Last Night



We embarked on Boston’s first bone-chilling fall evening last night, me looking like an Aids-ridden Rick Rubin and On&On resembling a poor man’s LL Cool J.

Our mission?

To experience Goblin Metal in it’s purest form.


On picked me up in his (new) 95 Buick Park Avenue complete with Pleather Interior and Concert Sound. Offered me a choice of road sodas and we were off to Cambridge. We arrived at the venue thinking it would be at capacity, but that was hardly the case. The attendance was low. A sparse mish-mash of heavy metal dudes, punk rock chicks and other norms who were simply there to see John Goblikon in the flesh.


By 11:15 John took the stage:

The performance was brief but nothing short of incredible imo.

No one survives as the last song as expected. Shortly after we finsished several more beverages and it was time for a crew shot:


We left satisfied.

On drove me home and I hopped out of the whip not fully confident that he would make it home…but deep inside I knew if the gods were to take him, he was forever changed by the power of Goblin Metal.

So yeah nothing crazy happened.

The End.

8 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    As we stumbled out of the club at shows end, we were reduced to a couple of boy crazy teeny bopper groupies.
    The convo pretty much went like this:

    “Oh my God! They. Were. So. Cool.”
    “Oh, totally! I mean, we went back stage and they were totally fine with it!”
    “I mean, that’s why dudes like that are successful. They’re good to their fans.”
    “Oh, totally.”
    “Seriously…and the lead singer was so cool…we spoke for like 5 minutes.”
    “Oh, I know. I saw you!”
    “Good dudes.”

    We went on like that for a good 15 minutes.

    I will say, I learned a lot about Metal that night – the differences between the East/West Coast sounds – Mad bitches attend shows – The drummers are all pretty fucking sick…

    Btw, Knife, your Medium size Nekrogoblikon concert tee and poster are still in my front seat.

  2. Knife Says:

    thank god thought i lost that shit

  3. mr.murph Says:

    its that a real guy in a costume or is it a robot?

  4. DJ ON &ON Says:

    The goblin, or Knife?

  5. Trees Says:

    Damn – what kind of beer did the goblin drink out of curiosity? Did his mouth move?

  6. Knife Says:

    Pretty sure that’s a real-life Goblin. Mouth moved. They we’re pushing their own beer:

  7. Trees Says:

    Did you ask him what a goon was to him?

  8. Knife Says:

    No everything I said was pretty much nonsensical drunken babble.

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