As the dust settles on my historic announcement to rein in the crumbling monolith of bloggg gold that was once the BMA nominated, highly cited, Boston hip hop stalwart that is JumpTheTurnstyle.com – there has been much discussion internally if this is a good move for the blog.

Since I am a man of the peoples I have turned to Twitter for the reactions from the hip hop community to prove that this was in fact a good decision. I think the following tweets speak for themselves:

Swag Toof knows that we will soon be charging per interview with the increased blog traffic. They are smart businessmen:

James Von Dant is now trying to fuck with us. JTTS CEO status making waves in the Von Dant household.  

DJ ON&ON is hard at work campaigning for the new blog direction.

B Dolan even lends his support…

Sam Adams still trying to sue us because we ethered (jump started) his career…

MC Sole is a stand up guy.



2 Responses to “JTTS 2.0 – THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES”

  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    I bet Swag Toof has mad bread for court.

  2. A-$ Says:

    I know it was from 2010, but Sammy Adams is ass eatin clown

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