Audio: Alchemist x Evidence

Audio: Alchemist x Evidence

Posted on October 6, 2008 by Sleezy Trees

Evidence is one of the most laid back, down to earth mutherfucks in all of hip hop. Throughout the years of working @ UGHH and running into him at a multitude of different events, he was always real quick to stop what he was doing and run over and say “whattup”.

When I first started working for UGHH, Dilated was still coming up through the ranks of underground rap groups. They were lopped into the same vein as Jurassic 5, even though the two groups couldn’t have been further from each other musically. It’s definitely great to see Evidence 10 years later, bigger than ever, still making really dope hip hop music.

His close associate, best friend, & production mentor Alchemist was equally as cool every time we were around. They both have new projects coming out, Alchemist with Chemical Warfare and Evidence with a mix CD called The Layover Mixtape.

Here are some new joints off of their upcoming projects:

DOWNLOAD: Evidence – Bigger Dreams

DOWNLOAD: Alchemist feat. Mack Maine – Money is My Bitch 


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