Year-End Rap-Ups from Skillz and Bekay

  1. Qprofit System – A Dossier

For a trader, to make his trading journey an exciting, elaborate and enthusiastic one, he needsto first understand the market. The trading market is not good to all and it need not be necessarily. One reason for this is that profits are not a definite happening everyday and this is not possible too. A person would earn only when somebody loses and this is the basic rule of life too. So the first thing that every trader should and must understand or probably learn from this congested market is that there can be no software that would grant them profit lavishly everyday and that there has to be a loss for a profit and vice-versa. This is the general rule in trading. But if there is a system that promises to bring only profits to thetraders, then it is a caution that there is something abnormal with the system.  So being very cautious and careful here is very important.

Ok now that we have spoken and discussed so much about the unreliable ones, it is the right time to talk about the Qprofitsystem, a very reliable and approved one for all the traders and this shift in topic is definite to bring in an awakening among the traders and would help them, substantially in differentiating their different options.

Everything you need to know about this software

Apart from the regular features, this system comes with two different unique features or principles. One is the quantum speed and the other is the big data investments principle. These are two major principles followed in the financial sector and this is followed here too with utmost importance and significance. The first concept is in fact followed by the famous Wall Street, which is actually gaining supreme popularity and visibilityin the investment software development.

The second one helps in making some productive predictions about the market. These two concepts or principles have actually made the system more likable and profitable because with these two the trader gets to predict the prices of the assets within a specific period of time and that too at unmatched industry standards. This is something amazing and with this, the trading experience can actually become profound and exciting. This software is considered to be a very simple one to operate and it has kept all its features and benefits very easily available to the traders. And adding to this are these two factors that are making it even more attractive.

Apart from this another very alluring factor with this software is its promise to give $2500 as a daily pay which is generally not found with other softwares. This is one very interesting feature wherein though not profits, the traders would atleast get to go back home with some amount in the name of earnings.

Other features

  • No download – there is no special download required for this software and a trader can actually enter the trading field by just downloading it for free with nothing in the name of cost. And the deposit amount of $250 is completely used for trading itself without any deductions.
  • The returns are constantly maintained at 95% which is a good rate in the market standards and this is good returns for the deposit made by the traders. And the software is slowly expanding and growing with more number of traders joining hands.

Posted on December 31, 2009 by Chris Faraone

Year-in-review rhymes are a major perk of hip-hop fandemonium; I’m pretty sure that folk, rock, and country cats don’t do this, and if I’m wrong I have no interest whatsoever in hearing them. Somehow I don’t think I see things through the same lens as anyone who’s ever worn cowboy boots or Birkenstocks.

Reviews about music and musical albums are a very common thing. This reviewing part is a must for anything and all because this is the gauge that takes it to the ultimate listeners or customers. So here when we say that everything needs to be reviewed, it becomes a must that we also review the trading platforms before making any financial dealings with them. Yes, and this is not a difficult thing because for every trading platform, there are considerable numbers of reviews available and these are productive and reliable ones talking everything about a particular platform, especially the negatives. This negativity is what the traders should first get to know about a trading application before even the positives because this helps in making a constructive decision about the system.

Now that being said, here is a legit review about the Qprofit system that is serving the market with the intention of helping the traders have a good time and experience with trading. All the reviews and testimonials recommending it are all positives without even a single negative comment and this itself is a strong recommendation and proof that makes this system a very reliable and worthy one to make investments.

Qprofit system – In-depth

There is a special attraction in this software. Yes, like the other common features and characteristic followed by the other trading systems, even here you can find the entry simple, returns exorbitant, payouts great. Along with this they also come with two unique and rarely heard features like quantum speed and big data investments. These are two very important and essential financial concepts that are of great use in the finance world and these are considered to be followed by all the financial institutions in their operations. The same is being followed here and this is what makes this system a special and unique one.

Another great and stupendous feature or benefit offered by this trading software is the daily returns. Yes, this is something not offered by all the trading platforms but only a few and that too the reliable ones. Here with this system, it is a promise given to all the traders that though not profits, he will atleast get to go back home with decent returns which are set at $2500 daily. This is something amazing and there could be no trader who says a no to it. Apart from this too, there are many other different features and benefits offered by this trading system.

