J the S- Change

J the S- Change

Posted on February 26, 2010 by Martín Caballero

J the S goes in with a different kinda track…what y’all think?

J the S x Franco- Change

There is this software for trading in binary options called the QProfit System which seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. I was downloading an audio clip from the internet when suddenly this link to the software opened on my computer screen and proclaimed that if I could open a trading account with them for as little as (really?!) $250, I could well be on my way to becoming a millionaire in no time.

Now honestly, I was quite impressed and naïve! So I decided to check it out. I looked for some clues to find out if there was a way to get around the website. I went to YouTube to find out how this online trade thing is done. Almost all the videos and the research matter spoke about using a demo account.

I returned back to this earmarked website and searched high and low for a demo account but found absolutely none!

I must confess that I loved their videos:

The videos on the website were so impressive showing smartly dressed executives sitting in plush offices talking big things like finance and money markets and signals.

My first impression was like dude! I want to be like them!!

So, it started. It was like I was in to it. I wanted to be able to make millions like the website claimed it could make anyone! I was so naïve to believe it!

I had just enough in my account:

I thought to myself that if I become successful at this there will be no name calling in the family and then even I would be respected for my money decisions. How wrong could I be?

I had $250 in my bank and I decided to immediately link my account with the website. As soon as I deposited the amount, I got a confirmation of opening an account with them and my account was duly registered with a broker, someone from the UK.

You must remember that this is the first time I am trying it out and I had no idea what a broker is or what he does for the account and the fact that he has to be licensed. Apparently, the broker that was assigned was not a licensed one and that upped my risk by over five hundred percent!

Congratulatory email:

I was thrilled when I got a congratulatory message from them which was computer generated. Little did I know that it was going to turn into a big woeful tale!

The website started generating trade signals of my account. The first few trades were great with me clocking a profit of $50 in less than half a day. This made my confidence swell. I started imagining the faces of people who always despised me for my bad luck and thought of giving them a fitting reply with my success.

Throughout the day, the trade signals were good. By the time I retired I had made $85 and I thought that it was really good way to start. May be in a day’s time I could really become the owner of a $1000 if not a millionaire.

I left the accounted on automatic robot mode and called it a day. Next morning as soon as I woke up I rushed to see the big balance that my account would show. But I was horrified!

That was it! Slowly my account receded and then the balance became zero.

I tried calling the customer service but no one would answer. I emailed to them but got no answer and worst of all is that when I Googled their address, I came to know that there was no one that there with an association with the website.

I cursed myself for being reckless and not checking these things first. Greed they say can be a nemesis. I learnt from my mistakes.


Stan Getz x Luiz Bonfa x J Dilla x Pharcyde

Stan Getz x Luiz Bonfa x J Dilla x Pharcyde

Posted on February 9, 2010 by Martín Caballero

Stan Getz- Saudade Vem Correndo

the title translates roughly to “nostalgia comes running”

The Pharcyde- Runnin’

Stan Getz track, Saudade Vem Correndo roughly translates to ‘Nostalgia comes running’ and when we speak of nostalgia in finances, traditional forms of saving money come to the mind. Today, social media and online platforms have taken up all the open spaces and the charm of the traditional ways is lost. Investors of previous generations would crib at the thought of making an online investment without understanding it and learning more about it. However, it is true that making an investment work in your favour requires time and continuous attention to it that might not really be possible for all modern day investors. This is what leads to their conviction in modern day investment ideas.

In this article, we will discuss 5 traditional as well as 5 non-traditional ways of investing your money. To begin with, let’s talk about the traditional ways of investing your money.

  1. Bonds

This debt security is issued by a company, a government or a government agency. Typically available to the investor in denominations of $1000, bonds continue to pay interest to the holder periodically. There are three different categories of bonds and they are:

  • Treasury Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  1. Mutual funds

Mutual funds include portfolios of bonds, stocks and other forms of securities. These include the money of various investors. If you have a readymade portfolio containing diversified securities, Mutual funds can be a lot less risky than investing the same amount of money on individual stocks. Mutual funds are known to pay dividends and give capital gains that are based on how the securities in the portfolio perform.

  1. Certificates of Deposit

When the bank borrows money from a depositor at a fixed rate of interest and there are contracts in between the bank and the depositor, these contracts are called Certificates of Deposit. The minimums tend to vary between $500-$1000 and the terms can also vary between 90 days to a number of years.

The best part about CDs is the fact that the principal is always safe and so are the interest payments. However, this holds true for as long as the security is maintained till the time of maturity. If you liquidate the CD before its date of maturity, you might have to bear prepayment penalties.

