The Takeover.

The Takeover.

Posted on November 12, 2010 by jKfgt

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Lil’ Wayne – Seat Down Low (’07)

Golden Brown Sound x Bigger Than The Building [ Audio ]

Golden Brown Sound x Bigger Than The Building [ Audio ]


Finishing up the album this week, and looking forward to a shitload of shows and seedy hotel rooms. Here go a likkle taste. We call this one “Bigger Than The Building”, from the upcoming album The Great Man Theory. This one is produced by D Money with cuts by Reel Drama. NODOZ

Some Tracks That I Should Have Posted Mad Long Ago

Some Tracks That I Should Have Posted Mad Long Ago

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LISTEN: Reject featuring Edo G (produced by Teddy Roxpin – “Don’t Wanna Hear It”

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LISTEN: Sean Price featuring Roc Marciano and Mayhem Lauren – How the Gods Chill

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LISTEN: Trinity (DJ Jab + AG + Sadat X) – The Bronx

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Certain tracks do have the ability to transport us to a magical world and there are some which are quite motivating. They make you want to some things in a smart way with their lyrics pushing you to achieve higher and higher. Certain other tracks make you want to chill instantly. You might be in the midst of trading some transactions worth millions of dollars and your stress levels could be shooting to high levels but you still will remain cool just coz you are listening to these tracks. When it comes to trading, life could be stressful if you are too particular in not taking any help from an external source like a binary options robot.

It is not easier when the market trends keep changing and all your judgment is gone for a toss. This is the time you will have to think about the ways to keep you relaxed and in the game. Using Brit method is one way you could start hitting your targets while taking no stress. All you need to do is open the app in your browser, fill up some basic details, fund a minimum amount, set up the interface to your preference and start trading. And you could always play your favorite tracks in the background as the robot will take care of all your transactions when set in automation mode and all you need to do is observe how it is all going.

LISTEN: King Magnetic – Freestyle



What the…?

On Hello Cruel WorldSole aka Tim Holland returns with the Skyrider Band for his first full length since the split with Anticon, and his third album with the Skyrider Band. While much was made of Sole leaving the Anticon empire he helped create, there’s a refreshing, new found confidence and focus not seen since his now-classic albums Selling Live Water and Bottle of Humans.

With so many controversies and confusions in the trading market, HB Swiss has emerged as a promising, refreshing, and profitable trading software. This is a trading application that has been proved to be very authentic and best-suited for trading for all types of traders. So to have a pleasant and satisfying trading experience, you need to have your trades on this platform.

On Hello Cruel World sees Sole has assembled an army of the most exciting voices in indie culture to be apart of the new record, recruiting everyone from Lil B THEBASEDGOD, Xiu Xiu, Pictureplane, Sage Francis, Ceschi, and more, to create a pretty stunning tapestry that is a new high water mark in Sole’s creative output. The first single, “Hello Cruel World,” is now streaming on Sole’s Soundcloud page.

Perhaps even more interesting, listeners will notice that Sole has adopted the most deliberate flow of his career–abandoning the freewheeling, hyper-timed assaults of his earlier work in favor of a biting clarity and all around accessibility. The record draws on the wealth of his newly found freedom, tapping into the positivity and ethics of a DIY tradition he has always known and embraced throughout his career – transforming his past cynicism into a call to arms and personal empowerment. The Skyrider Band itself has been similarly transformed; trading in their dense soundscapes and organic touchstones for an impeccable attention to detail and more studio-centric productions.

On Sole and the Skyrider Band’s last record, Plastique, Sole claimed, “I’ve been digging my grave since age 15.” Since then, he’s been hard at work converting his grave into trenches that span from California to Barcelona, and the bottom of the ocean to the moon. Hello Cruel World occupies these trenches, steadfastly refusing to be flushed into a niche.

Good for Sole. He’s been impressing me a lot this go round.. Maybe my tastes are maturing.. Maybe I’m sick of blog rap.. Maybe ginger beards roll tite?

or what if.. maybe.. just maybe .. I’m becoming enlightened to a genre I’ve previously dismissed simply as nerd rap..

whatever the case, Sole has again piqued my curiosity with the news he’s teaming with my boy @LILBTHEBASEDGOD. Also featuring Connecticut’s best kept secret Ceschi and some black belt rhodey ninja vegan who belongs on the cover of beards illustrated (my new monthly imaginary zine).

we’re friends now btw. support.

Hello Cruel World by sole…

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  1. milly vanilly Says:

  2. tim Says:
    thanks man!

