Young Lean – “Hurt” (Video)


When JKFGT lays his precious jewish head down to the pillow every night after hours of absorbing content on the internet and working on “BASED” and “#RARE” photoshops “tho” I sometimes (no homo) wonder what goes through his mind.
What are his life goals?
What are his inner thoughts?
Does he self evaluate?
Does he wish that he could be a normal boy?

For a brief moment – as I watched this Young Lean video I realized I was connected to the hive mind that is the internet subculture of “lean”. It’s nonsensical. It’s a joke, yet’s it’s so serious. It’s wavy, it’s draped up and dripped out, it’s woodgrain, it’s purple, it’s designer clothes, it’s gold grillz, it’s early 90s computer graphics, it’s Nintendo 64 cartridges, it’s Shawn Kemp throwbacks, it’s Tumblrs, and Twitters, and photoshops….

but is there something more behind it all..


Is it a cry for help? A longing sense of identity confusion? Perhaps he is just a troubled soul looking for definition – easily shifting square pieces into a round hole – seemlessly blending from frat rap tumblrs to #PVRPLE nights to “Burritos and Boatshoes” and “White Boy Likes Hip Hop” blogs..

Perhaps one day he will awaken with a sense of understanding. The pieces will fit. He will define himself.

Sip that Lean Jeremy. Sip that sweet lean.

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