education expenses and also during an emergency crisis.

We suggest that you follow a flexible plan like, a good 5% during your early parenting years, if you can afford to go in for 10%; then 10% once your children have graduated, and 15% once your loans have been cleared off and finally, upto 25% when you are old, with reduced expenses, you can save more. This will add up more to your account, than the current rule that you follow all through your life.

In case you are on the high slab of payments, then keep increasing your investment price, according to your slab, as explained above to make more money when you grow old.

Sam Adams – I’m On (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Sam Adams – I’m On (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Posted on August 24, 2010 by jKfgt

An unorthodox collaboration to say the least. I mean, if I were Sammy, I’d stick to the pop $#!+…

If you are interested in trading on assets using one of the trading platforms available online, you are sure to pick only the one that promises to help and aid you with a profit or atleast a decent earning. But is this possible with all the trading platforms? Do all of them out there in the market, boasting too much about their reliability and authenticity really operate truly when it comes to real trading? This is a question of high uncertainty because most of them in the market are all deceitful and they function in the market only to loot the traders of their hard earned money and nothing else. They try to present and show themselves very genuine, but in reality, they are not; these people are filled with strategies and procedures that would only entrap the traders and their money and nothing else.

Amidst this, we also have some good and reliable ones in the market that have been created with the intention and goal of real trading. Yes, getting linked up with them would certainly bring profits and help the traders have a pleasant trading experience. And information about such systems can be found in the general reviews and recommendation that are available in huge numbers online. And one such system that has enthralled the traders and their interests is the 1G profit system. This is a new forex tool in the market that has made its entry very recently but has proved its worth by helping and enabling many traders to enjoy a profit within just a few days of its entry into the market. Of course, there were not too many to take this platform up for their trading activities but those who believed in its functions and trading strategies and procedures and those who gave it a shot have enjoyed profits or atleast an earning.


When this software was put under scrutiny, it came out with applauding results and outcomes that proved its authenticity and its capability of helping the traders in achieving a profit through trading. All its strategies, procedures and processes were found to be very reliable and legal hence making the whole system a legal and legitimate one making it fit for absolute trading profits. The returns promised by this system is close to 99.8% which is considered above the market standards and a rate available with only a select few online. Apart fromthis, there are also daily returns which is one major attraction in this software. Yes, if not a profit, the trader will atleast get to enjoy a return every day which would make his day on the trading field.

1G profit system review revealed that the concepts and features provided by this software were a little higher and upgraded and they used concepts like the big data investment, forex trading etc. which are considered to be some of the major financial concepts used by the financial institutions. So this is another addition to their cap. Hence this stands a very strongly recommended option for all the traders, both beginners, and seasoned traders and this is definite to make the trading journey a pleasant one.

DOWNLOAD: Sam Adams – I’m On (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Audio: (Joe Budden, Royce 5′9″, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I) Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs

Audio: (Joe Budden, Royce 5′9″, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I) Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs

Posted on March 16, 2009 by Martín Caballero

The return of Red Spyda! Haven’t heard from this dude in a while, glad he came back with Joe, Joell, Crooked and Royce.

Red Spyda is a popular name of current pop culture. He has contributed to a number of songs that include artists like D-Block, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep etc. His significant contribution to the genre of American pop culture has been the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto III. This artist’s return is a big thing in the industry and all of us would love to have a slice of the cake but are we equipped enough to buy the music or the tickets to the concert, if there happens to be one?

There is definitely a way out and one of the fastest ways to position yourself securely is to enhance your financial condition. A stable financial condition can enable you to afford the costliest of concerts and you will always have additional money to spare. One of the most convenient ways of earning money swiftly is by resorting to an online trading system.

There is no denying the fact that the global market is a trillion dollar operation and more and therefore the potential of an online trader is huge if he can play well. Traders should ideally look for ways to minimize risks and maximize profits as far as possible. An online trading system does not have emotions that can interfere with the right ways of trading. It has the ability to dissect data, find out patterns that can suggest a profitable trade. These systems can also keep trading while the trader is not available to conduct the terms of the trade.

