Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever

Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever


I’ll write more about this in my upcoming Season of the Assassin review, but in short I’ll say that everybody’s greatest fear about Vinnie Paz (temporarily) working without Stoupe should no longer be of much concern. The album is remarkable, and Vinnie shows that he has more lyrical range than most heads (and especially you stubborn old Jedi Mind Tricks fans who don’t acknowledge how dope the last three albums were) ever imagined. If you don’t believe me, check this gem right here…

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LISTEN: Keep Movin On – Vinnie Paz featuring Shara Worden (produced by MoSS)

3 Responses to “Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever”

  1. milly vanilly Says:
    Im guessing you havent listened to alot of Vin if thats on your top Paz tracks (SMH). Also can you guys post the video of Lil B getting knocked out. Everyone needs to see it.

  2. spacemarvin Says:
    Is it just me, or were Vinnie Paz and Patton Oswalt separated at birth?

  3. bobby the brain heenan Says:
    track is definitley straight….but it really is just like razor blade salvation crossed with trail of lies

JoJo Pellegrino Continues His Triumphant Romp

JoJo Pellegrino Continues His Triumphant Romp

Posted on March 9, 2010 by Chris Faraone


I Remember When Major Label Cats Were Jerking Off To Dudes Like JoJo Pellegrino

Like The Way They’re Swooning Around College Rappers Right Now

Watch Them Ruin A Good Thing

And Fuck This One Up Like They Have So Many Before

Nice To See JoJo Pellegrino Coming Back So Strong Though

Looking Forward To This Mixtape


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