Killer Mike And Trina “Look Back At Me” MBS Remix

Killer Mike And Trina “Look Back At Me” MBS Remix

There are many things one does as a performer. If you are in show business doing stage show after stage show, you are slowly climbing the success ladder and making your way to the hall of fame.

In the due course of this journey, you are made to wear makeup of all kinds and brands. Even if you are brand conscious, you are made to experiment with different ones, by the makeup artists when new products are launched in the market. This can make you look fabulous on the stage and on all those magazine covers, but on the inside, the skin is suffering.

Then comes the dirt and grime the skin is exposed to. When you are in the middle of a show, performing Live for hundreds of people, you are exposed to a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere. All this settles on your skin and along with sweat, it just sticks on and makes you face look dull.

Since you cannot afford to look dull for the next song, you get your makeup refreshed, where more products are slathered on without removing the layer of dirt. In due course of time, a layer of such impurities and trapped dirt covers your face, leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless.

Sort It Out

So what do you do? You get a professional cleaning and facial, and all the works done when you have the time. This professional caring happens when you are on a tour or have shows coming up and are in care of professionals. When you have some down time, where you have no shows for the next few months, how do you take care of your skin?

You don’t have professionals working on it regularly to suggest various facials, scrubs and other remedies. When you are on a break, you can just stay back at home and take care of yourself. It is at such times you need reliable products you can use yourself at home and get a professional result.

This is exactly what Black Mask aims for and delivers. Just apply a generous layer of this black opaque mask and leave it on for a few minutes as recommended on the package. Peel it off to reveal a fresh looking and clean feeling skin. All it takes is just a few minutes and you don’t have to book a professional appointment for this. You can do it yourself without any strain.

From the homies Scott Melker and Skinny Friedman