Dave Chapelle Disses Hartford

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Dave Chapelle lashed out at Trees’ hometown, depicting the Hartford population as white alcoholics, and wished a nuclear bomb would drop on the greater Hartford area should North Korea decide to attack America.


Rascal Flatts > XXL Top 15 Boston Rappers You Should Know [Set To The Music Of Juice Belushi]

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Mad Rappers Who Wrote Responses Get Response From Mad Rapper

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

D-Dot aka The Mad Rapper took an interesting stance on KendrickGate…diss all the rappers that made responses to Kendrick’s shit.

Well played.

Beiber dildo blow up doll pic didn’t have anything to do with anything…just thought it was cool.

K.Dot Just Brought Real Rap Back

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


Big Sean – ‘ Control ‘ – CDQDIRTY – [Ft Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica ] (Prod By No I.D.)

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You knew as soon as Miley started Twerkin’ that the “Ratchet” culture’s days were numbered. Just like the eras of shiny suits, auto-tune, and ringtone rap – the passing fads always fall to the real heart and soul of this culture: Real Rap (GET OFF MY LAWN).

Overnight – Steady Leanin’ lost 300 twitter followers and KRS-One album sales tripled. Is this rap shit back?

Yes. Kendrick Lamar ushered in a new era of hip hop last night – dropping a verse on Big Sean’s HOF track (alongside Jay Electronica) and declaring himself the “KING OF NY”. That’s right – a CALI MC just called himself the “King of NY” calling out like 10 rather marginal rappers in the process.

Many NYC “emcees” praised dude immediately, including some that were name dropped. It was honestly disgusting.

When I was a kid if you liked 2Pac on the east coast you had to hide that fact. Then he died and everyone became a stan. Now you have Twitter and everyone is afraid of hurting their careers and taking risks

I have never seen Twitter give anyone such a collective dick suck … Funny that the only dude I seen take offense was the dude who DJ ON&ON banned from Boston:



Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

PBR - Feb 154

Here I am with Marty tag teaming a cardboard cut-out of that vampire from Twilight.

Marty used to be our friend.

Then he abandoned us.

Haven’t seen Marty in a long time.

Marty was the voice of reason.

Marty has a real life now.

He has abandoned his blogmates at the time when JKFGT needs him most.

This picture is like the 2010 version of this picture:



North Carolina Pastor Fired From His Gig Teaching Black People About White Jesus Because He Attended A Rick Ross Concert

Thursday, August 8th, 2013



Pastor Rodney Wills was fired from Mt. Salem Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina after four years of service, because he attended a Rick Ross concert.

Mt. Salem’s youngest preacher at age 26, he also has the distinction of serving the shortest pastoral term in it’s 109 year history.

The church voted him out with an 11 to 3 vote after it was discovered he chose to spend an evening staring at Rick Ross’ tits on stage.

Rev. Wills arrived to the church for Sunday morning worship service to discover his parking spot sign was taken down, and his name removed from his office door.

“We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God,” said newly appointed Deacon Miles Langley. “We know that many saints will have mixed opinions from our actions, but this is not how we do things here at Mt. Salem. We cannot have a pastor praising the world one minute then praising the Lord the next.”

All that to say this. Trees, what the fuck are you doing in Hickville, USA? Hang it up, bud. It’s not funny any more.

Method Man vs. Macklemore…This Beef Should Last About…Oh, It’s Over.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Rap beef has come a long way since Pac and Big were gunned down.

The latest nonsensical beef comes from Method Man, who stopped a show to point out that he doesn’t appreciate Macklemore walking on the crowd, as opposed to crowd surfing…cuz he started that shit.

He then instructs the crowd to “drop him like a bad habit” if he attempts that shit….cuz that’s his shit.

Check please.

It’s Official. Deejaying sucks. Don’t Forget To Tune In To Master Of The Mix Monday Night.

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Knife, I appreciate you being an open minded bleeding heart liberal, and siding with kheds 15 years younger than you in the name of embracing technology who have no idea what it’s like to drop an SWV blend in an east coast sweat box using two pieces of vinyl.

Ipad’s, Tractor, CDJ’s, Serato version 26, open Ipod DJ night at your local hipster watering hole…

You know what?


The gimmicks, the novelties, the dj classes promising “You too can be a DJ for only $200” is all fucking tired.

 Time to reclaim what flies and what doesn’t…shit is outta control.