While Skillz is the undisputed king of this annual art form, I have to say that Bekay came a bit stronger this year. In addition to picking the best beat for the job, he brought it right up to date, with mentions of Charlie Sheen’s heavy hand, Jersey Shore whores, and even the Christmas bomber. As a kicker, dude even shouts out Billy Mays.

LISTEN: Skillz – 2009 Rap Up

LISTEN: Bekay – 2009 Year in Review

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  1. Ques About The Qprofit System

Whenever there is a new trading system in the market, it is natural for all the traders to first put that under strict inspection and doubts and the ones that successfully promise to come out clearing all these out are considered and accepted to be the reliable and authentic ones in the market. Generally, this is not the case with all the trading platforms currently operating in the market and among the huge lot, there are also some swindled ones whose main goal is to deceit and cheat the traders of their hard earned deposit money. Though this deposit money is kept at the basic level, imagine if a defrauded system gets it from close to 100 traders; it would easily make a profiton that particular day without giving anything in return to the traders and would go back home with their shutters down forever.

So in such an unstable and unreliable market, it is definitely a tedious task for the trader to find out, pick and choose the ones that are reliable and authentic and that which promises to help the traders take the ladders of profit. Only a few of them promise to do so and one among them is the Qprofit system.

This system is from the hands of a famous financial analyst Mr. Jerry Doughlas and this is one reason for stating this as a reliable one helping the traders in realizing their dreams. This might not be a very popular name in the finance field but is definitely not an unknown name. So a system or software from his hands is definite to be good and is expected to operate with some good intentions. Now let`s take a look at some of the pleasant features offered by this system.

  • The first and foremost and the most exciting one for allthe traders is the affordable entry amount and the easy entry procedures. Gaining an entry into this system is very simple and there are no complicated procedures or formalities. All the trader will have to do is take the demo account understand the system and then decide to make the initial deposit of $250. That’s it,he will get to enter the big trading field through this system`s gates.
  • Now once this is through, the next step is getting assigned to a broker. This is considered very important because they are the ones who would guide and take the trader through the entire trading process and it is on their instructions and suggestions that a trader would move every step ahead in the process. So getting assigned to a right, reliable and authentic broker is very important. Mostly with all the reliable trading platforms, the brokers are good and registered and hence this should not be a problem with this software too.
  • Qprofit system has successfully come out of the gates of the inspectingcommission and it is not just this, because there are also some defrauding ones who have been successful somehow in this step, but it is the fact that they have come out with good reviews and recommendations. This is more important than anything else for a system because allthe traders would first take to have a glance at the reviews and comments before deciding to pick up a particular software and this becomes the base for a system`s successful functioning.

Reks And Statik Back At It – New Joint With Bossman

Reks And Statik Back At It – New Joint With Bossman

As I’ve said repeatedly on this damn blog, I’d put Reks against any MC out there right now. In the past year alone he’s dropped two astounding full-lengths and smashed a litany of bangers alongside the best of ‘em. To say that he reminds me of Nas would be an understatement on par with saying that Joe Budden is a wack version of Reef the Lost Cauze.

This is just more proof that I’m not fronting (or, to be more accurate, that Reks isn’t fronting). Back with another treacherous Statik Selektah beat (and newcomer Bossman, who knocks his verse out), dude has finally convinced me that I no longer have to be weary about checking his new tracks out of fear that they might not measure up to everything that’s come before.

There are so many out there, you can easily get confused!

If supplementing your income has been on your mind for some time, it is possible that you have already deliberated about investing money in binary options. Now, with all the convenience of being able to trade online right from the comforts of the house, it is one thing that instantly pops into everyone’s mind when we talk of being able to make a little extra.

But it is rife with risks:

There may be hundreds of automatic software that are vying for trader’s attention. It is possible that the actually honest ones are not even seeking attention but quietly helping their traders to make money. But the hullabaloo that you hear from the various software that promised tall things and then when the time comes to deliver on the promises, they shy away or leave the trader in the lurch. The internet is full of such crooks. And it is highly probable that you will fall into the trap of such insidious software. So, it is always better to exercise caution.

Take for example the case of Orion Code:

This particular bot promises the trader $100k everyday as profits. This is definitely an exaggeration. It is by no means possible that an automatic trading robot can beef up so much of profit. Sometimes the profit in the entire month is also less than $100.