The biggest advantage of having an online trading system is the timing. This system can execute trade as soon as the market conditions seem profitable because they are programmed to do so. You will never miss out on an opportunity to make great profits even if you are sleeping. However, one must remember that these trading systems are not real human traders so keeping an eye on them is important from time to time.

One such trading system that could open up new avenues for you is the Orion Code. It s a highly efficient system that can give you a success ratio of around 87% and a lot of traders are resorting to it for the profits it guarantees. If you can manage to access the 20 free licenses that are available for each day, there is no doubt that you will be able to make quite an amount of profit.

The best part about this system is the fact it is user-friendly and is an efficient trading platform. Even beginners can benefit from using this platform to trade. You can use this online trading system to further the potential of your business by investing your additional profits in it and creating more capital for further investments in your business.

These ideas will help you to secure yourself financially and also to place you in a position where you might not have to reconsider buying tickets to a concert or authentic music.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs (prod. by Red Spyda)

via 2DopeBoyz

Soviet Era Mind Control / Weather Control Device?

Soviet Era Mind Control / Weather Control Device?

Posted on August 11, 2010 by Sleezy Trees

There are rumors that this thing caused the Chernobyl Disaster.. It’s the Russian Woodpecker – located only a few miles north of Chernobyl.

The Russian Woodpecker was a notorious Soviet signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide  between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the “Woodpecker” name. The random frequency hops disrupted legitimate broadcast, amateur radio, utility transmissions, and resulted in thousands of complaints by many countries worldwide.

It is not just this music field that is getting corrupted and infected by such nameless frauds and tricks of some miscreants but is a common thing in anything that is used and enjoyed by people in large numbers. Take for example the binary trading platforms. The major reason for a person to take up trading with a particular software is to enhance and improve his financial status and stability and for this, he risks his money in the name of initial deposit. Though these amounts are generally kept at a very minimum level, a loss with each and every system would amount to a large amount. And that being said, there are many systems that are correctly and aptly having their eyes on this deposit money only and just take them off and leave the innocent traders with nothing but empty hands. So this is one field where people, traders need to be very careful about what and how a particular system would work and only after studying and knowing them completely should they take their further steps towards them.

This being the disrupted side of the trading market, we also have an original and undisturbed side to this crowded market that consists of systems that are very reliable and authentic in serving the traders with what they want; helping them improve theirfinances, financial status etc… And one such system that is doing this selflessly and a newcomer in the market is the 1G profit system. Going by what the market feels and says, it is understood that this is a system that follows all the standard rules of trading and that it has been created by a person who has worked for a longtime in the related field of finance. So a system from such a person is undoubtedly expected to be a good and reliable one and that traders can confidently make all their investments here to generate a profit.

In addition, all the 1G profit system`s scam review also talks good and great about it and its selfless services to all the traders on its platform and this itself is a proof for the confidence and reliability offered by the software. This trading software has been designed to function as a multi-purpose tool and is full of algorithms. Amongst those that have been created to cheat the traders, this one has emerged from the clear sky and trying to chuck out and wipe away the mess created by the others.

There is wide debate on what this thing actually did. After the fall of the Soviet Union documents were released stating that this was an antenna for detecting ballistic missiles or a radar of sorts. No one really knows for sure.

Disc Review: Truthlive (with Jake One) | “Patience”

Disc Review: Truthlive (with Jake One) | “Patience”


Consider Patience a penance for Seattle-based producer Jake One, who recently laced the soundscape for Philly coke-rapper Freeway’s remarkable Stimulus Package. For every young gun whom Free corrupts, quasi-conscious Los Angeles rhymer Truthlive grabs a cat and passes knowledge that pertains to something beyond running the block.

The automated trading robots like the 1G Profit System created by Mr.Adam Williams has gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced to the masses. There are many reasons for the same, but the major being that they do not just promise to give you profits and an easy to use platform for trading but also because they have proved themselves by delivering to their customers what they have always promised.

