First Poast Of 2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

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Some Of That ‘Ol Sleeze Trees Reality Blogging To Prove We Deserve The BMA

Monday, November 4th, 2013


So the girl I am currently putting my dick inside works at a bunch of concerts as a production assistant or something (read groupie). She stole all this fruit from Drake’s dressing room for me. I quickly juiced it. Notice the garnish on the rim. Presentation niccas.


Typical day in Southie during my trip to Boston this past month.


Literally the exact moment where I wore out my welcome in Boston.



Meanwhile … Back in Charlotte this is pretty much what I do all day. Buy beer and drink on patios with hipsters. Charlotte has some really cool spots to drink – I cannot lie.


Fall beer tasting at the dude from Taking Back Sunday’s house. He lives in Charlotte and is currently on tour. I was completely belligerent and had to excuse myself from their residence because I think I started hitting on someone’s mom.


Typical saturday in the Queen City. BBQ everything.


I mean – you cannot fucking beat the BBQ in North Cackalack. Never had better – maybe never will.


Same night as the BBQ fest there was a big outdoor festival that no one showed up at. It was the same day as the BBQ fest and every muhfukka and their moms was at that BBQ fest. However, I’m posting for the sunset. Of Montreal and a guy from Das Racist were the headliners. No wonder no one showed.


Twinkie eating contest.


This guy’s whole entire car is woodgrain. I thought that was worth poasting. His name is the Funky Geezer. He also sometimes rocks Juelz Santana’s american flag outfit. He is a musician and probably a glimpse into my future.


All patio everything in the souf. We don’t play.


nah mean. during the RedSox world series win we were at a fire pit. crushing life.clt14

My new toy. It’s a motorized trike.

New Era of JTTS Continues… Trees Reality Blogging.

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Leave ’em wanting more is what I always say. I like how DJ ON&ON has been poasting shit for a week in my absence and says the that comeback is over. Way to denounce your own work fgt.

The comeback hasn’t even started yet. I’m literally breezing through life right now enjoying the spoils that my reign as CEO of JTTS has brought forth.

Here is a recap of my last 7 days. There is so much more I could blog too.. but I think Knife is recapping his NC experience in another poast.



Knife and his GF Ashleigh came down to NC. Naturally we went to go the great city of Asheville. Home to the Biltmore – America’s largest mansion. Built by the Vanderbilts in the late 19th century (and still privately owned by them) this property costs 100 million per year simply to operate. 100 million per year. Drink that in.


This is literally the only object hanging in my room. I’m going for simplistic feng shui inspired libertarian-ism. This is real life. I breathe, eat, sleep, and fuck whores to the concept of liberty. This bed has seen some shit.


On Saturday I had a BBQ at my crib. This is tri-tip. It’s a rare cut that is only available on special request from butcher shops. If you do not know how to cut the tri-tip, you are not a butcher. Simple as that.


I’m still on that #juicegang shit though.


Natty Boh keeps me fueled by the pool which is directly outside my door. Fuck with me you know I’m with it.


While in Asheville – this painting creeped me the fucked out. It’s at Wicked Weed Brewing – and it stares at you all night as you sip your hand crafted local beers and exotic meats and cheeses.


Fresh coconut juice on the streets of Asheville – Don’t mind if I do. Sound mind. Sound body. Sound soul.


 Dollar drafts at the Gastonia Grizzlies game in G-Town. Minor league baseball in the south – Kenny Powers shit. There is not substitute.


Getting faded at the Stache House in Charlotte while Jillionaire of Major Lazer spun the fucking soundtrack. This black chick was on my nuts heavy. Fuck with me DJ ON&ON.. I’ll show you how to do this.

Hint: It all starts with proper poast formatting

I Think I Need To Save This Blog.

Friday, July 26th, 2013


Marty has completely disregarded his roles and responsibilities in his role as JTTS CEO.

It’s time for new leadership.

Effective immediately I am taking over as CEO as

First order of business – I will be blogging more about myself and my life. Trees Reality blogging.

Let’s be honest – no one is here for the shit that ON&ON poasts about Aaron Hernandez and Trayvon Martin. Those are lamestream media topics. What the JTTS populace wants is hardcore blogging about sexual failures, depression, addiction, shattered dreams, broken promises, hipstery diatribes about libertarianism, and of course – shit talking about Faraone.

I am declaring war on everything and everyone and using this as my platform to shatter the mold of apathy that JTTS has grown into.

Welcome to JTTS 2.0

E-Stalking Instagram Gurls Pt. 1

Monday, June 24th, 2013




This is my latest internet crush. Tianna Gregory.

Sure some of you might have been up on her for a minute. She is all over the hypebeast world of streetwear..

I found about her through Instagram…  God bless Instagram. God bless Tiana Gregory.

She’s probably the hottest girl in the world right now… Ass / Titties / Face / Lips / Mouf / Eyes / Stems / Feet … FLAWLESS.

Here is her tumblr.

a few more pics after the jump


Heading Back To Connecticut This Weekend

Monday, June 17th, 2013


Hopefully see some of my wiggers from 1998 pictured here.

Speaking of the ol’ East Hartford  posse – big shout to my homeboy Session (seen holding the grape mad dog 20/20) – who was just featured on in an incredible feature detailing his career as a  giant casting agent for some real ass videos.

session vice


That Blog Meeting Really Spiced Things Up Around Here.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Nice blogging fgts.


Week Old Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Friday, May 31st, 2013

How did you celebrate Memorial Day? Let me guess – a BBQ? A concert on City Hall Plaza in Boston? Getting drunk at a bar? – admittedly all of those things sound like fun, but let me tell you how I celebrate our nation’s fallen heroes..

The only way I know how: shooting guns, conquering nature, getting black out wasted at NASCAR, scoring pussy.


The Most Emo Shit I Ever Wrote

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


Let me preface this by saying 1) This is not a cry for help. 2) I am not really looking for sympathy or a pep talk 3) I just blog reality. I always have and I always will.

The last 8 – 9 months have been real difficult for me. As always, change seems to hit me in big waves. As many of you know I recently moved away from my friends, family, and colleagues to pursue what I would like to call “getting my grown man on”. I’ll try to shorten this as much as possible – because many of you already know the sob story that this is ultimately about.

As evidenced in the recent and much discussed S.H.I.T. shows from 2009, if there is one aspect of my life that I am not good at handling, nor will I ever – it’s breaking up with a girl. I can just picture ON&ON and Marty collectively rolling their eyes at this point and just saying “Here we go…” I get it dudes. It’s cliche. Fuck you because there is actually more to the story. Keep reading:



Danny Brown On Some Serious G Shit

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Is anyone impressed by anything these days? I mean really… I feel like I have already seen it all because of the internet, but for what it’s worth – getting a sick blowie from a groupie whilst performing on stage is probably the biggest G move of 2013.

Props to Daniel Brown.

Sleezy Trees Life Update

Monday, March 11th, 2013



Thursday, February 7th, 2013

I’ve been really busy. But I haven’t forgotten about ya’ll.

To prove my loyalty.. here is a video that describes my life right now:

there’s a theme in that video that is kind of subtle..

can you guess what it is..?


Throwback Trees

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Good kid. Mad city.

East Hartford, CT. circa 97

#jeanshorts #meccausa #wiggergang #racialconfusion