The first bell that must ring in your head is when software promises that you can make huge amounts of profit is relatively shorter times such as a day, fortnight or a month! How is it even fathomable to make such huge money? If it was so easy to churn out so much money by only investing few hundred dollars and sitting up in front of the screen, would half of the humanity be millionaires and not slogging to work each morning?!

So peep the cut and get in line – the new Reks album pops soon on Brick Records. And one last thing: to all of my contemporary blogger turds reading this on some “I already posted that joint” shit – at least I listened to it first, fuckers. Stop putting up every damn thing that gets stuffed into your in-box without screening.

LISTEN: Reks feat. Bossman – “That’s What’s Up”

3 Responses to “Reks And Statik Back At It – New Joint With Bossman”

  1. Caballero Says:
    I can’t play this on my iPhone but if it’s the same Bossman from Bmore he’s been around for a while. Good to see somebody from my hometown gettin work, and with Reks no less.

  2. Kathy Says:
    Three 6 Mafia – new album out 11/10check out their 2 new singlesShake My:

    Lil Freak

  3. MizzFWA Says:
    Would it be bad if the first thing I noticed was that you made a typo?

Sleezy Trees’ Obscure Actor Spotlight: Billy Redden

Sleezy Trees’ Obscure Actor Spotlight: Billy Redden

Posted on February 9, 2009 by Sleezy Trees


Billy Redden (born 1956 in Rabun County, Georgia) is an American actor best known for his role as Lonnie—the “creepy banjo kid“— in the 1972 movie Deliverance.

Redden, then sixteen, earned his role in Deliverance during a casting call at Clayton Elementary School in Clayton, Georgia. To add authenticity and humor to the film, the filmmakers found Redden to fit the look of the inbred and mentally retarded banjo boy called for by the book, although Redden himself is neither.

Talking of actors and their skills:

We have seen quite some action on the internet online trading sites where these actors who are hired to portray themselves to be CEO of startup software, claiming to have sophisticated algorithms and at the same time to be able to look cool in their snazzy clothes and accessories.

In reality, they are people either hired from some acting school or from websites such as Fiverr, etc. For instance, take these two actors who are posing themselves to be Hans Berger and Bastian Herman who have launched a website for trading called the HBSwiss. They look super cool with their work jacket sitting across their posh office but it has been categorically proved with all our research that both of the people shown in the video are not connected in anywayto the software but are only hired actors.

How people are duped:

When people see how cool and well dressed the owners and the creators of the company are they will naturally trust them not to be scammers but respectable high class people. But in reality, they are douchebags and shun worthy!

The scene depicts Redden playing the instrumental Dueling Banjos opposite actor Ronny Cox on guitar. Because Redden could not really play the banjo, another young banjo player knelt behind him and reached around his chest to reach the banjo, with Redden wearing a specially made shirt that made the man’s arms appear to be his own. Additionally, the shot was filmed from angles that made it impossible to see the musician behind Redden on the porch. At the end of the scene, the script called for Redden to harden his expression towards Drew Ballinger, Cox’s character; however, Redden was unable to fake dislike for Cox. To solve the problem they got Ned Beatty (whom Redden truly disliked) to step towards Redden at the close of the shot. As Beatty approached, Redden hardened his expression and looked away exactly as intended.

Jon Voight claimed Redden “was a boy who had a genetic imbalance – a product of his mother and his brother, I think. He was quite amazing, a very talkative fellow.”

Redden also appeared in Tim Burton’s 2003 film Big Fish. Burton was intent on getting Redden, who hadn’t appeared in a film since Deliverance, to play the role of a banjo-playing welcomer in the utopian town of Spectre. Burton eventually found him in Clayton, Georgia, where Redden works as a cook, dishwasher and part-owner of the Cookie Jar Café.

In 2004, Redden made a guest appearance on Blue Collar TV playing an inbred car repairman named Ray in a “Redneck Dictionary” skit, for the word “raisin bread” (Ray’s-Inbred). When he was shown, he was playing a banjo.

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2 Responses to “Sleezy Trees’ Obscure Actor Spotlight: Billy Redden”

  1. stamp on February 9th, 2009 9:40 pm

    Dude, you think being typecasted as Napoleon Dynamite is bad, man, fuckin dude is always gonna be casted as sister/animal fuckin retard. hope he’s getting royalties!

