Do You Believe This Rumor About Mike Napoli and South Street Diner That Is Blowing Up My FB Feed?

So what if Mike Napoli was singing “Straight Outta Compton” and not censoring himself? It’s the lyrics to the song. I am not offended by it. I guess maybe because I am not black and I would find it hilarious to hear Mike Napoli doing this…

Quick off the cuff thoughts I’ll more than likely get hated on for: If N.W.A. didn’t want white people to enjoy their music word for word than that makes THEM the racists? Right? Wrong?

Should he be singing the lyrics in public if people are offended by it? Probably not… but should he be allowed to do whatever he wants because he’s Mike Napoli and a World Series Champ and we’re not?  I think so…

Let me hear it please:

Full Text Below:

PLEASE REPOST! It’s been 4 days and I’ve tried to let it pass but I’m tired of being treated badly and just brushing it off. Last Thursday(11/7/2013) my friends and I went to SOUTH STREET DINER in Boston, MA for a late night meal. South Street Diner has always been one of our favorite places to dine at after going out for an evening. Midway through our meal “Straight Out of Compton” came on the jukebox system. A man decided that the diner would be a good place to SHOUT the entire song, using EVERY cuss word and N word he could.

Midway through the inappropriate singing my and friends and I asked South Street Diner security if they could please ask the man to stop shouting the song and perhaps relax. The South Street Diner security informed us that they could not do ANYTHING about the man shouting every cuss word and N word associated with the song because it was Red Sox ball player Mike Napoli. Again we asked because this is a DINER where we were trying to eat our meal, not in a nightclub or concert venue! Our efforts to end this offensive tyrant were again met with shrugs from the South Street Diner security and the response that since it was Napoli shouting, they could do nothing about the situation. Seriously? I don’t care if he just won the world series if that was a regular person shouting in the middle of the diner I’m sure the security guards would have checked him VERY quickly. But they did not and we pretty much pushed that incident to the side.

Fast forward to when received our bill. We split it up between the 4 of us and gave our waitress the money and directions on how to split it between the 2 cards and the cash. She returns telling us we are 7 dollars short. She says the reason we are short is because she had just decided to add gratuity. I AM a server and when it comes to gratuity it is supposed to printed on the original check NOT after guest has giving you the money to pay for the bill.

Also, today I actually called SOUTH STREET DINER and asked about their gratuity policy and I was told that gratuity is added to parties of 5 or more. There was only 4 of us! But nonetheless we were giving her the money she asked for when they started playing the National Anthem and most of the Napoli table stood up and started screaming the lyrics to the song. At this point one of Napoli’s friends started to scream at us for not standing up when we were clearly speaking to our waitress. We told him to relax, yet he continued yelling at my friend asking her, “What the hell are you?” She replied “I am American.” Then she told him to back off and he continued to yell and told her, “Point at me again and see what happens!” She said, “You’re not going to do anything” and immediately people started grabbing her and when I told them to let go of her she isn’t doing anything wrong, the waitress started apologizing to the Napoli table as if we were out of line and at the end of the altercation they kicked us out.

I am very enraged at SOUTH STREET DINER for treating us the way they did and allowing people to act that way just because they are friends with a Red Sox player. When I asked the security guard why we were being kicked out he said there’s nothing he can do. This is not the way we should have been treated especially considering I always go to South Street Diner AND the week prior to this incident the security guard had a conversation with my sister and I telling us how much he loved our family. SOUTH STREET DINER sent a clear message to us that night and the message was that if you are famous or come to the diner with someone famous feel free to behave however you want and they will see to it that you remain comfortable. Sure, you can challenge women to a fight. They will just kick them out for you.

MIKE NAPOLI, his friends, and SOUTH STREET DINER should be ashamed of their behavior and the acceptance of such behavior. SOUTH STREET DINER should not be able to get away with this. I know I will probably be bad mouthed for speaking up, but people should start speaking up for what’s right and what’s wrong more often. And if people are going to speak negative about me for saying this then I can deal with that. BUT PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT A RESTAURANT THAT COULD HAVE EASILY TREATED YOU THE SAME WAY AS US.

4 Responses to “Do You Believe This Rumor About Mike Napoli and South Street Diner That Is Blowing Up My FB Feed?”

  1. A-$ Says:

    South Street Diner is a dive, the food isn’t that great. The Diner should be happy with Napoli even walking into that establishment. As for the girl, what can you do, eat your food and bounce… There are other places throughout the city you can get food at that time of night too

  2. Enig Mue Says:

    I don’t believe this story, because everyone should have a camera phone and there is no way he went through a 4 minute expletive-laden song without getting videotaped.

    With that said, if it did happen exactly how she described I think it’s awesome on certain levels. As a hip-hop enthusiast, singing Straight Outta Compton is always encouraged and I think it’s a great bonding moment where participators can forget social ills and just come together over how ill that song is.

    As a black man, if I wasn’t participating, I would be very annoyed some asshole is screaming in a diner, I don’t know in my age if I would do anything about it anymore but something like this hasn’t happened in like 8 years or so – can’t really say.

    for: “If N.W.A. didn’t want white people to enjoy their music word for word than that makes THEM the racists? Right? Wrong?”
    I would say they didn’t give a fuck about how white people felt until they were labeled “The most dangerous rap group”, but I would think they did not make the song to make white fans (aka we only made this for our niggas, I hope every word offends everyone else).

    Also you stating the question in that fashion is more racist than w/e their stance could be, on the basis you’re saying that black people have to make stuff for the purpose of white commerce, like everything they make is for getting white peoples approval, lol

    Overall, Hip-Hop is a culture, and if you are not participating in the culture I don’t really care how you feel about the culture, so if Napoli was in the moment of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ I applaud him, because pissing off white people is what I think NWA intended more than anything else. He was obviously performing it righteously. Black people still have the right to get mad at him saying nigga

  3. Trees Says:

    Black people don’t have to make stuff for the purpose of white commerce or for getting whites approval. I am not trying to say that…

    I’m just saying Mike Napoli is allowed to say the n word because he has a world series ring.

  4. vanessa Says:

    I believe it. I dont think the girl was making a fuss about the n word being dropped. its the principle of the matter that this is a restaurant and people go there to eat and shouldnt have to be disrupted by people acting a fool. I think the story is true because south streets diners FB page keeps getting blown up by attacks from supporters and for a while all they kept doing was erasing the comments lol..that screams guilty to me..

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