  3. a_ronious Says:
    i predicted this years ago… i always knew a Sole fan was hiding inside you… peep Sole’s verse on Noah23′s new album muhfuckin going hard… this blog made my day

Nabo Rawk Fully Steps Into Wrestle Mode, “Bizarro World”

Nabo Rawk Fully Steps Into Wrestle Mode, “Bizarro World”

Posted on August 2, 2010 by Chris Faraone


Porn Theatre Usher and wrestling enthusiast Nabo Rawk has returned with his most sophisticated dive into the ring yet.

Even among finance companies, few have returned with more zeal and they are rocking since their re-entry. It’s not the re-entry alone that has made a change, but a whole lot of things that go into the making has changed and for the better!

1G Profit system is one that has returned with much more special features that prove beneficial to the common man. Yes, their aim is to provide flexibility and equal opportunities to the common layman, to create a great wealth profile.

Trading has been here for ages, and it’s not wrong to indulge a little more and make more money, that a wise decision. But, do you really know that it’s a wise decision? Trading has its own pros and cons and we all know that! There are many who have won the battle, while many have lost it, lost it to the core, and have now become slaves of others.

So here are few benefits of trading, in case you are looking for a valid reason:

Most of the companies offer Margin based trading accounts. So, what’s this Margin Trading account?

Margin trading account means that you start your trading, by first opening an account and then depositing an amount and trading with the money only in your account, and nothing much. Well, this is the kind that has been happening around.

After opening an account, thenyou can start trading anynumber of items as you please, until you have balance in your margin account.

Leverages help you trade more, with a less balance and yet make aprofit, helping you to accomplish your goals faster than you could think of!

Online trading is more beneficial, as it keeps you right at the interface, and you are responsible for any work, needn’t wait for approvals and pending calls, to make a quick satisfying decision.

Forex trading also helps you to make money better and sooner, if you understand the complexity of currencies involved.

Benefits of Forex trading alone:

It gives you ample time to make your money grow. It’s a 24 hour market service, hence you can find ways to reap profits.

The high volume of liquidity:

Liquidity is the ability to get quick cash, either by selling any property or by releasing and selling any investments. So, forex gives you that flexibility to move thequickly large amount of currencies in and out of thesystem.

The spreads are low:

Spreads refer to the difference between the selling price and buying price. The higher the spread, more is the profit.

Easy and quick leverages:

Why do you bother to get the right odds, without cash? The quick leverages allow you to trade till your heart and mind sink and pay only at the end. This feature invites more brokers and traders thus making the investments more.

Trees was supposed to post this weeks ago, but he’s been kind of salty since Nabo stole the JTTS Escalade and rolled her dead into an underground Somerville demolition derby. I’ve been saying for decades that rappers need to get more serious about embracing their high-flying alter-egos. Here go a few singles…


LISTEN: Nabo Rawk – Rickey Steamboat


LISTEN: Nabo Rawk – 9-Nine


Grab Yourself a Copy of Bizarro World Here

Disc Review: A Boston State of Mind Vol. 2

Disc Review: A Boston State of Mind Vol. 2

Posted on May 21, 2010 by Chris Faraone


Every night, when I get home from reporting facts, I poison the Internet with innuendo on a Boston-based hip-hop blog called It’s great fun, even though our active commenters are a venomous mix of keyboard-bound cowards and legitimate criminals. But they have one prejudice that rolls me sour, in that they almost unanimously reject Boston hip-hop.

This privilege of getting rated and reviewed is not just for the music albums and creations but also for the different binary trading platforms. In fact, it is this that is driving the market crazy. There are many different platforms that have emerged in the recent times and due to the existence of some unscrupulous trading software, it becomes important and essential for the traders to go through the valid reviews that are available amply in some of the dedicated websites.

One such review about the 1G Profit System, a newly added memberof this vast trading family proves to be another addition to the reliable trading platforms. All the reviews and testimonials prove to be very promising and every single commentrecommends traders to try this system out for fulfilling their trading interest and desires. This system is the brainchild of Mr. Adam Williams that offers a payout of 99% for just a minimum deposit of $250. It is a proven website or system by the trading commissions and the online watchdogs that generally guard the gates of the trading market and try to stop the entry for some unscrupulous trading platforms.

This system encourages even beginners in the trading field to come up with the initial deposit money and promises to offer them all sorts of help and assistance in making them successful in this market. All they need is a simple internet connection and the deposit money. This software has a very user-friendly trading platform and even those who do not know what an asset is or what is to be done with an asset in the trading market, are actually taken in. The software provides all the necessary and essential information and knowledge to them and makes them trade on par with the other professional traders.