  2. Sleezy Trees on February 10th, 2009 2:42 pm

    there’s a rumor he’s working @ a wendys in georgia. and no.. i’m not trying to be funny, that’s the real rumor.

Tyler The Creator – I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li Remix) [Audio]

Tyler The Creator – I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li Remix) [Audio]

Lykke Li for the first 1:40. Enter OFWGKTA. Swag. Video for the first single off GOBLIN comes out Friday. Swag.

Tyler Recently Did A Remix To Lykke Li’s Song I FOLLOW RIVERS.……..And Yes, Tyler Made The Beat Also…..And Don’t Get That Shit Twisted, Lyk And Her People’s Personally Asked Tyler To Do This, So Please Stop Wit The Hating Comments. Swag

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator – I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li Remix) [Audio]

2 Responses to “Tyler The Creator – I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li Remix) [Audio]”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:
    nice jkfgt!

  2. retard Says:


For any artist to rise to fame, he needs to show his talent to the masses. There are many such portals where one can upload songs and create a fan base. These help as a startup for their future endeavors. Websites like give you the platform to showcase your skills. They have people who can upload and market the debutants aspiring to become famous and also earn in the process.


There are many traders who look for an opportunity to make money out of promotion and trading. FintechLtd. is one such automated system which deals with binary robots.A software which has been recently introduced manages your financial trading for you.Such software uses the binary robots for trading. There are several questions in the market which doubts and questions the legality of this trading company. What does binary trading do and how authentic is it. People are quite skeptical of it. This is how the new performers and singers are treated. Thus promoting one through social media becomes so very important.

People like Lykke Li who has uploaded the remixedaudio needs compliments and reviews to gain a steady audience that will be promoting him. His career in music depended upon the upkeep and maintenance of the portal. Young and debutant singers need such mediums to become popular.

Similar is the case of Fintech Ltd. The company which brought this new trading system for all persons interested in trading in finance or to increase their business. Not everyone is capable or has the knowledge to deal with stocks and trade. This software does the trading for you. You don’t need to have any kind of education for this. It not just trades but also manages your finances amicably.

Such was the effect of this new feature that it shook a lot of businessmen and financiers. There were even doubts if this was even possible and not a scam to fool people. But it is a no-risk system which just makes the work of a trader easy. Anyone with a minimum of $250 can start. No download is required, and no payment is needed. You just need to sign up and your work will be taken care of by the system Binary robots. It minimalizes risk and increases the profits.

Generally, the risk is in trusting the traders and the market. These are managed efficiently by this software. Basically a win-win situation for both who are selling and buying stocks.

Creativity in any field always yields great results. Be it music or business and finance. Understanding the customer is crucial to plan and execute.

Fashawn x J Dilla – “Closer” [Audio]

Fashawn x J Dilla – “Closer” [Audio]

I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about this.

Fintech Ltd scam review got me doubtful but when I opened the account I faced no trouble in opening the account of the binary software. The best part about the software is that it is free to sign up with the account and in order to get started you do not need to be a pro. You do not need to know high end mathematics or any sophistication to be able to use the software.

The binary software is automated and this lets those who do not know a lot about the technical andfundamental analysis or various trading strategies to benefit from it. This is an opportunity that creates huge investment options even for the novice trader. Along with this, the softwarealso has a manualtrading feature which will help the seasonedtraders as they can even trade on theirstrategies along with benefiting from the automatic trade facility.


You will need to deposit a minimum amount that is used in order to fund the trading account. You can use this amount completely to trade using the binary software. And once you are confident placing trades on the software, you can increase the investment amount orincrease the chances of winning more.

The registration process isvery simple. All that you need to do is to register for free, trade on the platform andkeep your profits. Make sure that you find out the average return on the investment that can be generated by the automated software. The software givesyou an opportunity to make some tremendous money on using the binary automated software system. You could even check the same before you register by seeing the customer feedback and testimonials that is available on the internet.

The best thing about this software is that it does not promise you to be wealthy overnight. This is what most if the con trading softwarewill promise you. Genuine binary automatic trading softwarefocusesmore on giving a steadyand stable return.

