Beastie Boys’ Mike D has confirmed that the band will released their new album, ‘Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2′, this spring. The news follows bandmate Adam Yauch’s all-clear from cancer, after he was diagnosed with the illness in July 2009.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Mike D said the trio were “really happy” about Yauch’s condition, before confirming the band’s new album plans. He told BBC Radio 1 that ‘Pt 1′ of ‘Hot Sauce Committee’ was “still delayed”, but added of its counterpart: “The second one is coming out as originally scheduled.”

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He went on to say that the band are “open” to touring the new album, although he added: “We’re still going to have to see how he’s [Yauch] doing.”

Mike D also confirmed that the band are working on a new video together. “We’ve got a video we got to finish, a big video,” he said. “I know people don’t make big videos any more but we made a big video. It’s not even a video, it’s a film-eo. A cinematic, short film.”

Last month it was revealed that Yauch is set to write and direct a short film, set to star Elijah Wood, about the band’s 1987 music video ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)’.

Also here is an unreleased Beastie Boys cover of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Good shit.



While I’m grateful for all the positive energy people are sending my way, reports of my being totally cancer free are exaggerated.

I’m continuing treatment, staying optimistic and hoping to be cancer free in the near future.

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