So what’s going on here? Is everyone wifed up right now? ¬†Or is this it? Can we at least go out with a bang and have a party where we burn the internet to the ground along with Faraone’s web-books?



U peep my ill graphic design bruhz?




Anyone out there?


13 Responses to “R.I.P. JTTS”

  1. Trees Says:

    Honestly, Blog Aids kinda killed all momentum of this blog but more than that… it’s us, the bloggers that have changed. We have been doing this shit since before Obama was president. Think about that for a second. Mad shit has changed with us. Our lives have completely shifted. The way people consume content on the internet has shifted. Our tastes, interests, feelings, passions … all changed in these almost 6 years. Faraone is onto big things with his journalism career, he doesn’t even write about music and honestly I doubt he even has time for it anymore. Marty is doing god knows what… The Dance I haven’t heard or seen in like 4 years… DJ ON&ON is sober and settled down trying to be a father to his childs… I live in North Carolina for fucks sake and am busy as fuck with work… JKFGT is no longer JKFGT but now “Jeremy from PVRPLE” has finally found an identity and we can no longer throw rocks at him… George is the new guy and maybe hasn’t really thought JTTS was what he signed on for… Stoor… Yukonn.. the bit players on JTTS that helped usher us through different eras, they had their shine but have moved on.. Knife you are kinda the constant which is weird. Don’t ever change bro…

    But honestly – maybe it’s the traffic. Our web traffic has actually decreased over the past two years and I think it’s hurt our desire. You can spend like 45 minutes crafting a post and like 10 people might see it. Is it worth it? I have no fucking clue… Do people care? Probably not…

    We make no money on this blog… literally zero dollars. It costs money to keep this thing going which I generally end up paying for out of pocket — unless we are talking a redesign or something.

    I have some ideas … but maybe we should talk about them offline? What do you think?

  2. mr.murph Says:

    u guys need to sell a product or service. you can use to the posts to draw them in but u need to hone in on something like clothes or craft beer or hookers or weed strain ratings or even tee shirts or travel. something along those lines as long as its useful. ughh gets web traffic like crazy but only cuz they sell stuff too. don’t u got like 5 more years on this website? incorporate it into another business opportunity and make it part of something bigger. i would take time money and research but it can be done. aren’t u a marketing guy?

  3. Trees Says:

    Good points Murph. I have some ideas – but it’s a matter of getting the other bloggers on board. Sometimes it’s like herding cats. People just fall off and walk away..

    Marty just abruptly stopped blogging with literally no explanation or reason.

  4. mr.murph Says:

    interviews or album reviews or club listings. u could pretty much takeover the boston phoenix online. i don’t even know how they make money to print anymore.

  5. petah the heatah Says:

    i can’t believe its come to this, i put this muthafucka through school and all i get to see is a stupid tomb stone and some lazy arial font for a “creative poast” i’m disgusted

    get it together gents…you are all better than this.


  6. Marty Says:

    I like to blog when I’m actually looking forward to it and am getting some enjoyment out of it, which is pretty much never. I realize this comes in to direct conflict with the idea of virtually anyone else enjoying it, but that’s not to say those two rare occurrences won’t line up again, someday.

    Also this blog has been through at least 5 deaths/resurrections thus far…it’s pretty much an annual event.

  7. Enig Mue Says:

    leapfrogging Murph, yeah, do some events or get togethers. I almost travelled to Arlington last night to watch the original Robocop for $5, I am sure you guys can do simple things like that and do fine.

  8. Knife Says:

    I think we should host a local celebrity pie eating contest cash prize at GL

  9. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Fucked up thing is…I have more outrageous stories than ever being wifed up – but my boo is all uptight with me sharing her personal shit.

    (Whispering voice) I get my asshole eaten out every night.

    Gotta go – wife is calling.

  10. jar Says:

    You can’t burn an e-book.

  11. Trees Says:

    ^ that’s disgusting.

    (whispering voice) but please, go on…

  12. Trees Says:

    I also like how I completed baited Marty into coming back to blog.

    I tweak those marionette strings ever so slightly to get that puppet to dance.

  13. JK Says:

    jtts will be huge when fara1 runs for office tho.

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