Let us now look at some of the non-traditional ways in which you can invest your money.

  1. Self-Directed IRA accounts

The retirement accounts that you invest in, apart from the ones at your employer are popularly known as self-directed accounts. You can choose the kinds of investments that you want to retain in your IRA and you can buy and sell them whenever you feel the need to.

  1. Lending Clubs

Have you heard of peer-to-peer lending organizations? This is the latest trend in the financial market in which lenders as well as borrowers can avoid the hassle of banks and still have the money when they need to.

  1. Online trading platforms

What is better than sitting in the comfort of your home and accessing trade while making profits? One such is the QProfit system. You might ask if the QProfit System safe? Well, it is as reliable and a lot of investors are making huge profits from the system. Check it out and invest accordingly!


Holy Guacamole!!!

Holy Guacamole!!!

Posted on January 20, 2010 by Chris Faraone

That’s All I Have To Say Right Now

But I Dare You To Hate On This

LISTEN: Doom and MC Paul Barman – Hot Guacamole

Only if simplicity meant straight!


There are times when you think that if something is simple and then it is a given that it must be genuinely good. But don’t fall into this trap especially when there is your hard earned money at stake!
A friend of mine came across this pop up folder on his browser claiming to help him make a few hundred thousand dollars in a span of one month. Now, this fellow was on hard times and he wanted to desperately make both ends meet. He was out of college and still looking out for the right kind of breakthrough. In fact it was only while searching for a job that he came across this prospect.


Don’t know what he thought, but he deposited a princely sum of $250 in this software called QProfit System. That day when we bumped into each other, he was all gaga about his prospects of entering the Millionaires Club!


Iwas zapped!


On enquiry, he came out with all that had happened that morning. Now, my friend had heard about trading in binary options and he knew how it worked because he was an Advanced Economics student.


But what he didn’t know was that this particular software was a scam. There were reports of this software giving out continuous losing signals to trader’s account and ultimately usurping every penny from the account either asking to redeposit or else showing them the door.


I did not want to break the news to him because it could devastate him. But, I had to because I could not see him going broke right in front of my eyes and especially when I knew the truth about the software.


How was I in the knowhow?


Just out of college, one of the economics Professor wanted me to spend time on his research and this is precisely what I researched on. The name of this software was one of the top entries in the scam list!


The program resembles its earlier fraudster cousins that went by the name of HBSwiss and Fintech Ltd. The software is also notorious and duped many newbie traders unconscientiously. Sometimes, I wonder if they are even able to sleep soundly after making merry with the money of the poor and the needy especially those who hand it over to them bonafide and in complete trust!


This notorious software is really able to get a lot of people hooked up to it. I mean look at it this way: if my friend, who is an advanced economics student and who read commerce and business in college can fall a victim to such scams, then anyone who does not know basic economics and even commercial concepts can fall into their trap!


The brainwash thing that they do:


The software plays extremely well with human emotions. They have excellent sales pitch and wonderful marketing strategies. The videos that are on the site use professional actors who are well dressed sitting in plush offices and exchanging number conversation!


It is hard to not be convinced when there is so much visual beauty. The packaging is so beautifully done that the person falls for it not realizing that it is a trap – one that is so deadly that it can even take him to the verge of ending his life God forbid if he loses hope or if he cannot cope with the fact that all his money is lost!

Audio: New Gem From Kanye + Heat From His Big Bro..

Audio: New Gem From Kanye + Heat From His Big Bro..

LOVE LOCKDOWN! Straight out the engineer’s hands and into your ears. Not sure this is the final version or not – but Kanye leaked it on his own blog, so uh.. yeah it’s close enough to the final to warrant a posting about it on JTTS. If this is the final version, I must say – I love it. The sound is pure rawness. The non EQ’d / Auto-Tuned Vocals .. FIRE.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Love Lockdown – From the new album tentatively dropping December 16th, (get that christmas money) titled 808′s & Heartbreak. Yep, that’s the title according to Amazon.

Well, what’s Christmas without gifts and celebrations? Any festival or occasion for that matter requires spending money and not all of us are always prepared for large expenses. However, when festivities are around, it is quintessential to gift your loved ones and in this article we will tell you how you can have a merry Christmas while sitting back and listening to the new track by Kayne and watching your family unwrap their presents with glee.

Financial stability means that you can consistently save some amount of money for a period of time and use the same when you are in a crisis or have an impending event. It means successful planning for anything unpredictable. Listed below are two easy ways in which you can begin to manage your finances right away without losing sleep over it.

