What Difference Does It Make (Red Bull Music Documentary) [Video]

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

 The Red Bull Music Academy’s first documentary.

What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music
Featuring Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Erykah Badu and more than 70 other artists, What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music marks the 15th anniversary of the Red Bull Music Academy — Red Bull’s longest running cultural program — and captures the energy of the 2013 edition in New York. It gets to the heart of what it takes to be a musician and, in the process, deals with some of the basic questions of life itself.

Angry Little Person Yells At Aspiring Artist…And No, It’s Not Me This Time.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

I can see myself turning into this guy in 20 years – berating some well-meaning dj just trying to do his own thing as I loudly remind him I once ate ox-tails with Cormega in 1995.
The magic kicks in at 1:30

Help Me Work A Gay Crowd

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013



So I’m slated to host some sort of swanky benefit in August…the twist  is, it’s an LGBT  Fundraiser.

 I envision stuffy big pocket donors at each table asking why the host keeps saying “Pause” after every sentence and giggles. 

 I accepted the gig.

I need to come up with some crowd friendly monologue that won’t offend people but will resonate with the gays. I believe in supporting LGBT equal rights, and want to add whatever magic I can on the crowd that night. Pause.

Please don’t submit any juvenile suggestions like:

1.) What’s the matter, you can take a dick but you can’t take a joke?

2.) Good evening, ladies and lesbians…

3.) Sorry if you don’t get some of my jokes, this is the first gay crowd I’ve performed in front of since my gig last year at the Newton Boy Scout Pack Leader Convention.

4.) Any of you fags smoke weed?

5.) I immediately accepted this gig cuz I thought LGBT stands for Lou Gosset Breakfast Truck…I came for the sausages….and boy, did I get em!

6.) …And don’t get me started with anal beads!

7.) If my 5 year old son watches gay kiddy porn…is it technically alright since he’s also their age? I mean, from a legal standpoint…a kid watching other kids suck cock isn’t legally wrong, right? I mean…I meant that as more of a kiddie porn joke, not a gay thing related to kiddie porn…I mean…let’s all just forget I said that. Let’s start over.

8.) All the ladies in the house, make some noise if you love softball.

9.) Kids these days complain about growing up gay…try growing up in Boston as a Black Jew.

10.) JKFGT to the stage…JKFGT…to the stage…

Like I said – I want this to be a classy act.  Help me out, my ninjas.

Really Bad Jay-Z Fan Artwork

Monday, July 8th, 2013

With fans like these, who needs cancer?

Peep some downright insulting depictions of Camel Face Sean Carter straight from his number one fans.


 The Worst Jay Z Fan Art



Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Eddie Huang is a Miami based restaurateur and host of “Fresh Off The Boat,” a series that takes you behind the scenes of Miami’s culinary landscape.

In this episode, Eddie has a stroke of genius in combining porn and gastronomy.

Delicious porn star Jada Stevens agrees to try out some of his restaurant recommendations. While filming, camera men from the “Bangbus” series roll up on them, and before you know it, Eddie is sitting in on an impromptu porn shoot.


Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Kelvin Okafor is at the forefront of the “Hyper-Real” art movement, which is basically the ability to draw shit in pencil that looks just like a black and white pic.

The detail is uncanny, especially with hair…but the pessimist in me says, if you’re gonna draw a picture that you can’t discern from a photo…save yourself 10 hours, and just take the goddamn photo.

Meh, what the hell do I know about art? Not much, but I know enough to declare Kelvin Okafor a fuckin baws.



Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The art world is so full of shit. I thoroughly respect a nigga that can draw well, or sculpt some dope shit up real quick…but let’s be real…a lot of these so called artists out here are just pullin shit out they ass, and cakin!

My landlady has a “work space” in the back yard…it’s basically an old ass garage with a bunch of metal and power tools in it. She toils in there for hours…pensively smoking her yellow pack of American Spirit cigarettes while she welds a fuckin bike chain to a copper pipe in the name of God damn art. Bitch please. You wanna impress me? Draw me a fuckin picture that looks like something. You getting dressed up in overalls, dusty Doc Martens, and tying a retarded flannel around your waist doesn’t make you an artist. It makes me nauseous.

