Providence & NYC Shows

This Wednesday, me and a bunch of my buddies are catching the ole Fung Wah out to Money Makin to perform rap music for the kids. Join us if you’re in the area.


Then on Saturday, we rock with the GAWD in Providence, courtesy of JTTS Comment Section All-Star Mr. Murph. Join us if you’re in the area.


2 Responses to “Providence & NYC Shows”

  1. jah Says:

    dj on & on roaming the northshore bars with an ugly old bimbo this past weekend? i think so.

  2. Dj ON&ON Says:

    Def wasn’t me…this weekend was dedicated to show rehearsals, working on my radio show, the Pats, and taking the kids to the Childrens Museum…besides, if I took your mother out, I would stay away from North Shore bars.

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