  • Setting up your budget

The first step in this process is to calculate your expenses and setting up a budget for the same. You need to consider living costs, household bills, travel costs, leisure and other miscellaneous expenses.

  • Investing wisely

Online trading is a fast and effective form of investment and one of its latest trends is the QProfit System that can help your great profits in a safe and reliable manner and keep you financially stable. It is an investment worth making to see your family making merry during festivities.

Yeezy also appeared @ the Knitting Factory last night for a little impromptu performance. Eskay @ NahRight had the video — which I’m lacing for you here:

And I gotta keep the Roc-A-Fella train rolling… the Jiggaman checks in with 2 features on 2 heaters.

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss feat. Jay-Z – Who Run This? – Jadakiss’ Roc-A-Fella Debut – I’m excited like it’s 1998 about this track. Dope.

DOWNLOAD: Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-Z – Oh Girl (Remix) – Jay-Z singing(?) the intro.. This song is incredible.

I’m going to g’head and say this might be the blog post of the month.

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  1. Sean C Says:
    your endorsement of that Kanye track confuses me. i am missing something here.

  2. Ant Says:
    Me too? I think he is being sarcastic

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:
    Well here’s why I like it -not only does it sound like nothing Kanye has ever produced, it also sounds raw as fuck.I mean – the dude has access to the greatest studio equipment in the world, and it sounds like it was recorded on Garage Band.

    It’s just something different and I feel the rawness kinda adds to the message of the song.

    Of course, this could just be an early version of the track –

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Jerry Butler x Diamond D

Jerry Butler x Diamond D

Listen up! we have important news for you all:

The latest fad:

It is important to be able to give the best shot at life to make a living. Young people who have recently graduated always inspire to be able to earn so much that they can not only live a life that they dreamt of but also can save money on a regular basis albeit even small sums.

In the last decade, because of the pervasiveness of the computer in every home and the smart phones holding sway over the people, it has now become very easy to be financially independent.The internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

For example, one can open an online store, write a blog or design his own website.

Online trading:

Have you heard about online trading? Trading in binary options can be done with the help of computer device and internet connectivity.

This is how it works:

The trader is supposed to open a account on any one of the trading platforms. These websites offer traders to do speculation in

  • Stocks,
  • Shares,
  • Commodities and
  • Foreign currencies.

The job of the software is to generate trade signals. The trader is allowed to randomly choose any particular option to trade in. He will have to predict if the asset that is chosen by him will rise or fall. If he predicts and his predictions come true then hegains the trade and if his predictions don’t come to pass, he losses the trade.

Is it advisable to trade online in binary options?

This is a rather relevant question. Why? Because out of the thousands of websites that claim to make anyone and sundry into a millionaire, more than 95 percent of them are largely scam. What this means is that they are only after your money.

Take for instance the case of software called QProfit System. It is likely that you must have come across this name. The software has glossy pictures and attention catching sales video but everything is an eye wash.

The sales pitch that they create is highly exaggerated. It claims that a trader who deposits $250 into his account for trading on their software can make millions of dollars in a matter of few days or weeks. There can be no better crap than this!

It is never easy to make money:

These rogue software make it sound as if making money is climbing a tree and plucking the ripe fruits. A clear analogy would be that if making money was so easy why people would bother to have a regular job. Wouldn’t they instead be propped up in front of their screens day in and day out?

Online trading is supplementary to the existing income:

It has been noticed that people who are duped by these rogue software are actually those who think that they can live off the money that they can make using online trading. But this is farthest from the reality. The money that he will or can make is not enough for everyday living. However it can be good as supplementary earnings.

The fact that you can trade even during nights gives you immense flexibility to trade after your regular working hours.There is also the option of setting up an automatic robot that will take decisions on your behalf.

It is important however that you make sure that the software you choose is genuine one and the brokers registered are licensed by regulatory bodies such as CySEC etc.

Posted on January 18, 2010 by Martín Caballero

Vintage Monday/MLK Day.

Jerry Butler- Never Gonna Give You Up

Diamond x Sadat X x K. Terrorible- Never

Fashawn x Buff1 x Scheme x DJ Babu – “Theme Music” [Audio]

Fashawn x Buff1 x Scheme x DJ Babu – “Theme Music” [Audio]

Before you know what kind of a binary option you should choose, it is important to know the types of binary options robots thatare available for purchase. These are created based on what kinds of trading signals the binary options robots generate.These are nothing but references on how trading in a particularasset at any certain moment. The first binary robot group is the one that places trades based on the signals that are provided by the market specialists. The robots that use the signals that are human generated claim that the experts who provide recommendations, have a lot ofexperience in the financial markets and thus can predict the market movements. They also know all the human nature that goesin to trading and thus include all theseexisting factors in their analysis.