Many would still not believe it as there have been a number of scams in the automated trading domain lately. However, you can rest assured of the authenticity of this automatic trading platform.

Many of us have used this software as soon as it got released and all of us have the same opinion about this. We all are convinced that the promiseof the creator of this software has been kept in what he has delivered.

The platform lets you generate income daily and what you need is a reliable system .The success of this software is huge and it gives you a high average rate of return on your investment. The trading profits average is also far above the average and also much better than most of the trading systems that are available in the market which makes this software one of the best in the trading community.

So if you are wondering what the system offers then it is a tool for investment that is completely automated and it lets people withabsolutely no experience in trading also make money in the marketvolatility. This is possible because the software allows one to take trades on an autopilot which is nothing but a system that lets the novice traders rely completely on the algorithm in-built in the system that offers trading signals to the traders. The algorithm has been created keeping the financialandtechnical study in mind and thus the probability of the signals giving profits on the trades is highly likely.

The system is also designedsuch that it runs in the browser and it does not require any additional installation of software. You also do not need to download or keep upgrading the software from time to time. Once you register on the trading platform you will be directed to the website and from here you can start trading. Also, any updating is done during off-market hours so that your trades do not get affected.

Truthlive is more than just a competent MC — he’s righteous without sounding corny (“That Dude),” and at times even romantic without falling into L.L. Cool J booby traps (“Poetry in Motion”). Obsessive lyric junkies won’t be overwhelmed — for all that this disc plays through exceptionally well, it has very few rewind moments.

Light mainstream fans of Common and company, on the other hand, will certainly oblige. As for Jake Uno’s contribution: though Patience is full of giant romps and catchy riffs (as always), consummate rap fiends will notice a few too many familiar samples. (Boston heads will recognize “It’s Easy” from Special Teamz’ “Fallen Angels,” which Jake also produced.) Still, if you can move past his recycling, tremendous bangers like “The Bush Years” lie ahead.

LISTEN: Truthlive (produced by Jake One) – “It’s Easy”

I mean..

I mean..

Interested in trading? Want to have a better and safe trading journey? Then you need to be very clear about how the trading market is and what the important things are for a trader to understand before stepping a foot here. This is given utmost importance because once you get linked up with a trading platform, your money is gone from your hands and you will realize the reliability and authenticity of the software only after the entire process at the end and with most of the trading applications, the results are bad and one reason for this could be their swindling intentions in defrauding the traders. Such trading platforms make their presence in the market not with the intention of helping the traders but with the intention of making some money for themselves.

In an unstable market like this, it becomes important, even more, important for novice traders to be very careful in making their investments in the right hands because it is they who get played on most of the times by the unscrupulous trading platforms? Amongst such fake ones, we also have some very reliable and promising ones like the Fintech Ltd. This has been ranked and rated as the best trading platform with good returns, payout percentage, trading features, and good choices of assets and above all a very open and transparent trading platform to make our investments in.

Interesting features

  • The asset options given to the traders to choose from for their trading experience are many and most of them are the well performing and profitable ones in the market. The best part of this feature is that the trader would get to know the performances of these assets in the form of a chart that explains their past performances and also the indications of their future profitability and position in the market. This is a very useful information for all the traders before they get to choose their trading path.
  • The traders have an advantage over the trading procedures; they get to set a limit on their losses that might happen sometimes and this way they get to safeguard their trading interests and money from the biggest peril. This control over the risk levels depend on the confidence levels of the traders.
  • There is also an option of reverse trading wherein the trader has the option to go back to the start of the trade by reversing his options if he feels that the market signals are not favorable.

So if you are interested in trading and want to start your venture right, then you must log onto this software for a pleasant and promising trading experience.

                                                Why To Use Binary Options Trading?

Is it the first time that you are planning to get involved in binary options trading? Well, it is very obvious for a beginner to be skeptical about any trading option since you are very new to it. You must choose a reliable platform like Fintech Ltd to get started.  Although there some risks involved in binary options trading it also has lot of plus points.

