HPSTR MUZK: Justice – “Civilization” [Audio]

HPSTR MUZK: Justice – “Civilization” [Audio]


When u have ur own muzk blg, there’s sum shit u r obligated 2 p0ast. Lyke n.e. thing fr0m French hpst electr0 guyz Justice.

Justice – “Civilization” Full Track by 1077 The End

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The trading field looks very stunning and lovely but it might not be lucrative to all. This is not because the field is so but because of the many fraudulent trading software present in the market. With increasing interests of people in trading, the interests of fraudsters have also increased and they greedily and sneakingly get into the market with some deceiving trading platforms only to cheat and deceive the customers. But amongst such commotion there are also some good ones who operate online only with the intention of helping the traders win and experience an income and one such, that is under discussion today is the HB Swiss.

This automated trading platform is absolutely transparent and there is nothing that the traders are kept away from. The interface is made very user-friendly with the only intention of profit giving that it is made easy and simple for all the traders from newcomers to the experienced ones. Hans Berger is the father of this software and he, along with the assistance of his friends and colleagues have come up with such a profitable and reliable system only for the benefit of those interested in trading and its processes. Another fact that adds to its reliability or trustworthiness is that Berger is an experienced banker and he has a good experience handling the various concepts of finance. So a system from such an experienced and seasoned hand is definite to be a very reliable and authentic one and all the concepts and strategies are believed to be constructed on a firm and steady base.

As most of us think, trading is not just for the individual traders, but even organizations and business firms can be a part of this field. There are many business organizations who have made their investments here and have gone back with some profits too. So be it an individual or a business firm, all that is expected from a trading application is that it is reliable and comes with processes and strategies that are profitable and something that can be relied upon for making investments. Thanks to the creators of this software for keeping it simple looking with profound and benefiting profits for this proves to be the best choice and option for all traders, both novice and seasoned.

Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

Posted on August 31, 2010 by jKfgt

If you’re 30+, disregard this post.

If you are looking for options to get rich instantly, then this post is not for you. But, if you are looking seriously for some options to grow your wealth profile, then this is for you.

Everything and everyone needs money, at every point of time. But,earning it is so difficult, as the living cost has increased drastically at every corner of the globe. Getting jobs according to qualification, pursuing education for it, and finally settling down with kids is sometimes very difficult, to make ends meet.

Is there a way out of it, to earn some extra bucks? Yes, there are many available on the internet. But, not everything is legal and genuine. Many companies are nothing but scams and frauds that make money by using others and finally cheat you for the money.

Well, that’s not the end of thestory, don’t get disappointed. There is a new name in the market that helps you earn bucks, in a gradual way and never cheats you, it’s an authentic way to make more money and save some. That’s CarbonFX which is genuine and legitimate, gives you good returns over a period of time.

CarbonFX is all about forex trading, which is the most traded market in the globe. Forex trading has a lot of benefits when compared to stock trading. It’sopen 24 hours in a dayand reduces the cost involved.

Still thinking if Forex trading is important,well-read why and for whom it is needed.

Short-term opportunities:

Forex trading is influenced by the economic and political conditions. The interest rates and political instability have a short-termimpact. Hence forex trading is open only for few weeks or days, then applying it for a longer term.

Looking for investments in:

The forex trading provides service only; the whole decision part is on the customer itself. All you need to do is analyse the data and say which is ok, the representatives or the automated trading will give you suggestions and it’s up to you, to take a call.

Diversifies your portfolio:

If you are looking for adding value to your existing portfolio, then it’s good to try your hand at forex trading. Not many firms give you an offer to try this, but there are also other firms which give you the opportunity to try if available to try and see the change.

The process of entering the CarbonFX trading system:

Everything has its own limit and period of working;similarly, the CarbonFX system has all rights and has its own limitations to abstain from taking the new registrations. Due to the high incoming volume, the company might hold the registrations for some time, so hurry until the opportunity is open.


To enter the system you need to register to the site, by giving in some basic information.

Minimum deposit:

To take part in the trading activities it’s essential that you pay a minimum deposit.

If you only listen to Fara1’s suggestions, disregard this post. If you think that hip hop needs substance to be listenable, disregard this post. Y’all are too serious on JTTS. Shouts to Trees for paying me to keep blogging. F*NALLY F*AMOUS B*TCH!

