Audio: 3 New Billy Danze (aka Bill Gatez) Bangers

Audio: 3 New Billy Danze (aka Bill Gatez) Bangers

Billy Danze of M.O.P. just shot me over 3 new tracks. Not really sure what these are off of, but they are fucking dope. Always been a huge fan of the firing squad. Matter fact, these dudes are gonna be in Beantown real soon. Props to Leedz Edutainment for bringing them through. Can’t wait for that show. Shit, Warriorz is still one of the most slept on classic albums of all time.

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze feat. Busta Rhymes – Undescribable

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze – God Bless & Goodnight

DOWNLOAD: Billy Danze – Savages

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