In order to start with trading on the software, all that you need is to open an account. Youcan first see what the robot does and only then deposit yourinvestment money. This will let you make sure of the profits that the Fintech software provides and whether it is your best solution to giveyou the desired trading profits.

The binary trading software has characteristics that make it unique. It offers you customer support the whole day and also an auto-pilot option. The software is in a tie-up only with genuine brokers.

You are also given the option to modify the stop loss level as peryour risk taking capability and your preference.You can also counter a negative trade outcome by placing a trade in the reverse direction.

With a high payout ratio and a proven high rate ofreturn on your investment, Fintech is indeed a preferred investment software for many.

FinTech Ltd. has a high level of payouts and a guaranteed average return on your original 80%investment. It is one of the favored trading choice of traders which can be utilizedfor free on the Internet.

Rapping over Dilla’s “So Far To Go” in 2011? #cmonson. Fash ends up killing it though.

DOWNLOAD: Fashawn – Closer (Produced by J Dilla)

2 Responses to “Fashawn x J Dilla – “Closer” [Audio]”

  1. Martín Caballero Says:
    you’re hash tag fetish has gone way overboard. #userealwordsyou get a temporary pass for posting some new fashawn

  2. Fashawn – Higher Learning Vol. 2 [Mix Tape] | JumpTheTurnstyle Says:
    […] plus appearances from Cole, Common, John Legend and GLC, among others, plus the inclusion of his dope Dilla tribute we posted earlier this week. Fashawn kicked off a West Coast tour in Santa Barabara last night with Evidence and Curt@!n$. Yet […]

Raekwon:The Missing Link

Raekwon:The Missing Link

This is the Wu beef version of Wu Tang Wednesday.

The Chef’s absence from the almost-finished reunion album A Better Tomorrow is the elephant gun in the room. He’s the reason the RZA can’t wrap it up (pause). Much like Marty, Rae’s been out to lunch. Despite shirking on Shaolin, he’s managed to keep up a steady stream of joints to prep for his upcoming record F.I.L.A.

Rae’s MIA status forced RZA’s hand. In an interview with the AP, the Abbot called out the missing MC:

“Everybody did their verses except Raekwon,” RZA said. “He hasn’t turned in his verses yet. I don’t know if he’s still trying to find the vibe of the music. We have to talk about it before it becomes too late. But he hasn’t come to the table yet.”

If his latest records are any indication, it’s time that Shallah steps to the mic. On “A Rainy Day,” RoadsArt samples the classic from Cuban Linx, adding an eerie vocal sample and some electronic piano. Straight film-noir shit—Rae’s calling card. The result is the perfect launching pad for the Chef to spit smooth bars: “The queen that I want/she gotta think like a king/respect mine boo, stay in line, do your thing/ and we can meditate do yoga, chillin’ on the sofa in my loafers/you making that bread, I’ll play gopher.”


Even more recently, Rae freestyled over the Preemo gem “Mass Appeal.” Before going in and talking about high-topped wingtips, he says, “Shit’s dusty, word.” That’s the Rae seal of approval right there.


He merks it, lacing the track with the quiet confidence he’s known for. Why’s he holding out on the RZA? He’s been sharpening his darts. Now he just has to get into the booth

JayCeeOh wins a $10,000 McDonalds Gift Certificate (that’s a shitload of Big Macs!)

JayCeeOh wins a $10,000 McDonalds Gift Certificate (that’s a shitload of Big Macs!)

FINALLY this mutherfucker wins a DJ battle that matters. I’ve seen him lose (unfairly) more than a few big ones in my time.. and each time I knew that JayCeeOh was hands down way better than the dudes he was going up against. POLITICS MAN.

It looked like he was going to get jacked AGAIN last night.. I was heated.. and then in typical JayCeeOh swagger assholeness he started talking shit to the judges and pulled ahead.

A couple things to note though.. JayCeeOh is sneaky fuck. He’s not even living in NYC anymore and he’s all of a sudden the “hometown” hero? I SEE YOU JAKE.

and.. DON’T FORGET you owe me a steak dinner bitchass!

Jacked from the Village Voice.

The Flavor Battle
Tuesday, January 11
Better Than: A Chik-fil-A DJ battle.

We’re secretly reveling in the recent emergence of DJs as hip purveyors all that is “cool.” So when we heard that McDonalds and Complex were throwing a “Flavor Battle” — hosted by none other than Fabolous — we had to go.

