Boston Music Awards This Sunday

By the time you read this, the voting for the BMAs will have just closed.

Somehow JTTS has been nominated the last 4 years for Best Boston Music Blog, despite a barrage of inconsistency, Blog-AIDS, no foreseeable revenue $ from advertisers, waning writing interests…. and the usual drug, alcohol and sex-related problems that continue to destroy the hearts of our bloggers and halt the progress and cohesion of what JTTS could be.

BUT…this Sunday we’re going to cast all that aside when several of us partake in this once a year grand soiree; One that has continued to show us love while “pitting us” against some of the most respectable blogs in the city.

I’m DJing. Bought a hotel for the evening. Plan to wile the fuck out and honor the true spirit of what JTTS should be.

JKLVNIN, ON&ON, DOZ, TOMMEE / TAMMY, ASH, and other various Boston “tastemakers” will be in tow……getting twisted.

JOIN US…….or die.


3 Responses to “Boston Music Awards This Sunday”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    I think Vanyaland should win this year not for nothing…

  2. Dj ON&ON Says:

    I will be in attendance with my fiance….95 Buick Park Avenue sittin outside…prolly rockin a button down…trying to avoid an interaction with Termanology and his street team…dancing to Knifes SWV selections…this is our year, whoadie.

  3. Knife Says:

    I agree with Treez. On parking around there is a nightmare. U should park by GL and take the red line to Charles MGH.

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