The nextgroupis those that include the robots that are based on the sophisticated and the advanced auto trading algorithms. The algorithms are those that scan the market and look for trading opportunities that are profitable by balancing all the relevant factors. When one uses this kind of an auto trading robot,itminimises any human error significantly.

According to the Fintech Ltd review, it can become a little difficult to analyze which of the robots are better as there are different kinds of traders who trade in the market. It depends on whether the trader prefers to have computer precision or they want a humaninterference in their trading. However, it is important to know that auto trading does not completely eliminate the risk and thus it is important to learn about the binary trading and the financial markets.

After the system generates the trading signal, the binary robot is used that places the tradeaccording to what setting is provided by the user. The trader has to only wait for the result of the trade.There are binary options robotswhich assists trade even when the trader is offline. However, it is recommended that only those software are used that requires the traders to be online. This is because it will help in better finance management and also avoid any losses that may be unexpected.

Choosing a good binary robot

Auto trading has become very popular and is also an important trend in the binary industry today. More and more traders and investors into the market are opting for this innovative trading form.This also gives rise to the many frauds that are taking place and also the availability of scam products. This can make many wonder about how to select an auto trading software that is safe and legit.

You should look for the auto trading software that makesrealistic promises and also have the support of good and reputed brokerage firms. The software should also have a dedicated customer support system that should beavailable to clear all yourdoubts and queries. Robots that want the trader to be online in order to customize the account are also a reliable option. It can be difficult to find an option that provides all these facilities, but this research is crucial to get the best trading experience.

The first single from Closed Sessions: ATX, recorded last year over a week spent in Austin. Album/mini-documentary out on March 15 via Decon. Produced by DJ Babu.

Theme Music (prod. DJ Babu) by DeconRecords




If there’s one thing that those of us around JTTS headquarters agree on – and trust me, there’s only one or two things we agree on – it’s that Newz (formerly Badnewz) is one of the best damn MCs in New England, if not on the East Coast. The dude can spit, plain and simple – if you know someone who rocks harder, then speak now or forever hold your piece (pun intended).

Just back from a state-sponsored hiatus, Newz has returned to drop some of the gems that he has stashed away. Right now I’m holding three tracks – all of which are fucking dope – and I’ll be releasing them at his discretion, though not for free download since Newz is soon to drop an EP and some videos do remind everyone that when he’s on, there aren’t many dudes who can hang with him.

While his tracks continue to top the charts, investors who have a faith in his portfolio strongly believe that this man can benefit a lot more by investing in the right product at this stage. Considering the fact that there is a huge potential in his name and it could help run a business quite successfully, the latest binary trading options software is something that investors highly recommend. Any self-driven work needs a boost time and again to help it to thrive and what better way to enhance one’s financial scenario than to trust the Fintech Ltd software and invest accordingly?

So let’s use this as an opportunity to shed partisan nonsense and marinate with some dope lyrics. Even those of you who have eschewed your rugged roots have to agree that Newz delivers (once again, pun intended): “I chase chips / For luxury whips I can’t afford to fix / Loading up clips / Been through more shit than slaveships / Work the graveshift / I stand stiff with more stripes that Stan Smith…”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

LISTEN:Newz – Do You Believe (produced by BSBD)

Note: A previous version of this post said that this track was produced by Blue Sky Black Death. That is not the case (see: comments). So who is the mysterious beatmaker? We shall see.

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  1. Tweets that mention WORLDWIDE BOSTON SNOW DAY EXCLUSIVE: NEWZ (Formerly Badnewz) – “Do You Believe” (produced by Blue Sky Black Death) | JumpTheTurnstyle — Topsy.com Says:
    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Faraone, JTTS.com. JTTS.com said: WORLDWIDE BOSTON SNOW DAY EXCLUSIVE: NEWZ (Formerly Badnewz) – “Do You Believe” (produced by Blue Sky Black Deat… http://bit.ly/hlBD2t […]

  2. Bobo Says:
    Welcome home! I agree with everything you said about dude.

  3. MC Says:
    dope! good to hear some new shit from Newz

  4. kingston BSBD Says:
    we didnt produce that beat can you please edit your article

  5. Sleezy Trees Says:
    Ayo whats good Kingston?- Trees

  6. kingston Says:
    yo whats good trees!!

