Ninja’s On The Run Eatin

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7 Responses to “Ninja’s On The Run Eatin”

  1. Sleezytrees Says:

    I have a great story related to this story. #connecticut

  2. Looney Says:

    Really weird shit, the dude that was killed just played semi pro game just last wkend with the xhub.

  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Looney, you’re somehow linked to every murder story in the media.

  4. Looney Says:

    Lmao, It is kinda sick… lol I’m like the accidental grim reaper.

  5. Mr.murph Says:

    Makes u think about being thankful for the things u got. I wouldn’t trade places with him I’d rather be homeless than be looking at a murder charge

  6. tommee Says:

    Nicely done – I love how you’re always finding new ways to put your kids in dangerous positions!

  7. tracy Says:

    awww look at my little sweetie pie getting older!

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