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

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Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever

Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever


I’ll write more about this in my upcoming Season of the Assassin review, but in short I’ll say that everybody’s greatest fear about Vinnie Paz (temporarily) working without Stoupe should no longer be of much concern. The album is remarkable, and Vinnie shows that he has more lyrical range than most heads (and especially you stubborn old Jedi Mind Tricks fans who don’t acknowledge how dope the last three albums were) ever imagined. If you don’t believe me, check this gem right here…

Reviews and comments are both valuable and disastrous and they make people form opinions and judge a particular thing. With the trading field, this is very common and is considered very important. It is only through this that a trader would come to know about the existence of many trading platforms and systems. Generally, every trading software gets reviewed by the trading commission and the online watchdogs,when they try and make an entry here, either by them or by the first few traders on those platforms. There has been an equal number of good and bad ones and the character of a particular software comes to light onlythrough the ratings given by the traders. Of course, the ones who take to a platform for the first time might sometimes become victims to their tricks and fraudulent strategies but this becomes a lesson and learning for the other traders.

But there are also trading systems that prove to be very reliable and that which has been formed and designed solely to serve the traders with a profit-making system.  And the reviews about them talk high about them, making them the preferred choice for many traders. It is always important for a trader to go by what the reviews and suggestions say and that too the ones that are first-hand from the traders themselves. It is worth spending time on this, it would bring to light the various do`s and don’ts about a particular system.  One such review about the 1G profit system has revealed it to be a very legit software. The 1G profit system, safe for all the traders is recommended for all, even the beginners and it is a profitable one; it brings either profit or atleast gives a daily payout of $1000 which is more than enough to keep a trader satisfied on this platform. So there is trading everydayon this platform at the same time the trader also gets to go back home with something extra in hand. So there is a mutual benefit.

LISTEN: Keep Movin On – Vinnie Paz featuring Shara Worden (produced by MoSS)

3 Responses to “Props To MoSS for Producing One of the Best Vinnie Paz Songs Ever”

  1. milly vanilly Says:
    Im guessing you havent listened to alot of Vin if thats on your top Paz tracks (SMH). Also can you guys post the video of Lil B getting knocked out. Everyone needs to see it.

  2. spacemarvin Says:
    Is it just me, or were Vinnie Paz and Patton Oswalt separated at birth?

  3. bobby the brain heenan Says:
    track is definitley straight….but it really is just like razor blade salvation crossed with trail of lies

JoJo Pellegrino Continues His Triumphant Romp

JoJo Pellegrino Continues His Triumphant Romp

Posted on March 9, 2010 by Chris Faraone


I Remember When Major Label Cats Were Jerking Off To Dudes Like JoJo Pellegrino

Like The Way They’re Swooning Around College Rappers Right Now

Watch Them Ruin A Good Thing

And Fuck This One Up Like They Have So Many Before

Nice To See JoJo Pellegrino Coming Back So Strong Though

Looking Forward To This Mixtape


Financial instability is often one of the chief causes for a person to feel stressed. Undoubtedly, music is an excellent way to say good bye to your worries, but that is just temporary. It is best to look for a platform that can augment your existing income and relieve you of the financial stress for good.

The name of QProfit System is a relatively new name in the world of automated trading robots. But it is soon becoming an instant favorite, the reasons being, it is not a scam but in fact is a reliable and legitimate platform where you can see your money grow.

What is QProfit System all about?

The people who created this amazing software are, a highly well known financier from Wall Street and a software developer from NASA. They have made use of some exceptional elements like big data investment principles and a highly advanced quantum technology. They combined these with complicated algorithms to create this software.

However, the software has been created to be exceptionally user-friendly. Its interface has been especially designed to be user friendly. It is such that experts as well as beginners can take advantage of it easily. The system is so competent that it is always making some near accurate market predictions. On the basis of these predictions the system has some great deals for you.

This assures a person an assured income of anything around $2500 or even more on a daily basis. This is enough to send all your financial worries away.

What are the advantages of QProfit System?

This software is full of benefits. Here are some of the main ones.

  • The system is designed in such a competent way that it has a high turnout percentage of as much as 95%. This practically eliminates the scope for loss.
  • You can adjust the settings of this system from ‘automated mode’ as well as ‘manual mode’. If you know the tricks of the trade and would like to trade manually, you can shift the setting to manual mode. Else on an automated mode, the system will place potentially profitable trades on your behalf. You can also shift the settings back any time you like.
  • QProfit System does not involve any downloading. This reduces the risk of downloading any malware as well as saves time and effort.
  • There are absolutely no additional charges or any hidden costs.
  • The profits earned are directly deposited into your account. You can withdraw this sum at anytime you deem fit.
  • They also have a team of highly motivated customer support staff. They will be able to assist you with any trading related queries. And the best part is that the service is available round the clock.

Creating an account

You must visit their website and register yourself for free. You will then get an email confirmation of it. You also a get a link that leads you to a broker who carries forward the deals for you.

From your end, you simply need to make an initial deposit of anything around $250 or more. Remember this money is not used as fees, but in fact is used to place trades for you.

Final Verdict

QProfit System is good; it is a reliable and efficient mode of trading. There were no red flags or anything suspicious noted. The entire system seems flawless and perfect for trading.