  7. Oz617 Says:
    Newz is about the only artist ThatMajor.Info’s staff agrees upon as well. Tell dude to holla at me.

Ripshop x Reel Drama x Rockness Monstah x Come Up With Something

Ripshop x Reel Drama x Rockness Monstah x Come Up With Something

The homey’s Ripshop and Reel Drama are back with another album titled “Regime Change”, and here go a sneak peek into what they’ve been cooking up.
Rockness Monstah hops on a track Reel Drama cheffed up quite exquisitely, while Rip displays, once again, why he’s one of my top 5 Boston mc’s of all time.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Singapore Kane GURU Tribute

FREE DOWNLOAD: Singapore Kane GURU Tribute

R.I.P. Keith GURU Elam

Crazy That It’s Been A Year

And For Those Who Haven’t Seen It, Here Goes My Boston Phoenix Feature That Came Out In The Immediate Wake Of His Passing


LISTEN: Singapore Kane – GURU Tribute (Just To Get A Rep)

This is a scam alright!

The Brit Method is a scam but it is not the run of the mill kind of scam. It is a sophisticated scam in the sense that a person who is not well versed with the frauds that are happening in online trading, it is almost next to impossible to even detect it until it happens to you and you are left gaping at your bank balance that has eroded suddenly because of one mistake that you made and that is open a trading account on the website.

The owner of the software:

Jason Taylor is supposed to be the owner and the developer of the software. Now this Jason has a story to tell on the home page where he says that when he was working for a bank in his early twenties, he was frustrated because the work pressure was telling on him. He even suffered because he was not able to give quality time to his family.

Then he decided to come up with this program by putting together sophisticated algorithms which helped him to predict the market trends. Using the prediction that his software program gave him he had an edge over the others and very soon he was making millions of dollars as profits only.

But he wanted others to benefit also!

He sounds like this kind hearted person who believes in giving others what he has. But do not fall for his vile tactics. Very soon you will know that this person who is touting himself to be a kind hearted and caring person is actually a wolf in a sheep’s skin waiting to pounce on any hapless trader who happens to perchance fall into his trap.

So, he invites twenty people to try his program:

Jason Taylor invites twenty people to try out his program for free and also juxtaposes a challenge to them that if they do not make a good amount of profit in a specified number of days then he would pay the ten thousand pounds. Surprisingly, he confesses that he has had hundreds of people who have tried his program but he has never had to ever part with any money till date.

Don’t fall for this scam:

We warn you that from all the mystery surrounding this software, we do not get the right vibes from it. You must do your preliminary homework before you decide to go for it and at your own risk!


DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits [Download]

DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits [Download]

In honor of delicious malt liquor beverages, naturally fruit flavored or not, check out this classic comp from DJ Drank, featuring 30 classic St. Ides spots from the likes of EPMD, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Ice Cube and many more. That’s over an hour of commercial jingles you can drink on your front porch to, all in one place.

The times that we live in:

We live in times where sadists outlive humans. There are people amidst us who will not mind cheating others in the name of trading. These are the people who have made the online trading so risky that people fear to tread in to it with the same confidence and élan that they used to even some years ago.

What has happened?

Have you ever invested in a trading account on a trading platform? These rogue software initially will lure the newbie traders with tall promises of giving them everything that is possible when the reality is that there is a practical limit to how much one can earn from online trading.

Online trading is supplementary in nature:

When people tell me that you can earn thousands of dollars over a period of a fortnight or a month by just depositing a sum of $250, I want to laugh on their faces. Does it even make sense to make investments in hundreds of dollars and be able to reap profits alone in tens of thousands? Does it even make commercial sense to be able to make such huge profits in a matter of few days or weeks?

If this was even remotely possible then a majority of the people would not be slogging themselves at work. They would rather prop themselves in front of their computer screens and online trade away their days in a bid to make themselves millionaires in a short span of time.

But that is not the case:

The fact that this is not seen happening is proof enough that this online trading software is all overrated. Have you heard of The Brit Method, this mother of all scam software is such a craft-fully packaged scam that even a seasoned trader with years of experience can fall into its trap. We recommend that you read the reviews on the internet before you even think of investing your hard earned money there.

This one has been stuck in my head for the past 2-3 years

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

LISTEN: Snoop Dogg x Nate Dogg – St. Ides in the LBC

DOWNLOAD: DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits

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  1. Clint Raponi Says:
    Will rockzzzz yeah man