Enough about my landlady…in other pretentious art news, designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams (gay as fuck names) have teamed up to create an artistic ode to shanks. Yes, shanks. The prison tool of choice in most murder matters. Here’s an excerpt from their website, where they display 30 one of a kind shanks for sale…all selling for $75 a piece.

Sharp, knifelike utensils have been made by humans for the last 2.6 million years. All cultures make use of a form of a knife and there are hundreds of types made from metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass and wood. For the launch of the web store, Chen Chen and Kai Williams present Shank Shack, 30 shanks in 30 days. These sharp utensils were made as an exercise in experimentation of connections and manipulation of proportions and materials. All pieces in the series achieve one goal and show the myriad of methods one could improvise to achieve that goal. All pieces are unique works and are signed and numbered.

And all this time I thought convicts in prison were making shanks to survive in a kill or be killed existance. Stupid me didn’t realize they were merely indulging in the exercise of experimenting connections and manipulation of proportions and materials in a myriad of improvisational methods to achieve a goal.



Anyways, enjoy some of their pieces below, or get your credit card out and cop some $75 shanks at their site HERE.



It’s gonna be okay, Knife.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

I live here now.


Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Meet the man behind MF Doom’s mask…Blake Lethem, a Brooklyn born graff artist who went by he names KEO and SCOTCH 79.

Here, he describes how Doom’s mask came to be, and the reasoning behind it. Apparently, the first incarnation of the mask was a Darth Maul cheapo Halloween mask sprayed silver.

I wonder if dude was ever properly hit off for giving Doom his entire marketable identity.

Future Boston Alliance Takes Aim at Menino’s Status Quo [Video]

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Now this is interesting.

This morning Boston Herald reporter Dave Wedge had a story in the paper about the Future Boston Alliance, a group spearheaded by KarmaLoop CEO Greg Selkoe that aims to position itself as a prominent voice in civic affairs.

Normally, we wouldn’t blog about Boston political’s rat maze (aside from maybe the Ghost of Faraone) but this deserves some attention, and not just because we appreciate the steady supply of glassy-eyed models that Selkoe consistently manages to pluck from all corners of the Commonwealth. One of Future Boston Alliance’s major platform components is loosening City Hall’s grip on the city’s entertainment and nightlife scene; or more specifically, how much Mayor Menino has done to make sure bars and clubs are only slightly more tolerant than those in Pyonyang. The article cites examples of Hizzoner’s officers hitting the House of Blues with a citation for moshing during a punk rock show, and for shutting down Cure Lounge on Tremont for three days for allowing dancing (insert Footloose joke here) without a specified permit. And all the while, Menino is hanging with this fuck.

In general terms, the FBA takes issue with, among many other things, Menino’s overall attitude towards the arts/culture industry, which involves everything from the awarding of liquor licenses to the lack of late-night public transportation to the bureaucratic red tape that impedes the creation of new businesses. They’ve taken their message straight to YouTube, in the form of one of those animated ads that are usually reserved for explaining some new iPhone app…which I guess is the audience they are looking to reach (check after the jump).


MS Paint Potraits of Real Life Events Pt. 1

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Love you Knife.

My Job

Father figure.


Thursday, January 5th, 2012

On March 1st.. (I Think) .. our boy (@FARA1) Faraone is releasing his big “99 Nights w/ the 99%” book.

We all know that the occupy movement will be nothing more than a vague memory by March, so we figured we would step up and help the god sell a couple copies. (His adderral and ritalin addiction needs to be supported somehow)

To raise awareness, (and to shame his undeserved giant fucking ego), we have decided to hold a Faraone themed art show the night of the release party.

We are not expecting many entries – we are not expecting any to be good. So yes, much like the party (and the book itself) we are keep the expectations low. Don’t feel you need to spend a ton of time on these, but don’t turn in bullshit.

His parents will be there. Not sure what that means in any direction.. but just keep that knowledge close to the heart and mind when designing your works.

Click below for rules:



Wednesday, December 14th, 2011