Slaine Studio Hops Around Boston. Fire Ensues.

Slaine Studio Hops Around Boston. Fire Ensues.

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Chris Faraone

Slaine Water

If you missed Slaine’s Boston Project show at the Middle East two weeks ago, then you missed some dope shit my friend. The Hub’s top gunners were in tow, and cats including Wispers, M-Dot, Jaysaun, and Dre Robinson smashed for a good five hours straight – without a single shithead fan or jealous MC stepping out of line.

Not all things are worth not missing:

We are talking about the trading software that cheats big time on people. They pretend to be doing a great service to the people by telling them that they can earn a few thousands of dollars in a day only as profit but in the end do a bigger disservice by running away with the initial investment itself. Imagine!

Is all trading software bogus?

Of course not, there are trading software that are genuine but the percentage of them is so small you can count them on your fingers while the scam software are so many that there is one popping up on the internet every fortnight literally.

Since, they pose a big hazard to the netizens and the trader community, reviewers and social minded individuals are doing their bit by making peopleaware of the dangers that is lurking in the form of sweet buttery languageof the software’s sales pitch. But still, people fall for their antics and end up losing all their savings!

Here is my 1G Profit System Review:

When I saw the home page of this site, I knew there was something wrong. Further probing revealed that this software resembles an earlier scam called Banc de Binary. The resemblance was striking and before I could even test the signals that it was providing, my doubts were confirmed!

The owner and the CEO:

The homepage claims a person by name of Adam Williams to be the owner of the page. When I looked up, there was no Adam in the directory but what I found will astound you!

This person who claims to be the owner is actually another person, the picture of whom I found as being sold on a micro website called the ShutterStock. The chances of there no being any Adams is as high as there are chances that this particular fellow is only a paid actor hired by the cheat software to make a glossy video and dupe people!

This twelve minute video of a man smartly dressed sitting in his plush office and talking interesting numbers is enough to get an inexperienced trader carried away. He promises the viewers that if they deposit on his software and start trading they can hope to become millionaires like him.

The story is that once even he has been victimized by such software and therefore he wants to make sure that no one else goes through the ordeal. Be wary of people who show extra pity and mercy on traders. Because for all that you know this man who is only an actor is trying to draw on the emotional strings of the traders in order to weaken their intellect and brainwash them into depositing a big sum of $250.

Keep your eyes and ears open:

This is an earnest request to all the readers here not to fall a prey to these hounds that are ready to pounce on you and relieve you of your hard earned money. Your money is safer in the banks and not growing than giving to these fellows and then never seeing it again. Get the point?! Here go new cuts from Chilla Jones and V. Knuckles (of N.B.S.) – both cats who Slaine has been helping develop and smashing tracks with. Rumor is there’s some sort of collaborative Boston Project LP in the works. Will confirm as soon as we know for sure…

LISTEN: Chilla Jones featuring Slaine – Psycho (produced by The Trackslayerz)

LISTEN: V. Knuckles (of N.B.S.) featuring Slaine – What it Feel Like (produced by Matty Trump)