Again like any othersystem, this needs no special downloads. Like the other reliable system, even this has started making a buzz in the market and is expected that it would attract the attention of all the traders very soon.

Like its predecessor, which yielded some of the first radio singles for Slaine, DL, and Mic Stylz, A Boston State of Mind Vol. 2 counters allegations that the Bean rhyme scene lacks stylistic diversity. Although the disc leans to the harder side of things, with the likes of Gage and Lord Willin snapping necks, lighter acts like DJ Slim and D-Tension add depth — not to mention a few laughs.

Commonwealth Records patron Dru Garrity corralled a fresh and lengthy 22-cut catch here: Omega Red & Easy Money own “We Hustlers”; DraMatik’s “Born&Raised” is some sort of delicious; Letia Larok’s “A New Day” is one of the realest tracks in Bay State rap history — believe that. At its core, though, this loose comp is woven together by a few repeat offenders — most notably Rhetoric and Amadeus — who spit dirtier than Two Girls One Cup.

LISTEN: Lord Willin featuring Slaine – Life is a Gamble
LISTEN: Amadeus – Warzone

Audio is a general term used for music. For every aspect, be it for audio or media, or software  quality is essential, and to prove its efficiency we need a system that supervises it. Anything without a quality work is of no use.

Quality work needs exposure and publicity to reach out to the right audiences and also to be a hit. So how do you reach to the audience in the right way?

Social media is the top biggest form and platform for marketing these days. There is no one who doesn’t get into social media sites. So to make things easier for the busy professional artists, and make them reach their targets, social media marketing is the task to do.

Just like our professional 1G Profit System safe; that is safe and easy to make your finances grow without much work and hassle. So if you are thinking to get into and start your journey, then you need to just register to the site and start getting rolling money, by simply watching the page.

Coming back to the music, but, how to go about it, here it is!

Have a definitive Plan and Objective:

Before jumping into any strategy, it’s better and best to have an objective to all your tasks. The plan that you create, should be relevant to your goal, should be actionable and should also have time limits. Here are a few samples:

  • Start building your brand by getting your fans to recognise your brand or by your name
  • Grab attention of new fans by routing your traffic to the social media page or site that you own
  • Keep encouraging people to watch your releases, hear your music by some actions, like promoting it in different ways.

Customise your profile on the social media:

There are lot of musician’s pages on the social media sites, like Insta and FB. But, if you need to stand out, and then customise your page according to your themes, your music interest and anything that you think can add value to your page. Rather than going with plain videos and some poster images, adding something unique and apt will help you stand out and add more traffic to your site.

Prepare a content marketing strategy:

Once you create and customise your page, the next task is to prepare content for it. You need to have a strategy to do content work so that the right kind of traffic is pulled along and your voice is heard all across. You can divide your content based on the following strategies:

  • Your albums, music and videos and everything about your new music can be shared on the platform and always ask people about their thinking
  • Share everything about music industry, the latest news too
  • Go in for teasers before launching the actual video or an album
  • Get connected with other music bands and musicians around you.

Stay consistent on the platform:

To get you recognised and make you heard, it’s always better to stay consistent on the platform. Communicate directly to your audiences using the platform, comment and reply to their comments, tweet or post on FB at least twice a day. Find the peak time and post it then, so that your post is visible to most of the people.

Always get some time with your audiences:

Posting content is one part, engaging the audiences with comments and sharing your thoughts about events or your music, and the way it evolved would make you more recognised in the platform. It says that you respect their time and comments.

Drive traffic to your page:

Driving traffic to your web pages is different and to your social media sites is different. So have a control over the data that is shared and keep them updated always.









Oh Shit! Fameless Fam Disses WERS (and slaps some local rap cats along the way)

Oh Shit! Fameless Fam Disses WERS (and slaps some local rap cats along the way)

Posted on May 3, 2010 by Chris Faraone


For those who live outside of Boston – which is something like half of you, according to Google Analytics – 88.9@Night (on WERS in Boston) is a damn legendary hip-hop show delivered by the students at Emerson College. In the past decade, it’s claimed DJs including Fakts One (of the Perceptionists), JayCeeOh, Optimus (of Foundation Movement), E-Skills, Problem Child, and that dirtbag Van Stylez.

While I’m not here to fuel the fire, I will say that when I do tune into ERS, I’m often left a bit disappointed by how little so many of the DJs know about hip-hop. In particular, there’s one kid who says “Rakeem” instead of “Rakim,” and way too much Nas and Biggie. With all due respect to the greats; just because a college kid is discovering Illmatic for the first time doesn’t mean I should have to hear oldies instead of hot new shit.