However, considering our finances, it was a difficult decision to make. This is when we came across the option of binary trading. A few among us were apprehending the losses that we could make because there have been a number of businesses that have failed miserably because they had depended entirely on binary trading. However, we were also informed that a binary options trading software called Fintech Limited could boost our business potential and help us earn enough money to make the event possible

First of all, it’s pretty hilarious to see three grown men DJ out of oversized hamburger boxes. Gigantic Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder, and Angus Beef cutouts served as booths for the night’s three contestants, who’d earned the honor by being chosen from DJs from all over the country through a series of auditions and online votes. Austin’s Hella Yella repped the West, Cleveland’s DJ Steph Floss held it down for the Central region, and New York’s own JayCeeOh stepped up for the East.

After a quick introduction from the night’s judges (DJ Irie, Spinderella, and Rich Nice) and Fabolous’ shout-out to Sway (the night’s “Twitter host”), the quickly mixed, three-round battle begun. Jay kicked off the night strong, playing to his hometown bias with a scratch-heavy set of “Black and Yellow” (the guy’s from Pittsburgh originally), “Swagger Like Us,” “Where Brooklyn At,” and an echoing of “Brooklyn Go Hard.” Hella Yella followed with a tamer, trick-infused hip-hop set featuring “Juicy,” “I Get Money,” and “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop,” ending the routine by jacking DJ Scratch’s “Pick It Up” routine. (Also, we heard your record skip!) Steph Floss brought Round 1 to a close by playing his entire set with only one hand. Naturally, Kanye’s “So Appalled” (and a loop of “One hand in the air if you really don’t care”) opened and closed the set, with a run of “I Get Money” (yes, again), “It’s All About the Benjamins,” and a quick scratch routine factored in as well. Can you feel our bias yet?

The scoring is what kept the night interesting, as the judges seemed to be watching a different show from the rest of us. After Round 1, Jayceeoh ranked third, with Hella Yella and Steph Floss neck in neck. “Well, that’s just ridiculous!” mumbled a girl by the bar. “I agree. Jayceeoh was definitely the best,” responded Twitter-host Sway. Things got pretty ugly around then, as the event’s Twitter feed was swamped with disgruntled Tweets from those in the venue (and those watching at home). Search #flavorbattle for the worst of them.

On to Round 2. The noticeably infuriated JayCeeOh started the night off by asking Spinderella and DJ Irie to come up to the turntables and watch him: “I want you to really see what I’m doing. Thanks!” (Testy!) While we couldn’t see his turntables from the floor, we did take note of the DJ’s swag. He ran through “No Hands,” scratched a sample of “DJ turn me up” into “All the Way Turnt Up” with one hand behind his back, and threw one hand in the air (while mean-mugging the crowd) for a triumphant ending of “All I Do Is Win.” As far as we were concerned, the battle was over then. Hella Yella followed, though, with more tricks. His back was to the turntable while he scratched over “Go DJ,” he ducked below the decks during “How Low Can You Go,” and pulled his shirt over his head for “Eyes Closed.” Steph Floss rounded out the set with Drake’s “Bollywood Freestyle” (the bit about the McDonald’s drive-thru), “Pon Di Floor” (yes, really), a Scottie B remix of “Creator,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” and “6’7.” Hey, at least things had started to get interesting!

By the third round, the crowd had gotten riled up, and the judges had started to waver. Even Fabolous started to dish out advice: “Listen, Jay the hometown favorite, so the rest of y’all are going to have to step it up.” Jay threw down a crazy club set (as in Baltimore club, with a hint of dubstep wobble and other relatively underground dance jams), Hella Yella pushed through with yet another yawn-fest scratch routine, and Steph Floss closed out with a crowd-friendly hip-hop montage of “BMF,” “No Hands,” and so on, though by this time, it was clear who the winner would be: JayCeeOh took home the bragging rights, along with a $10,000 prize. Let’s hope that’s not in gift-card form.

Critical Bias: You realize that we live in New York, right?

Overheard: “I’m lovin’ it!”

Random Notebook Dump: Fabolous was wearing a sweater with two large ducks on it. Marry me!

