Smif-N-Wessun x Pete Rock x Styles P x Sean Price – “That’s Hard” [Audio]

Smif-N-Wessun x Pete Rock x Styles P x Sean Price – “That’s Hard” [Audio]

Happy Friday.

Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun “That’s Hard” feat. Styles P & Sean Price by duckdown


We always try to make or get the best things for us and our loved ones. Getting best things isn’t easy, and sticking to it is another hurdle.

People often make mistakes in choosing many things in life, due to which the quality of life is reduced. One of the biggest mistakes that we do and ultimately suffer is the financial planning and investment mistakes which take away years from our lives. Most of us have done it and it’s been a lesson learned hard.

But there are few more thatdon’t know about such systems and fall prey to the frauds and cheats that exist even today, but a lot more professionally. You will be forced to believe them, with lots of impressing ads and lot of ‘real’ like testimonials. But, believe us, they are nothing but fake. Like The Brit Method, that telecasts claims of giving you a profit of 3-5K $ per day.

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Take a close review of your needs and also your goals:

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One Response to “Smif-N-Wessun x Pete Rock x Styles P x Sean Price – “That’s Hard” [Audio]”

  1. wite Says:
    not a gay name for a song at all

Ruste Juxx and Marco Polo to Drop “The eXXecution”

Ruste Juxx and Marco Polo to Drop “The eXXecution”

Posted on February 5, 2010 by Chris Faraone

Marco.Polo.Ruste.Juxx.theeXXecution.Cover (2)

Ruste Juxx is a fucking animal with microphones. Dude spits like white trash in seed-spitting contests* on every verse.

Financial stability is as quintessential to an investor as a microphone is to Ruste Juxx. For that financial stability to work and be effective, financial planning is very important. Unlike popular belief, financial planning is a lot more than investments. It is an entire process that one needs to follow in order to manage your finances in a way so that it can lead you to your goals. What is important is to assess your position in life so that you know how and what to plan ahead.

What should the process be like?

The process of your financial planning should give the answers to three of your questions. The first question is where you are placed today, the second question is regarding your current balance sheet and the third question is where exactly you would want to see yourself tomorrow. This implies the finances that are related to your goals and the things you need to do to get there.

How can you develop a financial plan?

When you develop a financial plan, there are a number of things that are to be taken into consideration. For a start you have to find out the objective for which you are making the investments. The second factor is the time period. If you can afford to invest for longer terms then you will be able to minimize the risk factors effectively.

An important factor that a lot of us tend to forget is inflation. If the level of inflation is higher, it could take away a chunk of the returns that you get on your investments.

Financial planning solutions

If you have heard of mutual funds you would know that they are financial planning tools to help achieve your goals. When you are dealing with mutual funds, you have the advantage of choosing the safest funds possible and you also have the liberty to choose the riskiest funds that can give you the highest forms of cost efficiency.

For investors who plan to invest consistently, systematic transfer plans and systematic investment plans are perfectly suited because these can sail through volatile market conditions. If you can identify the risks properly and understand the return that you are to

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His full-length with Marco Polo – set to drop in late March on Duck Down – will likely be one of 2010’s finest. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

The track below is just to whet palettes for this particular Polo-Boot Camp outing. Dude might originally be from Canada, but he can sure as hell tap the pulse of East New York.

LISTEN: Ruste Juxx and Marco Polo – Pre-eXXecution

*-Line jacked from Pharoahe Monch

New M-Dot Remix with Masta Ace (FREE Download) + Album Release Party Tonight (with FREE Beer)

New M-Dot Remix with Masta Ace (FREE Download) + Album Release Party Tonight (with FREE Beer)

Posted on October 8, 2010 by Chris Faraone

Picture by Jennifer Rose 60

LISTEN: M-Dot featuring Masta Ace – You Don’t Know About It (Remix produced by The Visiting)


The album release party of the New M-Dot Remix with Masta Ace was slated to happen on 8th of October 2017. This party featured two incredible things along with it and they included free beer and free download. Like any other party that includes a whole lot of people and free giveaways, there is no denying the fact that this party might also have required a good amount of finances and financial planning. An entrepreneur who has his finances planned beforehand will be able to host such happening parties without feeling the brunt of unplanned expenses. How does one ensure that events like album releases, new album launches etc happen without unsettling your profits? Listed below are some of the easiest ways:

  • Be realistic

While keeping in mind a launch party, you should always be realistic about your expenses. A music launch party should not leave with a cash crunch that might hinder the further promotion of your new release.