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The system is legit andit lets you withdraw the money whenever you want. However, ensure that they deposit the money in the same method through which you had deposited the money. Thus ensure that when you first make a deposit you choosethe method carefully because that is the way you will get back your funds.

You have a plethora of option here as you canchoose to deposit money throughyourcredit or debit cardor also through wire transfers or through e-wallets. You can alsowithdraw your money whenever you want.

The system is not a scam and a team of expertshave made this professional system and have combined their efforts to give you the best trading platform.The system is a reliable platform that helps you to trade the financial market even if you do not have any prior knowledge of trading. This means that even if you are a novice you can generate profitable trades in the system.

The system is legit andlets you makeconsistentreturns daily and you can be assured that your funds will be protected and there will be no theft of your personal information.The system is highly encrypted and thus all yourdetails will be protected.This makes the system legit and very authentic and you can be assured that you will have the best trading experience here.

Which is essentially the gripe of rising Boston fringe-hops crew Fameless Fam, which is taking aim at the 88.9@Night kids the best way they know how: with a dis song (over an Alias beat). You might ask – why would they burn bridges with the most renowned college frequency in the entire country? Well – it seems that door has already closed on them; that despite their being one of the most unique outfits rocking in the area. Check Virtue’s warning shot and decide for yourself.

LISTEN: Virtue (of Fameless Fam/partyboobytrap) with DJ Emoh Betta – Radiocean (88.9@Night Dis)

Disc Review: Fresh Vetz (Dashah + DJ Pause) | “Vet Status”

Disc Review: Fresh Vetz (Dashah + DJ Pause) | “Vet Status”

Posted on January 28, 2010 by Chris Faraone

It’s a bright sign for hip-hop when at least three promising subterranean sluggers ride flows comparable to that of the almighty Nas. Those select artists would be California youngster Fashawn, Lawrence rhyme pugilist Reks, and Long Island rapper Dashah, the last of whose Fresh Vetz collaboration with producer DJ Pause is the latest in a long string of mixtape miracles.

Like musical artists and composers, there are selected reliable software for trading too and deciding to trade with one of them would definitely make the trading journey an exciting and profitable one. This is a definite happening if you choose to work or trade with the Qprofit system.

Get started with this software

Trading with this system is very simple. All you have to do is just make a registration and you are done. Trading with this application is as simple as that. There are absolutely no complicated procedures in this forex trading tool. Providing accurate details is the only requirement or demand from the software. The trader will have to give all his personal details in detail and with accuracy and these get registered with the official website of the software. Once this is done, clicking on the submit button would take him further through the proceeding steps. Now after this the trader would be demanded to make the initial deposit amount of $250 and this would activate his account and make him visible in the trading field.

Immediately after this, the trader gets linked up with a registered broker who would thereby take to manage the trader`s account from thereon. This deposit amount would start generating returns from day one once this deposit is made with the system and nothing is deducted or taken in the name of brokerage or any other fee. The best part is the brokers do not charge anything for their services rendered to the traders and demand a share only when there is a profit and not otherwise. For the trades that end up in a loss, there is nothing deducted from the trader`s account and hence the trader goes back home with the daily payment.

So deciding to trade with this Qprofit system is definitely profitable. Take to this platform today, make your deposit here and you will understand and get to know how and what trading is in reality.

Like those other sons of God’s Son, Dashah is no rookie, though his burn is best known throughout the five boroughs.

Here, on battle cuts like “Verbal Assassin,” his acrobatic braggadocio amounts to little more than lyrical exhibitionism. “Letter to the Fallen,” on the other hand, proves he can do more. But why should he? Dashah soars when negotiating the one topic that only rappers write songs about: hip-hop.

“The MC” is straight horn crack; “I Still Love H.E.R.” is easily one of the finest interpolations of the original Common Sense song yet. Given his skill level, it would be tough for Dashah to drop a weak project. But atop striking strings and cement foundations the likes of those laid here by DJ Pause, he’s capable of feats that most cats can handle only in the mirror while lip-synching to “Halftime.”

LISTEN: Fresh Vetz – Verbal Assassin

LISTEN: Fresh Vetz – Genesis

Throwback Monday: The Charmels

Throwback Monday: The Charmels

Posted on January 25, 2010 by Martín Caballero

The Charmels- I’ll Never Grow Old

The reason why we review trading software:


Every week, we pick up trading software to review and let our members know if it is a genuine one or a scam.  Sometimes, the software to be reviewed is randomly chosen based on the popularity and the trending but a lot of times also our members request us to review software for them.