5 Responses to “JayCeeOh wins a $10,000 McDonalds Gift Certificate (that’s a shitload of Big Macs!)”

  1. Tweets that mention DJ JayCeeOh: “I’M THE CHAMP!” | JumpTheTurnstyle — Says:
    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Faraone and said: JayCeeOh wins a $10,000 McDonalds Gift Certificate (that’s a shitload of Big Macs!): FINALLY this mutherfucker … […]

  2. steev Says:
    i voted for this mother fucker. dont i get some free micky d’s now or something?

  3. Thor Says:
    Nothing says underground like winning a corporate sponsered rap battle.

  4. Thor Says:
    I have eaten McDonalds in 22 different countries and it tastes the same no matter where you are in the world. I’d say Germany was my favorite because you could get Big Macs and burgers in the morning, along with breakfast if you so choose.

  5. DJ JayCeeOh Wins The McDonald’s Flavor Battle In New York | GBCWow Says:
    […] DJ Steph Floss and DJ Hella Yella.DJ JayCeeOh won the $10,000 McDonald’s Flavor Battle. JumpTheTurnStyle has photographs and additional informationSourcePhoto’s Spotted @ […]

New M-Dot & Jean Maron featuring Torae & Chino XL (Plus Upcoming UGHH In-Store)

New M-Dot & Jean Maron featuring Torae & Chino XL (Plus Upcoming UGHH In-Store)

Posted on September 13, 2010 by Chris Faraone


Off the new M-Dot & Jean Maron album RUN-MPC

And FREE In-Store @ UGHH in Boston on October 8th

LISTEN: M-Dot & Jean Maron (featuring Torae, Lyric Jones, Bam, & Chino XL) – Be Easy

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2 Responses to “New M-Dot & Jean Maron featuring Torae & Chino XL (Plus Upcoming UGHH In-Store)”

  1. wite on September 13th, 2010 9:28 am

    nvr understood all the hype u guys give this m-dot fella

    hes rly not that good

    this is the only place i ever hear about him too, so i think u beantown guys are the only ppl who care, latching onto him in hopes that hell blow and you can say youve been on since the beginning, but rly hell just wind up another has-been that nvr was, like every other act u guys produce

    its sad that this is the biggest thing you guys have going for you

    for the sake of your blog you should bite the bullet and go back to covering NY & NJ artists who are actually putting out good music

    this shit is just sub-par

    torae is nice tho

  2. Greg D on September 15th, 2010 3:26 pm

    MDot I have been following for several years, and seen his progression. Kid worked hard it seems to come this far, and he also like I said always seems to be improving. I have seen him featured on alot of other artists projects, many radio around here, and he is on all the other major sites (not just this one). So in homie’s defense I think he can spit and deserves all the success he has endured. Stay spitting Dot, and show the country that Boston isn’t inferior to Ny and all the other big cities that get shine



    1. nvr understood all the hype u guys give this m-dot fella

    hes rly not that good

    this is the only place i ever hear about him too, so i think u beantown guys are the only ppl who care, latching onto him in hopes that hell blow and you can say youve been on since the beginning, but rly hell just wind up another has-been that nvr was, like every other act u guys produce

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    its sad that this is the biggest thing you guys have going for you

    for the sake of your blog you should bite the bullet and go back to covering NY & NJ artists who are actually putting out good music

    this shit is just sub-par

    torae is nice tho

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Audio: Q-Tip x Camp Lo – Gettin’ Up (Remix)

Audio: Q-Tip x Camp Lo – Gettin’ Up (Remix)

Posted on November 19, 2008 by Sleezy Trees

The original was great, but this is a pretty decent remix. I loved Camp Lo in 1997 and they are about due for a comeback. Although, I never really felt like they were “on” to begin with, so maybe I shouldn’t call it a “comeback”.

Whatever. What are your thoughts on this?

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip feat. Camp Lo – Gettin’ Up Remix

Jelani – De La Vega

Jelani – De La Vega

It’s been a couple years since Jelani released his first solo project, Wait, You Can Rap?!?! w/ 6th Sense. Finally, he blesses us with some new material.

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Be on the look out for an upcoming Jelani/Durkin project. Shouts to Harlem World and his pops, Dapper Dan.

DOWNLOAD: Jelani – De La Vega

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  1. wite Says:
    youve officially just lapped faraoniegod rest his shitblogging subpar music poasting soul