  • The venue

Finding a venue is of paramount importance but what is more important is finding one that keeps a tab on your finances. Open spaces make more sense than closed clubs or restaurants that tend to stress your finances a lot more because of the ambience and other facilities. If the weather permits, launching a music album in the open air will not only be more interesting but will cost you lesser.

  • Get your own goods

Instead of hiring event managers to do everything for you, there are a couple of things that you could do by yourself, for example, getting the goods and freebies that you plan to distribute at the event. This can help you cut down on the expenses and keep your finances stable. You can choose the brands and the types of goods and can also buy them from places that sell wholesale goods. This can literally cut down your freebie expenses to half of your original costing.

  • Bring in the media

Bringing in the media can pull off your promotions for a pretty long time without needing more promotions in the near future. Free beer tends to attract crowd and you can certainly lure a good crowd to incite media personnel to attend your launch party. The more the people, the better the coverage and the lesser your promotion costs in the future.

  • Invest beforehand

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These are some of the ways in which you could make your music launch parties as interesting as the New M-Dot Remix with Masta Ace launch party.



Run-MPC Release Party TONIGHT!!! (Friday)

Featuring Krumb Snatcha, Boycott Blues, & Nabo Rawk

Concrete Jungle Pop-Up Store

297 Newbury Street


Audio: Alchemist x Evidence

Audio: Alchemist x Evidence

Posted on October 6, 2008 by Sleezy Trees

Evidence is one of the most laid back, down to earth mutherfucks in all of hip hop. Throughout the years of working @ UGHH and running into him at a multitude of different events, he was always real quick to stop what he was doing and run over and say “whattup”.

When I first started working for UGHH, Dilated was still coming up through the ranks of underground rap groups. They were lopped into the same vein as Jurassic 5, even though the two groups couldn’t have been further from each other musically. It’s definitely great to see Evidence 10 years later, bigger than ever, still making really dope hip hop music.

His close associate, best friend, & production mentor Alchemist was equally as cool every time we were around. They both have new projects coming out, Alchemist with Chemical Warfare and Evidence with a mix CD called The Layover Mixtape.

Here are some new joints off of their upcoming projects:

DOWNLOAD: Evidence – Bigger Dreams

DOWNLOAD: Alchemist feat. Mack Maine – Money is My Bitch 


Are you having a music launch party in the coming days? Wondering how to organise them well and make your music a hit? Well, you will some pre-planning to pull them off well. Every music launch is a space for the artist to create a crowd that will fall for the music or your style of playing them.

We have seen lot many music releases and launches that have happened like never before and again a history created in it is unique, and we have also seen quite a few disappear in the air with bad planning. Take a look at few things that are a must plan factors, that will hinder your day if not planned well.


This is the main criteria to pull your show off the air, in a great way. Keep the event a free entry one, since not many would love to get in for a paid launch party. To get more customers and music lovers, it’s always better to bear the expense at the beginning and publicise your work, before you look out for profits.

In the first place, makeyour plans ahead of time and start investing money in different financial companies to reap the profit during your D-day. Beware of many scams and fraudulent companies that exist to ruin your plans and lives. Fintech Ltd scam review has brought up the organisation clean and void of any scams, all got from the existing users and profit makers. It’s one of the honest trading companies that doubles your money according to the markets and definitely gets you a profit along with your principal amount.

