M-Dot-No Money Down

M-Dot-No Money Down

Posted on May 4, 2010 by Martín Caballero


You already know what it is Boston.

New M-Dot produced by Pauly Fingaz.

Lead single off “A Boston State of Mind” Vol. 2

Release party this Thursday

The music that we hear involves a lot of backend operations, lyric writing, and composing, mixing and final publishing. All these steps involve a lot of hard work and efforts to reach the pinnacle of success. There are many bands who have come up higher than expected and few of them who have gone below their positions and have lost their dreams to the battle.

Music though is a platform to express you, your ideas and emotions, it isn’t pure expression alone, and that is considered for the success rate. There are many other factors which affect the success rate. Music production involves a lot of money. Sometimes even with the talent, it becomes more difficult to bear the expenses and hence a lot of talent gets wasted. If your career aim is to become a lead musician or an artist in the industry, then you need to keep your finances planned well.

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Well, here are few ways to make professional music, all within a budget:

  • Give your ears to music each day, every day.
  • Check and find for the beats
  • Take a paper and pencil and start writing your own music, write your own style
  • Create a track from the scratch
  • Get comments, feedbacks and consider them seriously
  • Look out for an engineer who can do the mixing work
  • Get into the recording
  • Start with mixing techniques
  • Master the whole art and process
  • Store and save the music and then its time to market it.

All these things can be done within a small budget of approximately 100 $ to 1000$. Starting your journey with a small investment is always better, the amount of investment actually doesn’t reflect in the work done. If its genuine for the composition or the beats, or mixing, then you may have to invest.

But, otherwise keeping it low initially is good, since if there is any loss, it would be only a bearable one, rather than investing thousands of dollars and finally falling as a failure.

With the right mix and right proportion, success can be at your door anytime. Keep yourself updated about the latest trends, improvements and happenings in the music industry, to compete better and keep the performance according to the audience’s interest.

Have an open mind to try in every genre, be it hip-hop, or indie or classical or Hindustani from other nations. Find your passion and calling and continue in the same line, you would soon become a rock star!