Audio Update #11

Audio Update #11

Posted on February 11, 2009 by Sleezy Trees

DOWNLOAD: Earatik Statik feat. Sean Price – Knock ‘Em Out

Gravel Records sent over this leak off the new Earatik Statik LP, “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”, dropping March 17, 2009 on Gravel Records. The album features certified hiphop legends from the beats to the rhymes, including production by Pete Rock, Large Professor, J-Zone, and Single Minded Pros, as well as guest appearances by Sadat X, Sean Price & Edo.G.

DOWNLOAD: Krumb Snatcha feat. Large Professor – Mind Power

The new Krumb Snatcha album is shaping up to be a pretty decent listen. This is the latest official leak. Here we have XP and KS lacing some Large Pro heat. It’s not bad, the mixing seems a little weird, but overall it’s aight.

Have you heard about this new scam software?

There is this new phenomenon of duping people with spamming them with emails and unsolicited pop up on their computers when they are browsing other sites. These folders and mails talk of impractical profits that can be made in a matter of say one or two months.

The proposition is so ridiculous:

The proposition is extremely hilarious because if everyone were to easily make so much money, then no one would believe in hard work. The software called HBSwiss swears that if a person opens a trading account with them on their software, they would become guaranteed millionaires in a matter of time.

But what is disturbing is not the software’s claims which obviously are sham but the fact that there are millions of people who are falling for this scam. They are the ones who work hard for their money and these douchebags scam software relieve them of all that money on the pretext of letting them increase it at least ten folds!

The victims are left in a lurch:

When the traders mostly newbie fall into their trap, the software deliberately delivers weak or bad trade signals and usurps all their deposited cash on the pretext of making losses in the trade. Then one fine day, the company collects all its stash, closes its shutters and absconds.

Besides having no registered office address or verified telephone number on the website means that the aggrieved trader has no one to go to claim nor can he register a complaint. This is such a damning situation that when people are left high and low searching for respite while the crooks are enjoying and laughing at the gullibility of these traders

DOWNLOAD: Verbal Kent feat. ILL BiLL & Wordsworth – Remove The Gag

It’s kinda refreshing to hear ILL BiLL deliver something a little more relaxed like. He’s been screaming and shouting a lot lately, going hard for that ICP / Necro angry whiteboy $$$. Wordsworth is one of the games most slept on talents. It’s a shame he’s never really achieved the success he was destined to get. Verbal Kent is alright on this, but I have to admit he’s the weakest of the 3. He does manage to erase any chance he has of ever getting a Kanye beat — listen and you’ll see why.

DOWNLOAD: Slaine, Dre Ronbinson, D-Money – Play To Win

Longtime JTTS contributor D-Money dons the boards for this gem offa Edu Leedz’s Mass Movementz record.. which drops any day now. Slaine (of La Coka Nostra + Special Teamz) joins with Dre Robinson, & Ray Diamonds. Very dope track. Spread the love and let people know about this record. Going to be a nice step in the right direction for independent hip hop.