It’s not your fault you never saw S&S murk shit on a Friday night at the original Skate Key on Allerton in the BX…But I did, and I therefore, can rightfully insist your trendy wet behind the ears approach to all things DJ is completely bitch made. Don’t complain, cuz nobodies listening.

If you think this bullshit is avant-garde….you’re an avant-asshole.



Monday, January 28th, 2013

Two people on this planet I hate…Nick Cannon and Chris Brown.

Nick embodies all that is cornballish in the universe…and he poked some of the most desirable pussy on the planet, specifically Christina Milian, who is my everything.

Chris Brown…I don’t need to elaborate. If you like Chris Brown, we clearly can’t be cool on any level.

Fuckery went down last night with Frank Ocean and Chris Brown over a parking space at a studio. They throwed hands…yadda yadda.

When the dust clears, I’m ashamed to say Chris Brown has my support. I have no problem with the gays when I say this.

Frank Ocean is a complete fgt of the most supreme order.

Dude took dry snitchin to a new level. First, post fight, he takes to Twitter.

“got jumped by chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish everest was there.”

Everest is his dog.

Fuck nigga, why tweet to the universe who “jumped” you?

But this takes the cake. L.A. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Whitmore made this press release:

“Artist Frank Ocean intends to press charges against Chris Brown  for starting a brawl outside Westlake Studios in West Hollywood on Sunday night. Frank Ocean is desirous of prosecution.”

PRESSING CHARGES??!!!??? Where they do that at?

Shame on you fools who believed all that OFWGKTA emo hipster bullshit. These clowns press charges.

Frank Ocean is bant from JTTS.


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Nowhere during this cop’s dissertation does he address the fact that the actual Rick Ross wants him dead.

This fool says wealth is gangsta.

My definition of gangsta is 15 year old boys from Mattapan fighting off a mob of Southie townies as they throw rocks at a bus full of young kids.

Sad thing is, now this asshole is shaping the minds of Mattapan 15 year old’s in 2012. Straight coonery.

Skip to 2:00

Rick Ro$$ Is A Fucking Bitchmade Fgt.

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Dude.. wtf bro.

My co-worker’s brother works on the MMG tour, and I was supposed to go to the shows in Greensboro and Charlotte and chill backstage and parlay with Gunplay and Meek Mill, and maybe even try to slap Wale around a bit. But nooooooo…

Yesterday got word that Rozay had cancelled his shows in North Carolina because he started beef with the Gangster Disciples.

For those unfamiliar with the beef, Rozay used the six pointed star in the artwork for “Black Mar Mitzfah”. The six pointed star, the same one DJ ON&ON and JKFGT wear around their necks, is also the symbol for the Gangster Disciple gang.

I guess two nights ago. they rushed and shot someone at another Ro$$ show, although I haven’t seen any news reports about that (odd).

Anyway, Ro$$ cancelled the two North Carolina shows because of this YouTube video.

Dude is shook.

But I mean.. wait.. Is that a…?



Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Shyne and our own Chris Faraone vehemently agree on one major issue: Kendrick Lamar’s album is hot gabbaj.

Over the weekend, the lamest latest rap twitter beef materialized between Shalom Shyne and Kendrick Lamar.

Shyne Po
   Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash!

@kendricklamarY’all entertain the loudest mouths in rap and call them REAL N*GGAZ.

 Kids, the first to bark is usually the weakest in the room. Your friends. Observe. Watch the loud ones. They’ll show you how real it gets.

 With that being said. This generation want sumin REAL’A. Soul, Cole, Rock Q, Meek, Dom, Nip etc etc. Halle berry or hallelujah.


Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

This shit is not fun. I have no dog in this fight.

Havoc just dropped the second joint in as many weeks going at Prodigy. “Turn your children to orphans” is said. Accusations of poppin pills are voiced. Rampant faggotry is intimated.

Like I said, this isn’t fun for me. P and Hav shaped so much of my hip-hop brain as a collective, to consider there is hate between them just shatters everything I thought I ever believed in. It’s like when Trees first found out Jesus was Jewish. What is real any more? What can I believe in? Is life one big fat lie?

With all that said, I will point out the silver lining here. Havoc sounds better than ever. He’s playing with flow schemes, and sounds like the raw Havoc we all first sipped Henny to.

Just make it stop. They took Jesus from Trees…don’t let them take the M-o-b-b.

Politically, this is a tough time for P. How should he play this one? Respond, or not?