Rap Alongside Young Chris, Wale, & Bun B?

Rap Alongside Young Chris, Wale, & Bun B?

Posted on February 10, 2009 by Sleezy Trees

I’m a sucker for well executed marketing strategies. Peep this:

The “Searching for an Outlet Global Campaign ” in which Young Chris invites fans from around the world to download, record and submit their verse for the opportunity to appear along side the critically acclaimed new allido/interscope recording artist Wale, the Legendary Bun-B and Young Chris himself on the stand out single form the 30 days 30 verses web campaign and mix tape. The final version will appear on the Highly anticipated forth coming Young Chris album “Now or Never” set to be released this year.

Fans are encouraged to rap, sing or even talk about “what they are searching for” via SearchingforAnOutlet.com, YoungChris.com and supporting MySpace, Facebook, YouTube page and twitter feeds. YoungChris.com members will vote upon all Select verses with the final winners selected by Young Chris himself. Winners will then be invited to perform their version of the song along with Young Chris, Wale and Bun-B on local performances in their area.

This is the opportunity for all aspiring artists to have an outlet for their voice, their passion and their opinions. “It’s my hope to give anybody who is passionate enough to join me the opportunity to shine on the world stage, we all know what its like to be searching for an outlet especially in the state of the world today.” Christopher Ries aka (Young Chris)


DOWNLOAD: Young Chris feat. Wale & Bun B – Searching For An Outlet

Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin) [Audio]

Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin) [Audio]

Jelani just dropped this Durkin-produced track last night. Dope song…

…he likes Duke though…

“Had this beat for a while (read: years), and I finally dug it out and used it as Canvas for something that I’d wanted to do for a very long time: put on a lyrical show that makes use of the English language in a way that’s never been done before in Hip Hop, yet somehow not have it be a really “Rappity Rap” and “Super Backpack” type of track. I think I nailed it, though. The concept was to take the prefix “ex”, and other words with a syllable that stressed the “ex” sound, and flip it into a cohesive song. Lyrical Show + “Ex” Words = The Extravaganza, fittingly. I flipped it 67 times in the song.” – Jelani

DOWNLOAD: Jelani – The Extravaganza (Prod. Durkin)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Another (Stu) Banga: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – “Bushmaster Music”

Another (Stu) Banga: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – “Bushmaster Music”

LISTEN: Blaq Poet featuring Vinnie Paz and Lateb – Bushmaster Music


Blaq Poet and Vinnie Paz is a natural fit. Twas only a matter of time.

And word to Lateb and his whole Heddshotts crew.

Good to see dudes dropping in among legends and holding their own.

Check the new video (below). Heddshotts album dropping any day now.

And look for Vinnie’s slap at Kanye. Always appreciated.

Audio: (Joe Budden, Royce 5′9″, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I) Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs

Audio: (Joe Budden, Royce 5′9″, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I) Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs

Posted on March 16, 2009 by Martín Caballero

The return of Red Spyda! Haven’t heard from this dude in a while, glad he came back with Joe, Joell, Crooked and Royce.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs (prod. by Red Spyda)

via 2DopeBoyz

Soviet Era Mind Control / Weather Control Device?

Soviet Era Mind Control / Weather Control Device?

Posted on August 11, 2010 by Sleezy Trees

There are rumors that this thing caused the Chernobyl Disaster.. It’s the Russian Woodpecker – located only a few miles north of Chernobyl.

The Russian Woodpecker was a notorious Soviet signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the “Woodpecker” name. The random frequency hops disrupted legitimate broadcast, amateur radio, utility transmissions, and resulted in thousands of complaints by many countries worldwide.

There is wide debate on what this thing actually did. After the fall of the Soviet Union documents were released stating that this was an antenna for detecting ballistic missiles or a radar of sorts. No one really knows for sure.

Disc Review: Truthlive (with Jake One) | “Patience”

Disc Review: Truthlive (with Jake One) | “Patience”


Consider Patience a penance for Seattle-based producer Jake One, who recently laced the soundscape for Philly coke-rapper Freeway’s remarkable Stimulus Package. For every young gun whom Free corrupts, quasi-conscious Los Angeles rhymer Truthlive grabs a cat and passes knowledge that pertains to something beyond running the block.

Truthlive is more than just a competent MC — he’s righteous without sounding corny (“That Dude),” and at times even romantic without falling into L.L. Cool J booby traps (“Poetry in Motion”). Obsessive lyric junkies won’t be overwhelmed — for all that this disc plays through exceptionally well, it has very few rewind moments.

Light mainstream fans of Common and company, on the other hand, will certainly oblige. As for Jake Uno’s contribution: though Patience is full of giant romps and catchy riffs (as always), consummate rap fiends will notice a few too many familiar samples. (Boston heads will recognize “It’s Easy” from Special Teamz’ “Fallen Angels,” which Jake also produced.) Still, if you can move past his recycling, tremendous bangers like “The Bush Years” lie ahead.

LISTEN: Truthlive (produced by Jake One) – “It’s Easy”

I mean..

I mean..

4 Responses to “I mean..”

  1. wite Says:
    you trees, wats good ngr? happy new year n all that.

    i hate to other you at work, but yo…you think you could hook me up with one of those ughh icons next to my user name on the forums like the rappers have? do u even have that power anymore?

    i feel like that would rly step my game up for the twenty-eleven.

    lemme know wat u think, dude.

    i need that chinaman nohomo

  2. wite Says:
    lol at you trees i meant yo

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:
    I’ll hollar at Quest

  4. wite Says:
    sweet. i was thinking about calling myself. he needs to hear from me.

FREE DOWNLOAD: New Jadakiss Mixtape

FREE DOWNLOAD: New Jadakiss Mixtape

Posted on February 12, 2009 by Sleezy Trees

Brand new material from Jadakiss! Also.. peep this “freestyle” he did with Styles P. over Common’s “The People” beat. There’s some heat on this fo’ sho!

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss feat. Styles P – The People

Jada really goes in on this mixtape. It’s nice to here some real rap again.

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss – Kiss My Ass (The Champ Is Here Vol. 2)

Tracklisting After The Jump:






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3 Responses to “FREE DOWNLOAD: New Jadakiss Mixtape”

  1. Marty on February 12th, 2009 5:38 pm

    I remember when the original Champ is Here mixtape dropped..still think it’s the best think Kiss has touched on the solo tip. It murked his own album.

    Definitely some joints on here too. The “Kiss My Ass” song is hot

  2. ANT on February 13th, 2009 9:32 am

    kiss fucking blows, highly overrated!

  3. Lollie on February 14th, 2009 1:38 am

    goood shit

J. Cole – Blow Up

J. Cole – Blow Up

Posted on August 13, 2010 by jKfgt

J. Cole just released this new single off his upcoming and unnamed debut album, supposedly dropping some time in October. Dude can definitely spit something serious.

“This is a song for my haters.” (c) J. Cole

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Blow Up