Great Big Giant Fucking Boston Post For Your Narrow Asses

Great Big Giant Fucking Boston Post For Your Narrow Asses

Posted on April 6, 2010 by Chris Faraone

Hey DJ Miss Muffet. What’s on the wheels, bitch?

LISTEN: E-Flash (of Natural Born Spitters) – Read Between the Lines (produced by Evidence)

LISTEN: Mighty Mystic & Elephant Man – Pon Di Floor

LISTEN: Ghetto (of ST da Squad) – Fresh Out

LISTEN: Termanology (of ST da Squad) – Just Begun


LISTEN: E the Real (over Dilla) – Men with Hats (Safety Dance Remix)

Dre Robinson

LISTEN: Dre Robinson – Wah Do Dem


LISTEN: Wispers (produced by Teddy Roxpin) – All I Can Take


LISTEN: M-Dot featuring EMS – Believe Now (from Banga Bros)

LISTEN: Millyz featuring Chilla (produced by Skammadix) – Chilla (from Banga Bros)


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