Fix the right Venue:

Keep the venue great, not in a restaurant or in a completelyopen-air grounds. Choose a venue slightly based on your program schedule, and your music style. Right venue gives you ample opportunity to create something new and unique, to leave a long-lasting impression about the whole evening.

Brand your music:

Yes, once your music is done, concentrate on marketing. Keep up something special that the crowd would eagerly wait for, like a re-known RJ/DJ like how our M-DOT did, or a special fashion walk. Explicitly market this on websites, ads, posters and places where the crowd is always high. Only when you publicise people will know about you and your musical journey!



Durkin – Khaled’s Lament

Durkin – Khaled’s Lament

Did Durkin sneak into the back seat of my Jeep and record the emotional monologue I gave to my ex-gf this past week as she came down to visit me? Then did he proceed to set it to a smoove synthy dream-beat?


Well alright..  – but he did flip DJ Khaled’s sincere marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj into a track that deserves some blog shine. Peep it:

Das Racist – “Michael Jackson” [Audio]

Das Racist – “Michael Jackson” [Audio]

The first single from their first official release, Relax, out September 13 on Greenhead Music. The first listen is no good, and the chorus sucks still sucks the second time, but wait for the third. Better than some tracks on the new Beastie Boys album.

Das Racist – Michael Jackson by Transdreamer

ya dig?
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One Response to “Das Racist – “Michael Jackson” [Audio]”

  1. jkfgt Says:
    9/28 @ the Middle East Downstairs.

Audio: 3 New Billy Danze (aka Bill Gatez) Bangers

Audio: 3 New Billy Danze (aka Bill Gatez) Bangers

Billy Danze of M.O.P. just shot me over 3 new tracks. Not really sure what these are off of, but they are fucking dope. Always been a huge fan of the firing squad. Matter fact, these dudes are gonna be in Beantown real soon. Props to Leedz Edutainment for bringing them through. Can’t wait for that show. Shit, Warriorz is still one of the most slept on classic albums of all time.

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze feat. Busta Rhymes – Undescribable

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze – God Bless & Goodnight

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze – Savages

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Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.

Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.


LISTEN: Big Shug – Sucka MCs 2010


LISTEN: Masstapeace featuring Slaine – Trigga Talk


LISTEN: M-Dot featuring Jo Jo Pellegrino – The Italian Job


LISTEN: Reks featuring Sha Stimuli and Reef the Lost Cauze – Get Rowdy

Rite Hook

LISTEN: Rite Hook – Impulses

3 Responses to “Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.”

  1. Thor Says:
    No Sam Adams?! WTF? He’s Boston’s Boy you know!

  2. bbb Says:
    that italian job joint goes hardmdot watup i wanna do a track with you

  3. doc greenthum Says:
    mdot sucks he is horrible
  4. LISTEN: M-Dot featuring Masta Ace – You Don’t Know About It (Remix produced by The Visiting)

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    So why delay, take part in theRun-MPC Release Party TONIGHT!!! (Friday), Featuring KrumbSnatcha, Boycott Blues, &NaboRawk, Concrete Jungle Pop-Up Store,297 Newbury Street, 6pm-8pm

Audio: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs

Audio: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs

Posted on August 31, 2009 by Martín Caballero

It was all good just a year ago…

In a few weeks (September 15), it will have been a year since Lehman Bros. declared bankruptcy, sending fuck-waves (new word, like?) through the country and the world that led us to where we are now: Obama as President, the government as the biggest stockholder in several major banks and car companies, and me left with newfound optimism that maybe a career as a broke hip-hop blogger is better than being one of those guys staring at dual monitors while your boss rapes you with a smile.

And to know that this is not just the woes in the world:

There are people out there who want to rob people out of their hard earned money. No not like criminals. They are too sophisticated to act like that. But inside they are worst than felons and their sweet talk is so convincing that a person will readily empty his pocket and give the cash – his hard earned cash to them.

