Video Roundup: The Bullitts Spend Gatsby Money, eXquire Is Fat Fool and Bronson in the Land of the Jeeps

You like rap videos? We got rap videos.

Spend money first, ask questions later. And in this case, I can’t really blame em. The Bullitts (which is actually just one dude) just finished working with Jay-Z as co-executive producer of the Great Gatsby soundtrack, meaning the window of opportunity for him to spend a cool million on a video with Erykah Badu, Omar/Chalky and the cast of Grey’s Anatomy (or something) won’t be around a couple weekends from now. But oh did he take it: I imagine something like Jay-Z leaving his credit card behind in the studio, and between the time it takes for him to get it back, The Bullitts have booked Mos Def, Jay “Still Here” Electronica and Lucy Liu (just cause) for studio time and filmed an entire video of random wild west backlot shootouts and people pointing guns at each other from 2 ft. away, John Woo-style.

**NOTE: This was written before I realized that They Die By Dawn is actually a full blown motion picture, which makes a lot more sense now. Looks like Tombstone with black actors, some of whom (OMAR) get to deliver pause-worthy lines like “When my hand touch my gun, all bets are off.” Trailer is here.**

Then again, when you don’t have Jay-Z fronting you a video budget, you do something like this: put Mr. Motherfuckin’ eXquire in the back of a pedicab and give him an Alchemist beat for him so do his so-obnoxious-it-works NY grime ball schtick. There’s no Omar in this one, but it actually still remains watchable despite that.

This track is only a week old but already has half a million views…think the world is ready for Bam Bam Bronson to go mainstream yet? This may be his best chance yet. A video that epitomizes Action in all his glory: doing cartwheels in a muscle shirt, cellulite bitches in bikinis grinding, grilled meats, texting while driving and a Riff Raff cameo, although I’m not sure that’s news nowadays. He may be reaching back for some early Cypress Hill or “Punks Jump Up”-type lightning to strike (again), but at least somebody is.

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    Best Bronson video yet!!

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