Comeback Tracks from Virtuoso and Mic Stylz

Comeback Tracks from Virtuoso and Mic Stylz

Posted on October 10, 2010 by Chris Faraone


Pic Ripped from The Crypt

While I know this has somehow turned into a forum for a few shitheads from New Jersey to shit on Boston talent, in reality it’s still one of the foremost destinations for New England hip-hop (trust me – I watch the analytics). We’ve helped along the careers of quite a few cats, and, considering that we’ve never made a dime off this damn site, you might even say we do it for the love. On that note, it’s reassuring to see that two of the first Boston MCs who ever caught my ear – Virtuoso and Mic Stylz – are back in the lab. More to come…

Mic Stylz

LISTEN: Mic Stylz (produced by Matteo Getz) – Fantasy Team


LISTEN: Virtuoso – Propaganda


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