DJ ON&ON’S Mother Weighs In On’s 4th Annual BMA Loss.

We are like the Susan Lucci of the Boston Music Awards. It’s all good.

I woke up and was really feeling the self doubt about my blogging ability.

I mean, we all know Vanyaland was going to win. Michael Marotta was all over the place last night. He was fucking DJing the event, he booked a hotel room there, he was nominated in at least one other category, he actually puts in hourly work in the Boston music scene, and lest we forget to mention the fact that he’s probably slept with half the nominating committee, judges, and 90% of the nominees.

Whatever, we love the kid. Hell I fucking voted for Vanyaland over JTTS.

Anyway – I was feeling really #sadboyz status until I received the following email, forwarded to me by DJ ON&ON from his Mom. Words of encouragement (??).

I’ll repost this email after the jump and respond line by line…

Vanyaland deserved the BMA. Examine that sentence. It does not mean Vanyaland is good. It means that Vanyaland deserved a BMA. 

Vanyaland did deserve the BMA. I think Vanyaland is pretty good actually.

I don’t know why you and Trees and the rest are in denial.
JTTS is not a music blog. It is sitting under the wrong umbrella. It is not even a hiphop blog. 
You cannot have it both ways.
Good point.
Because JTTS refuses to remodel itself into a conventional news and events blog, because it stands to be an existential trip for exceptional people, because it remains gorgeous in its category defiance, it can never win a category award. 
This actually made me tear up a bit. That is beautiful Nancy. 
That is the choice you people make year after year and year after  year you follow the same illusion that you merit a BMA award. BMAs are adult models of the white power replica in the land of the free, where most whites make decisions, most whites win, and “black” music gets a few awards. JTTS is not white, it is not black, it is a state of mind that only its readers understand. It is great but the tradeoff is that if it continues the way it is, defying any category, expect to never get a reward.
I think JTTS is nominated only because they have to have some losers and there really is nothing much on a list so they have to flesh a list out.
You lost me on this last one…
Anyway… I love where Nancy is coming from.
To summarize her email; JTTS did not lose the award to Vanyaland, JTTS actually defied the category itself. We are above awards. No award has been created that meets the merits of what JTTS offers Boston (and the world). If JTTS were to win a BMA it would actually be categorizing, constraining, and limiting the true potential of what we could be and probably are. It’s like saying Jesus was just a carpenter, or Nelson Mandela was just a black guy, the Beatles were just a band… JTTS is not just a Boston music blog.
We are not “Boston”…
We are not “Music”…
We may not even be a “blog…”
We are all those things, none of those things and so much more.. Do not try to limit us with a categorical award.
We cannot be contained!
Anyway, all that being said, please vote for us if we are somehow nominated in 2014.

9 Responses to “DJ ON&ON’S Mother Weighs In On’s 4th Annual BMA Loss.”

  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    You and Nancy have always seen eye to eye.

  2. Sleezy Trees Says:

    she is a saint.

  3. mr.murph Says:

    yea fuck the BMA’s its just white people giving awards to other white people for playing black music.

  4. Van Stylez Says:

    what the fuck is Vanyaland?

  5. Van Stylez Says:

    without Van Stylez no less?

  6. Frenchi Says:

    Moms are the best! Way to go, Nancy.

  7. JKLXVNIN Says:


  8. George Says:

    This shit is gorgeous.

  9. Derek Tyler Says:

    Haters gonna hate. Whiners gonna whine.

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