No wonder then that these men are laughing at the gullibility of the people while they are making merry their way to the banks. Are you kidding me if you are asking if law would take its course?

Hell, no! These people are too smart to come in to the clutches of the law. Firstly, their scam is entirely built on the internet and as it is in the nascent stage, that cyber laws as a legislative development, gives them enough scope to be able to use it to their end with dirty manipulation and squirming out of the noose of the laws.

Take for example this automatic trading robot called the Orion Code. At the outset, it may sound and feel like any of the automatic trading bots that are there but a closer look and you will see the irregularities.

Tall promises:

It is common sense that trading online on binary options is one means to supplement your existing income. It is not so promising that you can live off it especially with a meager deposit or spending as little as two or three hours in front of your laptop screen.

So, when software promises that a trader can make huge sums of profit in impractical amount of time, you must immediately smell a rat. Because it is not only impractical but ridiculous to make the amount of money that the software promises in order to trap an incumbent or a prospective trader and lure him into his trap.

There has never been any case and mark my words, never been a case where a person has made a humungous profit ever as much as the rogue with software promise!

To all the douche bag sons of limp dick Wall Street execs who went to my college who can’t find jobs fucking up other people’s money, I dedicate this track to you, courtesy of Father Abraham.

DOWNLOAD: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs

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3 Responses to “Audio: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs”

  1. ENIG MUE on August 31st, 2009 1:27 pm

    fuck-waves, Patton Oswalt no?

  2. Chris Faraone on August 31st, 2009 1:41 pm

    Yeahhhhh Boyyyyyy.

  3. Martín Caballero on August 31st, 2009 3:54 pm

    is it Oswalt? I dunno, never seen more than a few minutes of his stand up shit.

| faq | | staff | | audio downloads | | advertise with us | WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ ON&ON brings Amalgam Digital’s DJ Next and Joe Budden Back To The Studio To Explain The Situation

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ ON&ON brings Amalgam Digital’s DJ Next and Joe Budden Back To The Studio To Explain The Situation

Posted on March 9, 2009 by Sleezy Trees

Joe Budden seems heated! DJ ON&ON decided not to air the interview that we premiered on Saturday. This is the version that went out on the air..

– Essentially, ON&ON tries to calm the situation.

– DJ Next claims he’s not CEO of Amalgam Digital on some Sam Rothstein shit and backtracks on the announcement that Amalgam has signed Saigon to a deal. (Apparently it’s only a digital deal for the Statik collabo album and Warning Shots 2).

Well, the fact is we often forget that it is a business of sales although it is a form of entertainment. It can be a bit difficult to keeptrack of all those business transactions. Thus, one can prefer HBSwiss for having a smooth experience. This can increase the success rate of your music business.

But there seems to be no beef or love lost between Joe Budden and Amalgam.

– Joe Budden interview. He is angry as shit! When asked about Joe Budden Being Banned In Boston: “This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life!”. Everything Budden spews after this, basically seems like perfect sense. Is there beef with EDO.G?

The end? Take a listen and judge for yourself.

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden Clears The Air

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14 Responses to “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ ON&ON brings Amalgam Digital’s DJ Next and Joe Budden Back To The Studio To Explain The Situation”

  1. Marty on March 9th, 2009 1:36 am

    Quick to start shit, quick to back down. I’m happy we at least got some hits to the site off of this. Otherwise…???

  2. Sleezy Trees on March 9th, 2009 1:40 am

    well.. i was wondering why Budden would come out of pocket @ boston. people have always shown him love here.. it makes sense that he doesn’t want dudes on the stage. I think some kids get comfortable thinking they can do whatever they want.

    In a sense, they should have a little respect for the dude that a lot of the people there paid good money to see.. the dudes on stage probably got in free anyway, don’t ruin it for the paying customers who want to see Joe Budden do cartwheels and a interpretive dance moves (presumably what he needs the extra stage room for).

