New AZ Joint From “Doe or Die 2″

New AZ Joint From “Doe or Die 2″

Posted on May 26, 2010 by Chris Faraone


I’ve been listening to a lot of old Clue tapes lately – on an actual tape deck – and AZ is without a doubt one of the standout cats all over those ‘97-’98 era masterpieces. Despite few people admitting to feeling it at the time, I’m a firm believer that even The Firm album will be treated kindly by history.

Success and failures are 2 faces of life. Every aspect has its own success and failure stories, and failure is needed for success. Staying on top always will not hppen, but it isn’t wrong to fail and get up again with a bang.

Similarly, musical artist life is also same. Both success and failures are a part of anartist’s life. But, ensure that you work becomes either a word in the history or a trend to be followed in the future. We all know how important money is, without it, no work happens.

Earning money is another part of the work, along with name and fame; to earn money we need to spend a little. To spend, we must have! Well, when this is the irony of life, it’s essential to make some ways to keep your finances green. The 1G Profit System scam review clearly states thatit’s one of the best ways to make your money grow. It’s one honest system, with no scams and no hassles involved.

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Using the savings that you have is one way of funding your music. There is another way of funding money for your project, by requesting for personal loans in the bank accounts that you hold. Another way is to raise funds using your talent in a more open way, without limiting yourself. Here are few suggestions:

  • Earn extra money by utilising your talent, take musical classes, lessons or host events or do some studio session work, or perform at various events. Don’t limit yourself to only certain things that you can do, stretch and go beyond.
  • Save from your regular salary, even if you earn very less, still saving a very bit can help you in the long run. It needs a little bit more discipline in keeping proper self-financing goals, butit’s worth every effort.
  • If you have any equipment pertaining to music and you use it occasionally, you can always try to rent it out, and earn some extra cash for your musical journey. Furthermore, sell if you never use them.
  • Promote few live shows, to get those extra bucks. This is one of the most trusted ways of earning extra, without doing much out of the box.

We hope with these tips, you will reach the expected and targeted heights in your musical journey.

It’s dope that AZ is still coming hard; some of his shit can get tedious at times, but all things considered he’s an East Coast GOAT for sure.

LISTEN: AZ (produced by Frank Dukes / cuts by Statik Selektah) – Feel My Pain