Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.

Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.


LISTEN: Big Shug – Sucka MCs 2010


LISTEN: Masstapeace featuring Slaine – Trigga Talk


LISTEN: M-Dot featuring Jo Jo Pellegrino – The Italian Job


LISTEN: Reks featuring Sha Stimuli and Reef the Lost Cauze – Get Rowdy

Rite Hook

LISTEN: Rite Hook – Impulses

3 Responses to “Boston on Fire. New Tracks from Reks, M-Dot, Rite Hook, Big Shug, and Masstapeace featuring Slaine.”

  1. Thor Says:
    No Sam Adams?! WTF? He’s Boston’s Boy you know!

  2. bbb Says:
    that italian job joint goes hardmdot watup i wanna do a track with you

  3. doc greenthum Says:
    mdot sucks he is horrible
  4. LISTEN: M-Dot featuring Masta Ace – You Don’t Know About It (Remix produced by The Visiting)

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