Below are some of the advantages of trading binary options.

  • With trading in binary options, you can expect higher returns on your investment although it has a higher risk nature.Around 70-90% of the returns can be received.
  • One of the best things about binary options is that you know from the beginning how much profit you will be making if you win and also the amount you are risking that you can lose.You need not be worried that it will cost you more than what you have risked.Binary trading does not depend on how low or high the price goes until the money is closed in for you.
  • Even if there are higher payouts in case of binary options, the risks are higher of these assets in comparison to other investments.Thus, for reducing such risks and making binary option trading more attractive, you can get a small return on the invested money from many brokers even if you lose the bet.Say for example, if you lose on an option, then 100% of your initial investment will not be lost. You will get at least 10-15% of the investment back.
  • Binary options trading are a lot easy to deal with unlike forex which is very complicated.They offer a great platform for investors who do not hold a lot of experience with trading such assets.Thus, the websites that cater for binary trading are very user friendly and have lot of great features such as informative videos, demo accounts and live chat features for answering all your doubts which might arise while you trade.
  • In case of binary trading, there are no worries regarding magnitude of price movement, leverage and stop losses.
  • Binary option trading is special because its turnover is very fast and as a result it gives a very quick payout.It may differ depending on the different assets. The expiry time for binary option is an hour or less than that. Thus, more options can be traded per day which gives you many chances to make profit.
  • To sign up for binary options trading is very easy because most of the brokers offer free accounts which means that whatever money you deposit will be used directly for your trades.But for a demo account, you might require to make an initial deposit.So, you can check out for a broker that charges a nominal amount as deposit.
  • Demo accounts can be used for gaining experience by trading with fake money and there will be no risk factor at all.
  • There are varieties of assets available in binary options that can be traded.

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    sweet. i was thinking about calling myself. he needs to hear from me.                                     Binary Options Trading Vs Forex TradingIt is a very common issue among the new traders to make a choice of either forex or binaryoptions for their trade. Although futures and stocks are also considered, but being more capital intensive,an average person can access binary and forex trading. You might be using the same charts for binary and forex trading, but still there are many differences between both the trading options.In both cases, you must have a proper planning for trading before you put your real money in the market. There are companies like Fintech Ltd that offersbinary options trading.

    Differences Between Binary Options Trading And Forex Trading

    • The most important difference between the two is that the profit potential and risk in case of binary options are both decided at the outset of the trade. Say for example, if 70% is paid out by binary options to the winning trader, then if on a trade you place $10, you will either earn $7 or lose your $10.
    • But in case of forex trading, for controlling risk a stop loss can be used but due to the conditions of the market the order may not get executed at the price you were expecting which can result into to more than expected loss.And the risk of the trade will not be known if you do not use a stop loss. For taking profits to a percentage level or at a particular price, you can use a profit target but it does not assure if the price will be hit.
    • In comparison to forex trading, binary options trading is way simpler since it is not variable. In this, you will be aware of the profit potential and the risk and by the time the option expires, you either gain or lose the amount which was already determined.But in case of forex trading your ultimate profit and risk is unknown to you till the time you close the trade. It can be advantageous relying on the trading levels.
    • The profiles of reward and risk for binary options and forex trading are absolutely different.Your potential reward relative to risk can be customized in forex trading. But in case of binary options trading, risk is higher than the reward.If you win then you will be paid out 70% to 80% but 100% of your money that was placed on some trade will be gone if you lose.
    • For making a profit with binary options, more than 50% winning percentage will be required. But in case of forex trading, one tends to lose more than win trades. But due to the provision of customization, you could still manage to make some profit.
    • Many prefer binary trading because of its simple payouts and fixed risks but some traders opt for forex trading due to its flexibility.
    • Both the trading options differ in terms of their magnitude of price moves.If the underlying asset hardly moves, you will still get paid out to 80% in case of binary options but forex traders will make no money due to the lack of volatility for making a profit.