What we do is that when we review it, we try to upload it on our review website with the required hash tags so that everybody benefits from the information that is in the public domain. We do not charge anything for reviewing the software. So, if there is any software that has caught your fancy but you do not know if it is safe for you to invest, we recommend that you send us its name so that we can probe into it to find out if the software is a genuine one or a fraudster.


Here is the scam alert*


This week, we are going to review a software called QProfit System which released only a couple of months ago but seems to have caught a lot of attention lately. The website’s page looks attractive and the sales pitch is perfect.




If the software looks way too attractive and the sales pitch sounds just too good to be true, it is time to keep your eyes and ears open!


It has been categorically found each time that when a particular software takes a lot of time, money and effort to package its product carefully and spotlessly beautiful, it means that it has no substance.


The sales pitch will mention that if you become a trader on their website, you can be on your way to earn a few hundred thousand dollars in a couple of weeks or in a month!


Beware of such things:


First thing first!


Let us tell you that when you trade in binary options, you cannot expect to earn such big sums ever, leave alone in a month’s time and too with a deposit that is only few hundred dollars ($250 to be precise)!

The nature of the trading in binary options is such that you can manage to make huge profits provided your investment is proportionately huge. Apart from that since the nature of the trading is highly speculative, it is important to know the risk factors before deciding to pump in heavy investments.


Making windfall profits are very rare but making losses regularly is the norm. Therefore, one has to tread very safely in speculative markets such as this in order to be aware of the potential risks, otherwise the entire investment can be wiped out in a minute’s time!


The software in question is extremely similar to other frauds:


If you will look closely, you will realize that there is an uncanny resemblance of this software to earlier declared fraud trading software. It may look like the basic structure is the same only the packaging has changed. If you had this feeling earlier on, don’t dismiss it but dwell on it to probe further the genuineness of the software. Who knows a little precaution can go a long-long way in helping you salvage your hard earned money and not falling into the hands of these crooks!


Killa x Gucci

Killa x Gucci

“Homie you can have her, I don’t wanna marry her/Like O.J. Simpson, I just wanna stab her”

And the QProfit system! Does it really let you make such huge profits as it promises to? Checkout the claims made by the creators of this false system who promise you more than $2500 return each day.The free of cost system that works on an automatic mode lets you make phenomenal returns and you absolutely need no trading knowledge to be able to make such handsome amounts of money each day. Now, who is there sitting and giving you free money? If you think that the system is there giving free money daily, then go ahead to try your luck.

The owner and the creator of this automatic binary options trading system,Jerry Douglas, also claims that he had worked with Goldman Sachs. He says that his friend and creator of the platform, Sasha Petroshenko was working for NASA. But is this true?

The CEO of the system is a fictional character and a paid actor and the scammers created him to fool the masses. Andfinding this information was not that difficult. Thefraudsters inorder to dupe people of their money came out with this plan and in truth, the investment app is nothing but a fraud.

Another interesting finding is how the system works.The system bets that it uses quantum speed technology and big data analysis in order to predict how the market will move in the future and claims to give you results with high degree of accuracywhich will generate income for you daily.

The software also claims that it is profitable 95% of the time and lets you earn thousands of dollars with absolutely no risk. So you get the software at no cost and get rich for free. Too hard to believe, isn’t it? Who on earth will give you such a highly profitable application for free?

Not even the best of brokers can make high winningtrades with no risk. Also, the company does not have any phone number or an address andthe only way to get in touch with them is via email. So it isbasically an anonymous identity. They are frauds asthey do not even have an identity.

There were also otherthings that made us believe that the QProfit system is nothing but a scam.The system places trades on your behalf. This means that the system does its own research and provides trading signals to you. And giving trading signals or any kind of financial service is a regulated activity andit requires you to have a genuine and authorised license. But the QProfit system has no such license. So in case you arecheated or something goes bad, you have nowhere where you can go and place a complaint.

The testimonials on the website are also created andnothing is for real. These are fabricated and so are their stories.



The QProfitsystem does not have any broker. In order to activate an account with the system you will have to make a deposit in the personal trading account and thereis absolutely no mention of abroker anywhere. So this raises doubts about the system even further. It isdangerous when you deal with brokers who are unregulated because they may take away all your money leaving you with noproof to complain anywhere. And when you leave the whole system to the automatic trading mode you will not be able to do anything when the system places a trade for you. You may lose all yourmoney ina single trade as you will have no control on the system at all.Another reason why the system is a scam!

Also known as Chris Faraone‘s living nightmare