Will C. x Omega Supreme Soundwave [Video]



The ever elusive and creative Will C. is back in full effect – brandishing an Omega Supreme Soundwave.

Last we spoke, he was thriving off slutty Coloradans and legal kush after fleeing bullshit ass Maine. I really mean that about slutty Colorado bitches…only Floridian tang is dirtier.

Anyways, Will C. delivers once again with a video chock full o’ visual nuts – all up in ya mouth.

Peep the flavor – but don’t get too close – That Omega Supreme Soundwave will getcha. Getcha good. Understood?

…And who can forget this Will C. classic? Shhheeeeeeit.

3 Responses to “Will C. x Omega Supreme Soundwave [Video]”

  1. Doz Says:

    One man show, brilliant!

  2. tracy Says:

    This site has gone dry. Its nothing like it was when Candice was on the scene. The writers have lost thier touch.

  3. burton ernest Says:

    Wow, that African Black Gold track is killer!

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