  3. Marty on March 9th, 2009 4:34 am

    he needs room to PUMP IT UP silly

  4. WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ ONON brings Amalgam Digital’s DJ Next and Joe Budden Back To The Studio To Explain The Situation | Love is Life on March 9th, 2009 6:44 am

    […] original here:  WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ ONON brings Amalgam Digital’s DJ Next and Joe Budden Back To The Studio To Exp… Filed under: […]

  5. Bling Blang…..Spinners on March 9th, 2009 9:27 am

    Wow, see what happens when you pop off too soon. I am laughing at how the kat let on and on announce him as the CEO on the first interview and does not stop to correct him. Then he is on this interview clarifying his role at the record company. hahahahaha Pwned himself.

  6. Bling Blang…..Spinners on March 9th, 2009 9:33 am

    HAHAHAHA I just listened to this again and I am laughin at this clown DJ Next. What a phoney. He does a complete 180 yappin bout the deal signed with Saigon. Then on the second interview he basically corrects himself to cover the corperate protection.

    On and On, I am suprised at you too son. You are always professional and always take care of your ish. This was not a good look. Learn from this. Its all good, keep doin ya thing.

    But this DJ Next kat,,,,,wow you herbed yaself.

  7. Chris Faraone on March 9th, 2009 9:44 am

    Label politics aside, Joe Budden acted like an asshole at the show. My Phoenix review coming soon…

  8. correct1 on March 9th, 2009 10:05 am

    I hope sum ignorant boston goon smashes this guy in the face.

    Joe buddens is gassed cuz he’s got people amped off a couple bullshit metaphors. Nobody wanna hear you rap for 100 bars get the fuck outta here. Fuckin arrogant piece of shit.

    Well, at least we agree on the patriots.

  9. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Joe Budden Live In Boston + Response to Ed OG “Banning” on March 9th, 2009 10:09 am

    […] props to JumpTheTurnstyle for the […]

  10. Joe Budden Responds to Boston Banning (Video) « 2dopeboyz on March 9th, 2009 11:52 am

    […] Above is the clip of Joe Budden opening up his set in Boston. You know, the one that Edo G got heated over and placed a banning on dude in Boston. After watching the clip I don’t see what the big deal is? Joey did nothing wrong and held his own imo. *shrugs, we also have Joey’s actual response (on the same radio show Edo G & Next we’re on). Once again, shouts to JumpTheTurnStyle. […]

  11. SERIOUSLY on March 9th, 2009 4:54 pm

    No hate. real talk. It sounds like Joe was being a dick and is probaly wrong im sure. But there is no need for this DJ ON to instigate everything (he was the first to say the banning, as well as niggas had things on em, and he setup the whole interview) then pretend like hes peacemaker. this is a bad look for Boston and shit like this is a big reason they dont get respect.
    So much blame shouldnt go all on Ed is all niggas need to know

  12. Lu Nox on March 9th, 2009 7:00 pm

    I didnt hear the interview that never aired, so i cant judge, but, it’s only natural for On and Ed to react what ever way they did, if they feel their city or them selves were disrespected. I’m glad nothin really happened tho, shit coulda been crazy up in there if homie Budden aint know…


  13. KoJack McKain on March 9th, 2009 9:15 pm

    Will you be prepared when the Elo-Heim returns?

    Will you be prepared?

    On & On, You better never ragg on good ole’ treez again. You one upped in in stupidity. This makes up for you givin treez a hard time for his binges. For your acts on air were worse. I hope you were wasted at the time.

  14. Pudo on March 10th, 2009 12:36 am

    You see this bullshit, I can’t believe someone would make up BULLSHIT LIES just to promote their radio show. “Joey said get the F off the stage” – Fucking Liars.
    1) He said please, please, please get off the stage
    2)He made a joke of the situation by saying there might be Saigon fans behind him.
    3) He was clapping hands with all the people in the crowd
    4) Stop lying to promote your show…. fuckers
    Edo G took a BIG LOSS for participating in the lies
    Edo G and On&On owe Joe & Boston an apology for lying